Google Sub-Sitelinks Are Here

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google sub-sitelinksGoogle is now showing what they call "sub-sitelinks" for some searchers in the search results. Sitelinks are the links you find under a search result that show links to popular pages within the site. This often comes up for navigational searches, for example a search on [search engine roundtable] and tons of other queries.

Google is now showing some searchers sub-sitelinks, so sitelinks for sitelinks. Here is an example of it in action provided by Google Operating System blog. As you can see by the animated GIF I made, the sitelinks show with arrows down, when clicked, they show secondary sitelinks.

Here is a larger image provided by @6cSocial:

google sub-sitelinks

This is not the first mention of Sub-Sitelinks. In fact, we had this show in Google Webmaster Tools back in October 2009 and then Google made mention of it in May 2012 by saying:

"Sub-sitelinks" in expanded sitelinks. [launch codename "thanksgiving"] This improvement digs deeper into megasitelinks by showing sub-sitelinks instead of the normal snippet.

I personally do not see sub-sitelinks and the people who have, only have seen it on the mobile search results.

Forum discussion at Google+ & Twitter.

Update: This is now official, Google's search blog covered it.

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04/16/2013 02:00 pm

Hmm just pushes down other serps more.But in hind-site it can prove useful as you can now get to what you are looking for even faster.Almost like tags and categories on most blogs :)


04/16/2013 02:19 pm

When search for a brand name, I would hope this would be the result.

Soni Sharma

04/17/2013 10:04 am

Looks only for brands and big sites


04/17/2013 07:44 pm

I would hope this would be the result.Hind-site it can prove useful as you can now get to what you are looking for even faster.

or zilberman

04/18/2013 06:28 am

You can now get what you want faster from those websites as you will have the main topics inside your search subject right in front of you. Though I think it will only affect very large websites as the amount of content needed for this is probably huge. Let's hope this will not take place of other search results and will bring more keywords to the 7 or less results in Serbs. I also think this will lower ctr % for below first spot.


04/19/2013 05:28 am

Right now it's only for mobile searches only.

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