Searchers Protest Over Google Dropping Timeline Feature

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In 2009, Google introduced a timeline search feature that let searchers look for web, news, etc content across the web by date range.

Google Blogoscoped has an old picture of it:

Google TImeline

Searchers are not happy about it. There is a thread gaining steam over the weekend at Google Web Search Help forum with the complaints.

Some users are forming petitions:


Bring back Google Timeline

In valuable classroom tool.

More petitions wanted.

Kelly from Google is the one who has to respond to them and she said:

Thanks for posting about this. While we the Timeline feature itself has been discontinued, you and other users can still restrict your searches to particular time periods by using the refinement tools on the left hand side of the search page.

Additionally, if you wish to see graphs with historical results for a web search, you can use or for data since 2004. For more historical data, the "ngram viewer" in Google Books offers similar information (

I also captured a video of how it worked back then:

Do you miss it?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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11/14/2011 01:31 pm

Going overboard with their autumn time spring-cleaning, I suppose. Chopping some great features. Hope they bring it back.


12/19/2011 07:55 am

this is crap that they haven't yet brought it back... i guess these idiots don't feel the bullet hole  they shot through their foot! I guess knowledge is power and guess who doesn't want you to have it... Google you suck

Neko El Gato

02/01/2012 12:18 am

This is the straw that broke the camel's  back for me.   I'm slowly migrating everything I do online away from facebook and google and youtube and re-discovering the internet in the process.  I haven't found a good replacement for this tool yet, but I'm finding lot's of other nifty stuff in the process, so it should be fun.

Steve Loxton

12/19/2013 04:27 am

This needs to be fixed!

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