A Google Ranking Shuffle On August 16th?

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Google Update BrewingThere are many signals in the webmaster forums that show that there was a possible significant Google ranking shuffle yesterday morning and throughout yesterday. I suspect as webmasters wake up and look at their analytics it will help confirm or deny this.

There is some chatter going on at WebmasterWorld thread and then dozens and dozens of complaints in the Google Webmaster Help forums. Much more than what you'd see on a typical day.

Now, this might be Google testing a new algorithm, or testing an update to an algorithm. Or it might be a large number of individual sites received manual penalties. It can also be a bug with Google or even nothing at all. Time will tell.

I am eager to see the Mozcast report for Thursday update later today. SERP Metrics doesn't show any major shifts from the norm.

Did you notice major ranking changes yesterday in to today?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & Google Webmaster Help.

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Brijesh Bhalodia

08/17/2012 12:26 pm

Is it Independence Day Gift for us Indian?


08/17/2012 12:31 pm

There seems to have been a glitchy adwords update.


08/17/2012 12:36 pm

I saw quite a substantial shift in the right direction for a number of my sites. I'm thinking something must have rolled out, or a selection of sites have been slapped again.

Website Developers India

08/17/2012 12:39 pm

We had some shift in ranking. Basically some thing might have rolled out... ??

Abu Aslad

08/17/2012 12:49 pm

yes,I have seen 30% increment of Organic Traffic in my Techmagnate Website. Please let me know what Update Google has done


08/17/2012 01:20 pm

It's 40% down on 16th


08/17/2012 01:31 pm

Nope - didn't see much shift.

Brent Nau

08/17/2012 02:33 pm

I've noticed that more of our interior pages started to rank ahead of the home page across the board. I noticed that the rankings dropped prior to this shift. Not sure if this related to what other people are seeing.


08/17/2012 03:12 pm

MozCast doesn't show a spike. Interesting.

Gregory Smith

08/17/2012 03:58 pm

I too have seen a lot of inner pages out ranking some of our home-pages.


08/17/2012 04:03 pm

Yeah I noticed major ranking changes this morning, at one point only one organisation was ranking for specific keywords over 10 pages, I've never seen anything like it!


08/17/2012 04:38 pm

Did PageRanks change at all?


08/17/2012 04:40 pm

Yes, our site took a major hit. 25% of our traffic was organic, and our rankings have dropped so much we've lost it all. All of our pages are still indexed, we've got no errors, no broken links, valid HTML, good content, etc. Google Webmaster tools reports no problems. We were solid until August 15. I hope it's a temporary glitch.


08/17/2012 05:57 pm

Everything same shit.

Mike Kalil

08/17/2012 06:15 pm

Maybe it's the DMCA request thing?

Brent Nau

08/17/2012 06:33 pm

Brand Jamming - I brought this up to one of the Google engineers (Pierre Far) in a Google Hangout earlier this month and they were looking into it.


08/17/2012 11:42 pm

I'd call this the tumblr algorithm update. Tumblr sites have skyrocketed, and ones on their own domains are now up across high value keywords. Links counted ... mostly from other tumblrs!

Sanket Patel

08/18/2012 05:04 am

hi I also noticed this type of changes, i am doing only natural organioc SEO and never apply techniques which are restruicted by google but still i am suffering from ranking dropping.

Chris Green

08/18/2012 08:06 am

Did those shifts stick?


08/18/2012 12:11 pm

there definitely was shuffle few days ago. I am seeing scrapers going up on major keywords in my niche, while some original content sites were moved down to page 2.


08/19/2012 04:37 am

I've actually seen the opposite, maybe it has something to do with the arrangement of our content. Homepage ranks are up, but all interior pages are way down. We do have tons of content on our homepage, though, and I suppose some of our interior pages are kind of "redundant" (though not spammy at all). http://www.profromgo.com/integration-of-web-design-and-seo/

Deven Jadav

08/19/2012 09:20 am

I am heading upper way in traffic, last few days (India). No special SEO etc, just simple what the page requires for user... Google getting smarter with every update and that makes my baby site happy :)


08/19/2012 12:44 pm

Rankings the same but traffic is way down.......Hoping when they sort out the prodution line things will get moving again......


08/19/2012 03:07 pm

A definite decrease, although slight.


08/20/2012 12:39 pm

In Moz cast its showing a drop on Aug 15th. That means there was some change in ranking. Acc to mozcast " The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google's rankings changed."


08/20/2012 04:59 pm

I'm not sure you understand how MozCast works. If the "temperature" is low, that means there wasn't a lot of change in the rankings from the previous day. August 15 was a mild day, meaning the rankings were substantially similar to the day before.


08/20/2012 05:20 pm



08/21/2012 01:13 pm

66% traffic dropped on 21st of August.. Any idea?


08/22/2012 04:13 am

I also have experienced a dropped on 21st of August. All the keywords that ranked were gone. Only 1 page left on number 1 on a specific keyword. And I noticed pages that are not supposed to be ranked appeared on the results.


08/22/2012 03:22 pm

30% traffic dropped on 21st of August.. Any idea?


08/22/2012 07:34 pm

Major change in keywords positioning, 5 main keywords disappeared from top 5 positions to 30+. Any idea what really happened in last couple of days?

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