Google: We Want Your Feedback On Search Policies. Really?

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Google ShieldGoogle posted on their blog asking searchers to fill out this form to provide feedback to Google on their search policies.

The specific questions include:

  • What is the Search issue that you want to improve?
  • What is your proposed policy change or solution?
  • Please include any other relevant information here.
Two questions, but Google prefaces them with:

We'd love to see your ideas for improving our Search policies and processes. Should we alert users if we suspect that there's not much information on the web about their query? How should Google surface information that might affect a website's ranking? How should we deal with businesses that we believe may be hacked? Should we do something completely different to support our users? Anything related to how we serve content in search results or interact with users is fair game.

Google promises to "review all of the submissions" and even more so, even "contact some of the best contributors to discuss their ideas."

The topic of search policies is fascinating, as I discussed here. You can watch the video of the SMX West session to see what I mean:

Some are a bit skeptical about the intent of this survey.

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Sunny Ujjawal

08/26/2013 12:47 pm

Better if they remove (not provided)

Praveen Sharma

08/26/2013 12:50 pm

You never know, tomorrow Google comes out with some new policy hurting webmasters and will claim it was suggested by users only.. what can they do.. O_O


08/26/2013 01:55 pm

Yeah, this is what searches are visiting on regular basis - The official Google Search blog. This is where the survey should be placed. " +12 Recommend this on Google " in almost three days ... )) Oh, it was a summer w/e. Hopefully will hit +50 during the business week. On a serious note ... re "have ideas about how we could provide a better Search experience for our users" Sure. It will cost you just $100 per my hour. One idea for free to start with: You should provide good, helpful for the users content.


08/26/2013 03:20 pm

Here is a novel approach to search... How about you display the MOST RELEVANT result to a query regardless of where the backlinks to the site came from. Instead of hiding and suppressing the most relevant results in the penalty boo boo room. That way your search engine will do the job people expect it to do rather than the sneaky tactics used to entice people to click on adwords. Like for instance presenting the top ten results as almost garbage but the adwords absolutely bang on target. That´s just fraud!


08/26/2013 05:53 pm

need to tell them - authority kill any relevancy. Amazon & Wikipedia take search traffic off google (why search it, if anyway only amazon & wikipedia, better to visit site directly). When people search for sex, they not want to read what is sex at wikipedia, they want to watch something and it is not youtube. Penalized sites NOT so bad as google algorithm think. People not like to share content, they do it only sometimes and mostly share only funny/stupid and similar content. Stop killing & over-commercialize your organic serp!


08/27/2013 05:45 am

"Results from similar searches" has to go. I'm not a little child anymore, I know what I'm searching for, just bring the results


08/27/2013 04:09 pm

Well, there's not much diversity in Google anymore. Searching for some products I almost feel as if I used the site search operator for Amazon. How many listings for Amazon are really needed? 2, 3, or as many as 8 in a row? Even the companies that make the products I am looking for exist well underneath Amazon. What a joke!


08/29/2013 03:02 am

It is great if Google is asking "public" opinion on how to improve searches for users. I think it may be a good idea to alert internet users if there a limited information on the web about their search query

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