Closest Thing To A Testimonial From Google

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Thumbs UpI've been writing about search engines and SEO, paid search, social, etc for just under 10 years (10 years will be this December 2nd). This site has received a lot of praise and also a lot of negative feedback over the years - but we are still here.

Over the years, especially early on, I've received testimonials from industry leaders in the search space and also from some search engines representatives but never ever anything officially in writing from a Google representative.

I totally understand why a Google representative would not want to go on record vouching for a specific site. It doesn't mean Googlers have not complimented this site or my work, but a testimonial is big.

Recently, Kaspar Szymanski, who left Google just a month or two ago, posted something really short but nice about this site. On Google+ Kaspar, who worked for Google as a Search Quality Strategist for over four years, wrote:

#Seroundtable one of the best sources when it comes Google Search stuff

Nice that a former Googler can go on record saying he thinks this site is one of the best sources on Google search stuff. Obviously, I did not ask for it, which makes it more special.

Here is the embed of the post within context:

I have not updated our testimonials section in probably close to 7 years, maybe it is time?

Forum discussion at Google+.

This post was written earlier this week and scheduled to be posted today.

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Katie Lynn

09/20/2013 12:29 pm

Congrats Barry


09/20/2013 12:52 pm

Nice to see, Barry. Not a fan of G+, but I have to admit that the posts look nice when embedded.


09/20/2013 02:54 pm

Who is Kaspar Szymanski ? Anyway, thank you Barry for sharing positive emotions ) Hope you'll be able to keep it coming )

Jitendra Vaswani

09/20/2013 06:40 pm

Bary you are breathe of Google updates, I always read your blog Bary , Someday I wanna Google Hangout with you. That will be my lucky day

Craig Hamilton-Parker

09/20/2013 11:46 pm

Big Brother loves you. Plus good.

Morgan Akchehirlian

09/23/2013 10:34 am

Really man this is a great great effort and I totally agree that SER is one of the fastest and reliable source to have updates on Google.

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