Google Search Asks You To Thank Your Google+ Friends

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Google+ is fairly unusual and it just got a bit more unusual today. If you search Google, you might see Google suggesting that you thank your friends for +1ing the search result in Google+.

For example, I searched for [google] on Google and Google said I should the following people for +1ing the page on Google+. Here, Robert Scoble and Danny Sullivan +1ed and Google suggested I should thank them.

Thank You On Google+

Then the Google+ share box will come on, specifically sending a message to Danny and Robert (limited share) thanking them for +1ing it on Google+.

Thank You On Google+

This is what the share looks like in my Google+ Stream:

Thank You On Google+

This was first spotted by Bas on State of Search and @charliesaidthat and Finn on Search Engine Land.

Forum discussion at Twitter & Google+.

Update: Google sent us the following statement:

Just like you would thank a friend in person for giving you a helpful recommendation, now if a friend's +1 helped you find what you were looking for while searching on Google, you can immediately thank him or her by clicking the "Thanks" link right in your search results and writing a quick message. When your friend signs in to Google+, your thanks will appear in his or her stream. We're continuing to try out new ways you can interact with the people you care about right on the results page.

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Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

03/07/2012 07:17 pm

This is a clue!  Call me Sherlock Holmes.

Mary fr

03/08/2012 10:43 am

It's funny and interesting :)

Master And Student

03/11/2012 09:05 am

Interesting !

Karen Wilson

08/02/2013 07:41 pm

Thank you google. I was having a problem with my keyboard changing letters to numbers and not allowing me to type and thank you to google for picking up my strange message and helping me resolve the problem. You have amazing IT guys. x

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