Google Says Thank You To Top Forum Posters By Holding A Summit

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Global Top Contributor SummitGoogle has announced that they are inviting all the top contributors of their Google support forums to fly to California and have a two day summit.

Google is covering all the expenses for the contributors as a thank you for all their hard work over the years in the forums.

The Top Contributors Summit is being held over two days, the first day at Santa Clara Marriott on September 13th and the second day at the GooglePlex.

Google said the Top Contributors will meet guides, engineers and product managers in order to get to know each other, provide feedback and share new ideas.

If you cannot attend, like many of us who will be at the SMX event in New York and the rest of us who are not considered Top Contributors, you can follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #TCsummit.

You can read the full agenda over here.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I hope everyone gets a lot out of it.

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Sakis Rizos

09/08/2011 12:46 pm

I'll be there as an AdWords TC. So excited!

Sakis Rizos

09/08/2011 12:46 pm

I'll be there as an AdWords TC. So excited!


09/08/2011 03:39 pm

 Get their talking points for the new year. Typical response of the "contributors: " Google owes you nothing! You have a broken a link on page 87.html, why do you expect to even rank!" Then JohnMu or Susan Moskwa shows up and hands a virtual candy to the "contributor."

Will Spencer

09/08/2011 03:59 pm

This just takes these idiots one step closer to being considered to be managed by Google, which makes Google legally responsible for their actions.  One day soon a competent lawyer will realize this and start filing libel suits.

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