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picture of Google Top ContributorsGoogle's support forums, from AdWords to Chrome, from Mobile to Webmaster have "top contributors" helping Googlers help Google users.

These are not Googlers, but people nominated by Googlers and other top contributors, as helpful people to have slightly more 'power' in the forums to help the user out. They are not Google certified, they do not get paid but they do get the badge of honor and get to meet Googlers from time to time.

So how does one become a Top Contributor?

This week, one of Google's most active forums, the Google Webmaster Help forum, nominated a new Top Contributor. Archie Watt was nominated by Googlers and Top Contributors within the forum.

Which lead to the question, how does one become a top contributor?

John Mueller from Google explained:

No, we don't want to do any automatic "promotions." It's important to us that a user is not only active, but also very knowledgable and friendly. Sometimes this can result in people becoming Bionic Posters / Top Contributors with a lower post count / level (for example, if they are extremely knowledgeable in specific areas). We know that we (Googlers) aren't able to keep an eye on everything and every poster all the time, so we'll generally also ask for input from the existing Bionics -- they're generally all over the forum and see many active posters and the (frequently) fantastic help they post. If we can't find someone we can all agree on, then we'll generally wait ... We don't need to fill a specific quota of Top Contributors, so maybe we'll check back in a month or so, and see how things have been developing. :-) Sometimes these decisions take a lot of time :-)

It is kind of like being nominated to become a moderator at a forum but this one is at an official Google forum.

So it is not about quantity, but I am sure that has a factor. It is also about how helpful and patient you are.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Galyna Parker

11/09/2011 02:25 pm

User generated content is a power

Kim Clinkunbroomer

11/09/2011 03:39 pm

Hi Barry,    Nice article about Google Top Contributors ;)  I post as a Top Contributor at the AdWords Help Forum and have since 2006.  We absolutely look for quality over quantity from our Top Contributors and most of our TC's are AdWords Certified.  As you mentioned, our AdWords TC's do moderate the forum, we watch for spam and personal info, but since we are not Google Employees we have a more limited set of moderation abilities than a Googler has.  What we do most is provide answers and advice to all kinds of AdWords advertisers and for me personally it keeps my skills sharp, my mind open, and allows me to hang out with a awesome community and a bunch of nice Googlers.     Like Galyna mentioned in her comment, we do build some excellent user generated content too ;)   Take Care, Kim

Becky Sharpe

11/09/2011 04:55 pm

To be totally pedantic, we don't moderate (at least in Webmasters), it's more like monitoring, so we can  flag up any potential issues that only Google can deal with. As Kim says, keeps you learning and helping out on Webmasters since 2007 has taught me a lot. Plus a lot of new real-life friends.


11/09/2011 06:54 pm

"and get to meet Googlers from time to time." is it that hard to meet Googlers if you really wanted to? Never understood this

Linda Buquet

11/09/2011 08:11 pm

I was just recently invited to be a TC in the Google Places forum and it's amazing to now be able to actually escalate a problem and get Google to look at and solve it. Not sure about the other G forums, but Google Places is really stepping it up and trying to be more responsive to user problems.  So while I've always been able to TRY to help folks on the forum with my own brand of advice, some problems can only be fixed by an engineer OR a policy change or whatever. So it's great to be able to escalate those and really help get users a solution. Have to give Kudos to Vanessa the Places Community Manager who is really pushing hard for change in Google Places and making a big difference. Not only in the Google Places forum but on many other levels!

Kim Clinkunbroomer

11/09/2011 10:40 pm

When I say meet Googlers...All the TC's were invited to attend a summit at Google this September and really meet the Googlers face to face and talk about lots of cool stuff and have some cold beers together ;)


11/10/2011 06:23 pm

who cares???? I meet Verizon and Walmart workers all the time. Cool stuff like how they steal from other companies and webmasters?

James Ensor

11/16/2011 03:24 am

I think I've cracked the secret about how to become a google top contributor: find as many user complaint threads in the forums, and post useless drivel about how great google is. 


12/12/2012 02:22 am

i wonder if once ur nominated a top contributor can they denominate you or take you off?

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