Google's Cool Kids Interviewed By Sullivan

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Google Cuts, Gomes & Signhal with Danny SullivanOn last Wednesday, Danny Sullivan interviewed Google's Matt Cutts, Amit Singhal, and Ben Gomes of Google.

Danny introduced them as:

  • Singhal oversees the ranking algorithm, how Google decides what content should be shown in response to a search.
  • Gomes oversees the features that help you search better, as well as the user interface "look" that lets you interact with Google search.
  • Cutts is the bouncer, the chief of police, the person in charge of keeping the people who would spam and bring disorder to Google's results under control.

The interview is an hour and 35 minutes long and can be watched here:

Danny Sullivan has a recap here and AJ Kohn has a recap here.

Matt Cutts also posted this at Google + where there is a ton of comments and discussion around the interview.

Honestly, I have not had time to watch it all yet - I hope to be able to soon.

Forum discussions at Google +.

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Black Seo Guy

08/08/2011 01:15 pm

I will watch it sometime today..but I think its great how Matt stays in the public eye to educate people more about Google. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


08/09/2011 01:53 pm

Pointless interview ...

john lewis uk

08/10/2011 07:21 am

It is good but i was expecting something more. Its not as much intresting as i thought. Anyways thanks for sharing it.

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