Google Offering Free Online Site Reviews This Monday

Nov 13, 2013 • 8:46 am | comments (60) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

google seoJohn Mueller announced on Google+ that Google will be offering short site reviews for webmasters this coming Monday, November 18th at 10am EDT.

John said, "If you have a website, and would like to have someone from Google take a look & give you feedback, here's your chance!"

To RSVP for the Google+ Hangout event, go to this page and you can add it to your calendar.

But you need to add your web site to this Google Moderator page in order for Google to offer the site review.

I am not sure how detailed Google will go into each site, I guess it depends on how many sites they want to go through. But it is a good opportunity to get some raw feedback from Google's webmaster team.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Stuart David

11/13/2013 03:26 pm

I've seen 'The Internship' ... I expect some style of relative escapade for interns


11/13/2013 04:02 pm

get ready for the insults!!

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 04:02 pm

I have never met such demeaning, despicable dorks anywhere in all my life as on the Google 'help' forums


11/13/2013 04:55 pm

Generally you get met with the attitude you go in with. You go in nice and pleasant, generally you get a pleasant response back, go in like an arse and well, you reap what you sow.


11/13/2013 05:33 pm

That's what happens when people come in and refuse to admit to things that are clearly visible to those who look. Imagine how frustrating it is to tell someone they have spam going back years and years and having them say: "I never spammed! Someone else must have..." Yea, sure, someone else put down some spam link traps four years ago. Thanks to all the headless chickens running around squawking nonsense and outrageous conjecture you now have every other site seemingly under a nefarious negative SEO attack. If there aren't obvious problems that would be causing a problem...sometimes the site doesn't rank because it doesn't have anything unique or interesting to offer, which is also not an answer that people like to hear. Multiply that by dozens of people every single day and you get some prickly, take-no-bull shit regulars. Cue JustConsumer to talk about Cisco and someone who used to sell SEO software. :)


11/13/2013 05:33 pm

we checked your site and have new ideas for penalties...


11/13/2013 05:34 pm

read google forums, you will see of that headless chickens who claims to know everything and even don't have access to 'big google button'.


11/13/2013 07:47 pm

Soooo. Can we get a beer together? What about sleeping with someone who maybe is in management position in a different department?

Gooogle is a Scamgine

11/13/2013 08:19 pm

After a careful review we decided that your website has shallow and duplicate content and our algorithms are not happy with what they see. But if you buy adwords and pay us the most, we'll put it on top on everything


11/13/2013 08:22 pm

"Cue JustConsumer to talk about Cisco and someone who used to sell SEO software." ethalon, I told you already, that your opinion is the opinion of the employee - the person, mostly deals with the decisions made by boss. Your responsibility is very limited. Your point of view is very narrow. If you would be fully responsible of the noteworthy web property you own, then it would be highly doubtful, that you would seek consultation from the guys who don't manage the noteworthy web property by themselves.


11/13/2013 08:26 pm

I'm not seeking their help, I am just pointing out the reality of what they seem to deal with on a daily basis. My "Cue JustConsumer" was supposed to be a friendly jab at something you seem to bring up whenever Webmaster Central is brought up, no need to get prickly about it. What does my job, your assumptions about it aside, have to do at all with what I said? Why do you assume that my experience with web properties is restricted to my day-job?


11/13/2013 08:28 pm

"guys who don't manage the noteworthy web property by themselves." That is a another big assumption you are making... ...and how do you suppose to know what web properties any of the people posting in that forum are involved with anyway?


11/13/2013 08:43 pm

And I always agree with the reality you pointed out regarding this matter. But let's be honest - Google didn't bring something smarter on the other side. As the result we have bunch of barely educated people, pointing each other what to do and not to do - mess of anger and dissatisfaction. I just want you to take a wider look on what's going on in the industry. Don't you expect smarter moves from Google, rather than awarding girl from Cisco and the ex-spammer as the Top Contributors ? Probably I didn't get your "friendly jab". In fact I don't expect something friendly from you ) Ok, my mistake and I apology )


11/13/2013 08:46 pm

It's easy to see, when you're 24/7 in the business ) For example I never saw you posted on w/e. It's easy to assume, that you're not 24/7 in this business )


11/13/2013 08:56 pm

I'm surprised. I generally like you and enjoy your contributions to the discussion here regardless of if I agree or not. I am pretty unfriendly to most of the headless chicken crowd though, so your assumptions in this regard aren't built upon anything but my foundation I guess. To address your point about the Google didn't bring anything smarter...well, yea, they could do a better job populating the forums they point people with questions towards with Google employees.


11/13/2013 08:57 pm

I tend to stay out of the conversation in most areas of 'industry discussion'. I really only post here because, I don't know why actually. I think I started posting here by addressing one of your Anti posts now that I take a few moments to remember.

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 08:57 pm

This is a canned answer typical of yes men and sheeple that hardly ever experience an genuine opinion, original to themselves. I don't have the time, but its no secret, all you have to do is look at Google's so-called helpers comments to know that very, very nice requests for information are routinely followed by insults and a barrage of rudeness akin to school yard bullies.

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 08:58 pm

You two need to get a room. Ethalon can play girl

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 08:59 pm

"headless chicken crowd" OMG Hello kettle


11/13/2013 08:59 pm

Rudeness akin to implying StevenLockey is a yes man and 'sheeple' who can't formulate their own opinions on things?


11/13/2013 09:00 pm

I've got hair to my shoulders, so that might not be a bad idea. The full beard to my collar bone would totally kill the illusion though, unless JustConsumer is into bearded-fake-ladies.


11/13/2013 09:00 pm

Well, howdy!

