Google's Amit Singhal: We're A Swiss Army Knife, You're The Corkscrew

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Google Swiss Army KnifeLast night at SMX West, during the keynote conversation with Google's Amit Singhal, Danny Sullivan brought up the knowledge graph a few times and then Dan Barker's tweet about scraper sites.

In short, in a nice way, Danny Sullivan called Google the biggest scraper and shared the concern publishers have about searchers not needing the 10 blue links anymore.

First, here is the tweet:

How did Amit respond? He gave an analogy.

He said Google is the swiss army knife and the publishers are the cork screws, screw drivers, etc.

While Google is able to give you a tool that does a quick job, if you want to do the full job, you need to break out the real tools and dig in. So you learn a little on Google with the knowledge graph but if you need more research, you need to go to the links and click on the sources and learn more.

Personally, I kept finding it funny Amit using the "screw" drive and cork "screw" association to publishers. Yea, publishers do feel "screwed" and him using those words didn't help. But his analogy, while it stinks, is true.

The problem is, 90% of searchers want the quick fix and that quick fix, is provided by Google's swiss army knife (i.e. knowledge graph) and the cork screws (i.e. the sources of the content) are screwed.

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Durant Imboden

03/12/2014 03:42 pm

To continue with the Swiss Army Knife and corkscrew analogy, you'll find plenty of corkscrews and wine-bottle openers at your local wine shop or kitchenware emporium. Not everyone is content with the corkscrew on a Swiss Army Knife, and the people who want something better are an audience that's worth cultivating.

F1 Steve

03/12/2014 04:07 pm

I agree with Durant, you will find plenty of corkscrews and wine-bottle openers at your local wine shop!!

Josh Zehtabchi

03/12/2014 05:51 pm

Spoken like a true politician.

PM Fiorini

03/12/2014 07:30 pm

So, then, we ARE getting screwed. That sums it up.

PM Fiorini

03/12/2014 07:32 pm

I guess it's the same knife that "filet's" and "fry's" our sites.


03/12/2014 08:16 pm

Swear I commented on this, but here's round two. Google isn't a Swiss Army knife, its the internet Toolbox. Now that may have sounded silly when Google was just offering tiny tools like calculators and weather, or wacky tools like the Bacon numbers. But when you start adding tools that are entire destinations onto themselves like Google shopping, or news, or maps you start to get off the keychain and get into that tool box. Then you start adding big tools like full on flight booking, hotel reservations, and start to dip your toe into car shopping? With all due respect to Mr. Singhal, but they are way past anything Swiss Army offers in size or scope. And Google is only going to get bigger with their tools, Google Answers is constantly growing in size and the knowledge graph has grown into a marketing platform. I'm just waiting for the day Google stops being the Toolbox that lends others their tools for a price, and just becomes an out and out competing contractor. Then we really all are cork-screwed.

Paid Shill

03/13/2014 04:43 am

You have a cheesy MFA site Durant / EFV. Only kissing Matt's ass by supporting Google at every story you keep it afloat.

Barry The Broken Record

03/13/2014 04:58 am

who in their right mind trusts these POS scrooglers, Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal? They are liars and charlatans, twisting their words and philosphy to justify every new thing Google does to make money. Bottom line: Google wants to kill yoru "free" traffic so you advertise. Your only hope is that Bing or other search engines take share from Google.


03/13/2014 05:51 am

Haha thx for the laugh. Yup google screwed all my sites that were seod. But now i am.their paying customer. Mission accomplished. Shareholders happy :)


03/13/2014 09:24 am

according to latest news google plan to open huge online store (amazon competitor). So now it easy to understand what purpose of all this updates is only money, but not the search quality.


03/13/2014 09:26 am

google is heartless monster now. Hope people will see it and switch to other search engines.


03/13/2014 11:40 am

Google will go into everything eventually, they have to, it’s the only way to keep growing as a company with shareholders! Your sites are just to keep the searches happy for now until they are replaced with G own properties, then they won’t need your site anymore and you can be on your way! Unless the online community start a grass root movement and start spreading the word how uncool google is your just feeding a giant that is fast outgrowing the need for your websites!


03/13/2014 11:55 am

Agree with his opinions or not... you and the, currently, five people who upvoted you honestly think that Durant's site is 'kept afloat' because he is kissing Matt's ass? That is ridiculous. You are basically suggesting that his site gets some sort of special consideration earned because of his opinion, and his opinion alone. You really think Matt or the webspam team looks at his posting and codes in a special exception for Durant?

Al Anthony

03/13/2014 04:30 pm

Google is in a near monopoly situation and act like it. They can make any analogy they want.and as long as people don't move to Bing, they can get away with it.


03/17/2014 04:55 pm

they will replaced with google properties anyway. We all know what happening in latest 2 years. I think we need some internet revolution and tell to people what google cheating them (they not a search engine anymore).

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