Google Gets Summer Solstice 2013 Right But First Day of Winter Wrong

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Today may be the first day of summer and/or winter depending on where you are. But one thing for sure, if you are in Australia, the first day of Winter was 21 days ago and not today. So why does Google have a First Day of Winter logo on Google Australia today?

To see the summer solstice 2013 Google Doodle, go to - it is a basic but colorful animated GIF:

Google Summer Solstice 2013

To see the First Day of Winter logo, even if it might not be 100% right, go to Google Australia:

Google First Day of Winter

The logos were designed and illustrated by Christoph Niemann, an illustrator, graphic designer, and author of several books including some children's books. After his studies in Germany he moved to New York City in 1997.

Back to the Australian issue, there is a big fight going on about the logo being placed on Google Australia. To check out the fight, see Google Web Search Help.

Forum discussion at Google+ & Google Web Search Help.

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06/21/2013 12:43 pm

Finally, about time Australia gets recognition in an article.


06/21/2013 12:54 pm

Eh, maybe they just wanted to release the doodles together and, being based in the US, decided to go for the first day of summer to do it. These are some of my favorite doodles in awhile, very nice looking.

Cameron Krost

06/21/2013 03:06 pm

A big fight? Poor choice of words


06/21/2013 03:29 pm

What a crybaby. It's nothing more than a cute little animation for the shortest day of the year (for the southern hemisphere).

Sam Sullivan

06/21/2013 09:31 pm

Australia has since been corrected (by removing the logo). Hey, even the big guys mess up sometimes ____________________________________________________________________Sam Sullivan

Spook SEO

01/25/2014 04:39 pm

The climate of the earth is not the same whole year. When it is winter in Northern areas then it can summer in Southern area. So in Australia is in Southern side and winter will start in March. It may be a possibility that Google can’t update on time because of different Climates.

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