Google: We Fight Spam All Around The World But English Spam Gets More Attention

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Google SpamGoogle's Matt Cutts said Google does indeed fight spam at a global level both algorithmically and manually.

In a recent video, Matt said they have Googlers who fight spam manually in over 40 different languages and regions. He added that with most of their algorithms, they do their best to make sure they work in all languages and not just English.

If you remember, Panda first rolled out on English queries only and then began rolling out to other languages such as Asian languages later. But with Penguin it launched in most all of the countries.

Google's Matt Cutts did admit that English language queries in do get more attention because (1) there are more searchers there and (2) there are more engineers who speak the language and use

Here is the video:

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jitendra vaswani

08/06/2013 01:13 pm

But in spite of many recent algorithms we can still see spam results on top of SERP.

Kajli Tomar

08/06/2013 01:25 pm

don't do so much experiments mr. cutts, one day people start laughing on you.....


08/06/2013 01:57 pm

looks like again money not enough for big horror G! Coming soon penguin 3 which will remove all sites without registered brand from organic serp (1% of page area at very bottom of page).


08/06/2013 01:59 pm

because google is spammer themself. They not need small business websites in top, they need some spam sites to show peoples what they "fighting" and need to "pay money to adwords" to win over that bad guys.


08/06/2013 02:12 pm

I can tell what result of such "antispam" companies will one. More and more spam, and it ends when google choke in spam (or become not important as traffic source). At current time is no ways for small business to run own site (and get some traffic) without buying links, guest posts, spam, etc. Alternative only adwords. So google fight with webmasters it like give us all your money and die. So I know on whom to bet in this battle. google like government now. isn't it?


08/06/2013 04:13 pm

see what google rank now under abdominal strain (abdominalstrain [dot] net) in top3. basic templates, 2 h1 tags, grammatic errors, no any backlinks. this is what google think ideal website at current time. And this google company need to fight spam??? may be better to fix their broken search engine from start!!!?


08/06/2013 04:44 pm

I think you are being fooled by your personalization settings. I do that same exact search and I see... ...Cleveland clinic ...Physioroom ...Physioroom ...New York University ...a news result about Miguel Cabrera (I am searching from the US) ...Sports Injury Clinic ...ESPN (concerning Cabrera) ...another story about the Tigers player So...this SERP is looking pretty good to me. What is it that you were hoping to find in the results? All I am seeing is quality medical sites and current news stories (I imagine once this Cabrera thing wears off, that those news results will be replaced with other relevant medical sources). Based on your other posts I am seeing today, I don't expect any sort of rational response.


08/06/2013 04:50 pm

check also advil and alcohol, i found it by reverse ip). Same emd, top 3 at my side. If you not like my posts, not read them.

Nick Ker

08/06/2013 05:59 pm

I don't see that .net domain you mentioned until page 3. I think Ethalon is right - you are being fooled by Google's personalization. G is showing you that site because they think you like it. Maybe because you must have visited it often?


08/06/2013 08:37 pm

No doubt about it, that one EMD result is a crappy site and ranks better than it should. I wonder how long it has been there and, more importantly, how long it will remain there? If I had to guess I would bet on, "not long". The rest of that SERP, however, looks just fine to me. Do yourself a favor and stop obsessing over every site that temporarily slips through the cracks and focus on your own properties. Finding the bad apple in a SERP full of useful content is not damming evidence against the effectiveness of any particular algorithm.


08/06/2013 10:19 pm

i not think it good serp. easy to see what it ranked by authority, but not by real relevancy.

Patrick Coombe

08/07/2013 08:17 am

in other news: blackhat SEO working great for international queries ;)

Patrick Coombe

08/07/2013 08:20 am

interesting that EMD is showing 0 backlinks in maj/ahrefs. Google has admitted that there are flaws in their algorithms and some sites do get by. I find this particularly true for the EMD algo in the fact that a lot of sites can argue that their brand is the keyword etc.


08/07/2013 02:04 pm

matt cutts & co


08/07/2013 03:15 pm

I type cheap flights in and top 3 results that are coming are not indian websites. Please dont think like indian websites are crappy . Makemytrip comes in 7th and yatra comes in 8th. I still see a lot of wrong results in google like some usa website is ranking higher than any regional website.

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