Jumbo Sized Google Sitelinks

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Google Sitelinks is nothing new, we've been reporting on it since 2006 and Google has changed the layout and number of sitelinks displayed in the search results over the years.

The latest layout I have been seeing reported over the past few months were a form of jumbo sized sitelinks. We saw sitelinks with descriptions last month but check out the screen shot below.

Here is a screen shot posted in WebmasterWorld. Some people are saying they can replicate the 12 sitelinks, that take up most of the search results real estate for navigational queries such as Amazon, BBC and so on. Here is that screen shot:

jumbo sitelinks

What do I see for those navigational queries? I see normal sitelinks:

normal sitelinks

Personally, I really do not like the jumbo sitelinks. Do you?

One person in the WebmasterWorld said, "That looked so much like a parked page. Hope this is not the future of G!"

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/27/2011 12:20 pm

I think when Google makes a decision like this it's a well thought-out move. Even if we don't like it initially I can see jumbo sitelinks being a feature that is accepted. All that said I also agree that it makes the search results page appear like a scummy domain squatter!


04/27/2011 01:09 pm

I think the common user will see those jumbo links as a huge ad and be turned off to google in general. It might work for brand only searches though.

Sebastian Cowie

04/27/2011 01:13 pm

This could be very benefical for a user, but one would assume these would be on brand related terms only. Effectively making it even harder for spammers to grab any real estate on the front page for these terms (just imagine a world without "nike jordan" spam!)

Michael Brookes

04/27/2011 01:25 pm

If (as in this case) the user has typed a brand name, I think it is a great idea for Google to display as many results from the authority website, it gives the user as much choice and information about their next click as they will ever need.


04/27/2011 02:21 pm

This is the 2nd report I've seen.. first was on the 7th here http://www.burndowneasy.com/double-column-organic-google-results-oh-my/?utm_source=sel&utm_medium=scap&utm_campaign=email As it was the only one I could find I thought it was a fake but if others are seeing it then maybe its real then!

Matt Boland

04/27/2011 03:24 pm

I'm not sure if Google will really go down that path. Recent developments have been to try and deliver traffic towards the paid links (i.e. sitelinks in paid search and brand bidding). They have every incentive to try and get people to click on the paid listings - Making organic listings that much more prominent would change the flow of traffic and hurt their revenues.

New Media SEO

04/27/2011 03:53 pm

If google decide to show these 'Jumbo' sit links' for terms for say, brand names, then i cannot see the harm , however it if turns them on for more generic search phrases, then i can see a lot of unhappy SEO peeps!


04/27/2011 04:35 pm

I think google still has a long way to go on determining relevant sitelinks. Removing wrong sitelinks is not a good way to manage them. Expanded sitelinks on many results would be silly at this point. StudioPress has links to themes in their expanded sitelinks and I'm sure they have more important links to substitute them with.


04/27/2011 05:22 pm

I agree with Sebastian. This would make brand name searches much more efficient and relevant for the user; however, there must additionally be MUCH stricter policies and monitoring of spammy companies out to get prime real estate on SERPs.


04/27/2011 11:08 pm

I actually do like the large site links. I think from a user experience it is great for people to have the ability to see the larger links.

Grumpy SEO

04/28/2011 08:17 am

A case of Google pushing more listings below the fold ?


04/28/2011 10:11 pm

It will penalize organic.

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