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 09:01 pm

There are hairy women Ethalon. Don't think your hairiness will stop your female hormones from going full force when given the slightest chance

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 09:03 pm

Sometimes I am rude. Sometimes I am obnoxious. I do not ask evil Google so-called questions because I know 100% of the time they are the same. Its boringly obvious

Yo Mamma

11/13/2013 09:04 pm

Ethalon, you're such a yes man its beyond sad


11/13/2013 09:07 pm

That's your opinion, and that's fine. I like to think that I have a different opinion then a large portion of those who post on these stories. If that makes me a yes man in your eyes, I guess I will have to attempt to live with that.


11/13/2013 09:10 pm

I always knew, that Barry owes me )

Barry Schwartz

11/13/2013 09:11 pm

Just one?


11/13/2013 09:15 pm

Yes, the irony here is that it does not matter how crap your site is, if you pay the coin you can neutralize all their quality guidelines and morals instantly. Crappy site? No problem! Bad link spam profile? Come on board! Offer link building services and products against our webmaster guidelines? You´re our kind of client! Money talks... everything else with google is just a pile of crap. They have no morals or quality when it comes to paying for rankling. Happy to take your cash for any old crap.


11/13/2013 09:27 pm

Did you see my post about Danny Sullivan ? What do you think about his post ?

Barry Schwartz

11/13/2013 09:28 pm



11/13/2013 09:30 pm

I dropped link for you couple of days ago : (bottom of the page)


11/13/2013 10:42 pm

current google is not same like was before: nice, well-respected, friendly company with really HIGH TRUST RANK and AUTHORITY. But how quickly they lost it! Now it dictatorship police, and main brakes of internet development. They fighted against COPA before, but now the worst than COPA and dictators save freedom, not use google. Google is websites KGB.


11/13/2013 10:56 pm

headless chicken around. yahoo!!!


11/13/2013 11:12 pm

headless chicken crowd and bearded-fake-ladies 8-O kingdom of perversions :)

Stuart David

11/13/2013 11:13 pm

OTT there


11/13/2013 11:18 pm

if google want to show us something - let they create commercial site from scratch, based on articles. And show us what is overoptimization, what the type of content google expect from us, how to prevent panda, how google think we need to do websites, how to promote it without google power, etc. I am sorry, but it so easy to review anything. You can show comma in not correct place, or picture with exact match alt and tell what it reason of all your problems. Google has destroyed near 90% of websites & real businesses, so they need to do something about it. At least to start rank websites in normal way or give webmasters real direction (not matt cutts thin & hollow speeches)


11/13/2013 11:29 pm

Thank you for the great information! Seems sites should got likes to get reviewd.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

11/14/2013 01:17 am

Well I've added my site to the moderator page and asked for a review. I wonder what shallow uninsighful platitudes they will offer. So sad that so many good sites are now lost in cyberspace.

Soni Sharma

11/14/2013 04:43 am

yeah! that's cool.. :)

Jitendra Vaswani

11/14/2013 04:53 am

Wow looking forward for it


11/14/2013 07:01 am

how to add a website to Google moderator in order for Google to offer the site review.?

osman musa

11/14/2013 08:29 am

Not to sound rude but he clearly tells you how in the 4th line of his article.


11/14/2013 09:32 am

If your comments here are anything to go by, sounds like you go there acting like an arsehole then cry when people treat you like one. Thats your personal issue and is nothing to do with the webmaster forums in general.

Mr Breakfast (.com)

11/14/2013 09:46 am

The title of this post seems to imply that there might be a way to pay Google to review your site. Is that the case at all? Thanks for this info. I'll be there.


11/14/2013 10:20 am

this is sadly true, the user experience only appears to be important to G for organic results for some reason? Why doesn't it mater what the quality of your site is or what you have done/offer to get on addwords? Which begs the question, if G is all about improving their user experience shouldn’t the PPC sites have some quality guild lines as well?. Why does G only care about the user experience if they aren’t paying for the click, seems a bit backwards and the advertisers are the ones G promotes so should offer the user a better experience than the organics? Why doesn’t anyone ever seem to put any serious and meaty questions like this to Matt? Barry is there no chance some questions could be put together by your visitors, voted on over the period of a couple of months by your users and then the best 10 questions put to MR Cutts for a serious interview? If he ignores them so be it, that would look very bad on him though if they were legit concerns/questions? Worth a thought?


11/14/2013 01:45 pm

Great step taken (and in fact) finally by Google!


11/14/2013 01:59 pm

I missed the deadline for adding my site to the Google Moderator page :-\ Submitting and votingDeadline: 2013 November 14 06:00


11/14/2013 05:00 pm

No longer accepting new questions or votes at this time.


11/15/2013 06:36 am

you got the date wrong buddy more questions taken at the Hangout... big error on your part in posting the date and time...duhhh

MOS SEO Services

11/15/2013 08:24 am

This could be a boon for site owners who are struggling with algorithmic penalties, provided Google gives them solid advice to move forward with.

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2013 11:03 am

An error?


11/15/2013 11:37 am

November 18th at 10am EDT.????

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2013 11:37 am

Yes. That's the right time.


11/15/2013 11:48 am


Barry Schwartz

11/15/2013 11:50 am

They closed out submitting your site. But the hangout is happening Monday.


11/15/2013 12:01 pm

Arrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! so tht was much more important ..grrrrhhh


11/15/2013 12:57 pm

They are supposed to hold your hand through the creation and optimization now? Are you planning on paying a consulting fee for this information? Considering the source of the info, that fee would be quite high...


11/16/2013 03:14 am

What a short notice, Google could have given at least a week's notice so that as many number of webmasters who would have liked to add their site before the deadline would have had opportunity to do so. I wish there will be another sure opportunity for Google to give review on websites


11/20/2013 04:50 pm

google will provide for high cost consulting fees information on how to rank in their search engine??? so why they need adwords? for ice cream for kids?

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