Google: Toolbar PageRank Won't Change Crawling, Indexing or Rankings

Dec 13, 2010 • 8:56 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Googler, John Mueller, said in a Google Webmaster Help thread that Google Toolbar PageRank will not change how Google crawls, indexes or ranks your web site.

This is just one more confirmation from a Googler that Google Toolbar PageRank should not be obsessed over by webmasters and SEOs.

Google's JohnMu said in response to a novice SEO:

We do Toolbar PageRank updates 3-4x/year but to be honest, it's not something that you need to wait for. The PageRank shown in the Toolbar is an older snapshot of the PageRank that we use internally (which is continuously updated). Changes in Toolbar PageRank will not change anything with your site's crawling, indexing, or ranking, so as a webmaster, I'd strongly recommend focusing on something else.

For most SEOs, this is nothing new, but a lot of novice SEOs need this reminder. It is always good to provide this reminder from Google directly, so now you have something to point your clients and novice SEOs to, once again.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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12/13/2010 05:32 pm

Sure, pagerank won't CAUSE good rankings - but pagerank and visibility in search probably correlate very pretty highly...

Johan Tavard

12/14/2010 02:43 am

The problem is to get partners with PR0....


12/14/2010 06:54 am

Changes in toolbar pagerank won't cause ranking changes, because the internal pagerank already did ;) pagerank is nothing more than a number that represents the quality of your backlinks (not the quantity). Thats why most SEO's use it as a ranking factor, when in fact the backlinks (and all off its assets) are a (big) ranking factor.

Liberty Web Marketing

12/14/2010 01:38 pm

I'm kind of skeptical about the Google Toolbar Page Rank algo. Despite what they might say, I believe that some where down the line this algo will be essential in some fashion to SEO -- it has to if its considered by Google...

seo packeges india

12/25/2010 10:04 am

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12/27/2010 12:18 pm

So, the only question remained is why they display this nothing meaning rank in Google Toolbar?

Kathryn Sias

05/01/2013 12:40 pm

Agreed very much so. However doesn't google crawl for pagerank only every couple of months? I would love to know when the next crawl will be.

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