Google Tests Bigger URLs, Cache Link Drop Down & Product Quantities In Search Results

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This weekend, Google was caught testing at least three different user interface designs within the search results. They tried bigger URLs listed under the search snippet, they tested a new navigation path to the cache and similar links within each search result and they are testing showing the number or quantity of products display on a particular page within the search results.

Let me show you each test.

(1) Bigger URLs under the search snippet was discovered by @jsilton:

Google Bigger URLs

If this is legit, hard to say. It might be something wrong with the browser settings or it may be a real Google test.

(2) Cache & Similar links moved as a drop down option within the search results was discovered by VITEB on Google+:

Cache & Similar UI

Interesting that they would call out that feature so much with an arrow down option. Don't you think?

(3) Google showing the number of products listed on a page as a rich snippet like snippet add on was discovered by Matt Storms on Google+:

number of products in google

I am not sure if this is a PLA feature or if it is rich snippet related, I cannot reproduce it.

As you can see, Google is constantly testing new user interfaces within the search results.

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John Britsios

02/04/2013 10:53 pm

Out of curiosity I checked the third one with the "198 Items". For some weird reason, the site owner has that in an h1. I would keep an eye on that, because it sounds pretty interesting.

Ranu Jain

02/05/2013 04:53 am

1st point could do good to the larger brands with recognizable domain names. I am just wondering how the bigger URLs will impact CTR of paid ads vs organic results.

Sanket Patel

02/05/2013 07:21 am

Google is always testing something new. For example it is the color of the background behind Adwords ads, Navigation Bar etc. Google always continues to investigate new things which can help users to find the results as soon as possible.

Asaad Dookhy

02/05/2013 12:59 pm

I don't believe number of products is new. For example, if you Google UK "Mens Chinos" pretty much all brands have this - seen this for a while.

James Svoboda

02/05/2013 03:19 pm

Barry, I've been seeing the "# of Items" and "# Items+" for about a week or so and just thought it was a little update I missed. The larger URL is interesting. I wonder if it has AdWords Display URL implications...? Here is a screencap that I just took so you can see it in it's multiple forms:

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