Where Was the June Google Search Quality Highlight Post?

Jul 16, 2012 • 8:35 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Dripping LogoFor the past several months, Google has been providing monthly search quality highlight posts, sharing a number of changes they made to the search side of Google.

On June 7th, they announced 39 changes for May, on May 4th they announced 52 changes for April and so on. But this month, we are already at the 16th and there has been no search quality highlight post for the month of June.

Did Google take a hiatus from updating their search engine or just a summer break from sharing what updates they have made to Google.

I assume creating these punch lists are a big deal. I wouldn't be surprised if it took them hours to compile this information, then hours of drafting the post and getting PR approval to publish it.

But still, I hope this doesn't mean the end of these search quality posts. The last one I believe gave us much deeper insight into the Google Penguin update than anyone else expected.

Summer months tend to be slower at Google, so I am hoping that it is just a month off thing.

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07/16/2012 02:39 pm

Search quality is WAAAAY down because of penguin. Right now they are trying to find a way to fix it, without giving people a "free pass".


07/16/2012 03:40 pm

I am also waiting for them to announce a penguin refresh or update - supposed to be done every month. I think we just missed it personally... or Google has made some major changes and is not sure what / when to say about them...?


07/16/2012 08:01 pm

Of course, all webmasters are waiting for the google penguin refresh. Since it's already 16th, july and first google refresh was on 24th, may. Two months are going to complete soon since last penguin refresh.


07/20/2012 06:53 am

I see changes in SERPS many times a day for the last one week, I'm not sure if google is refreshing or rolling out any update. The search quality is also not as good as it used to be.

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