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Yesterday, Google posted the 17 minute video clip of the Breakfast with Google's Search Team.

This is the talk Google gave press a day or twos notice of some search announcements that lead to expanding the knowledge graph in a few ways. I am not sure if it made the splash Google expected but here is the video followed by the transcript:

0:04singer having breakfast with the search team
0:06let's talk about suction
0:12when i talk to people about search
0:14the question they asked me most often
0:17is made a search going what's the future of sir
0:21and everyone who asks me that question
0:25actually knows the answer deep inside the heart
0:29the actually have dreamt
0:31the search engine they want in the future
0:34the just wants me to see yes we will be reviewed
0:37they just want to believe
0:39now let me give you some more context for the answer
0:43as a little boy growing up in india
0:45i watched
0:46angus three months of star trek on their newly-acquired black-and-white cheery
0:51and like every child
0:53of my age
0:54in that time
0:55itu dreamt of
0:57uh... captain cook
1:00from delhi to do that if you own stock ship enterprise
1:03talking to the starship computer asking for anything i needed to know
1:09the destiny of search
1:11is to become that star trek computer
1:15or affect loyal assistant whose there by my side than ever i'd need
1:22now to get there
1:24really need to sort of
1:25numerous technical challenges
1:27numerous denny very hard trying to keep problems and that's what
1:32i want to talk about today's ensure you'll
1:35some of these
1:36technical problems that the ocean
1:38new year's falling inside of research lab
1:41and the very first problem that you encounter
1:44you want to do better beck futures
1:46futuristic search
1:48is indeed
1:49all the knowledge of humanity
1:52online so that you can be pop-under
1:56thanks to the bed and a bit community meet together had made of huge strides
2:02in that direction
2:03the vent to date is the biggest repository of human knowledge
2:08as a last column
2:10we have seen all work
2:12trillion you are adults on the bed
2:16and on an average day
2:17me croydon
2:18all work twenty
2:20billion pop those
2:22and the humanity other cuny is kind
2:24re-argue google are now serving woolworth hundred billion searches every
2:31is indeed
2:32the biggest repository of human knowledge
2:35and human beings need information
2:39having all of human knowledge online
2:41is just the false that
2:43towards building
2:45search of the future
2:47the benny next impediment signed as a challenge that buffets
2:52is that means to understand what's
2:54in that knowledge
2:56or knowledge graph understands this war
2:59like you and i do
3:00that san francisco is a place embargo date is a neighborhood in san francisco
3:05and so on and so forth
3:07into understands things not just the sequence of letters
3:11or not just those strengths that me call in computer science bucket understands
3:16this water as rewards things
3:19now getting a lot of humanities knowledge online
3:22and then on the spending it later when the instill
3:24is just not enough
3:27to build this such a future that i dream of
3:30remitting need to make search truly universal
3:34and the true universal search manpower information available
3:37on the bed or the information that you melody has what
3:41on the bed and information that's your information
3:45you can have to do things
3:47that are not possible to that
3:48these add up
3:49rather quickly in get us closer two-thirds of the future of their
3:53country mall
3:54summit they did this really inspiring picture
3:58which is like that
4:00the stock a computer
4:01make impossible to that question it understands your question understands u
4:05and give the best answer
4:07so that's that my first second and see
4:09what it would pay to realize on its mission
4:12so he has
4:13a demonstration of when deadlines
4:16near banning the space starting tomorrow you should be a big blue
4:20uh... video art any other ready for that matter in the such as a box
4:24debated one step farther
4:26and taken expansions of real and not those of you and what about dixon model
4:29yet is a popular expansions develop popular vienna wait on ships we start
4:33with you
4:34the sinking the movie
4:35by the casino
4:36right here under our company box
4:39an updated
4:40with the interpretation negril
4:42the first line of and updated the video that going to be eleven from
4:45and i can't do exactly what they did in the sense that box again highlight dir
4:50option i want
4:52and and there and back again under such as i paid the same focused on via the
4:56so that i think you began interpretation from ninety years greddy i think the
5:00interpretation decade about right-hand accompli box if we understand the world
5:05we can do a better job
5:06of giving you when you ask a question just that answer to a question
5:11he showed how when the answer is something come simple like a topic we
5:14can use our understanding the better pitted all of the information that we
5:18find from all over the web into the most salient summary of that information
5:23within our staff
5:24we are able to
5:25predicts in cedar point is amusement park we know that the next thing you're
5:29putting on task about is the rise and so instead of me having to go and click
5:33through an alphabetical list horse copy and paste the search enough medical est
5:36i'd very quickly enable the flip through these
5:40it when i clicked on this it did something more like
5:43which is
5:44we've created this
5:46experience at the top where we've taken all of the results and we have expanded
5:50outs all of the entities that we know to be rides at cedar point and we know
5:54since i'm doing this task you know slyck limited to a whole bunch of these
5:58now with this
6:01magical organization of roller coasters at the top i can very quickly click
6:05through this knowledge carousel and i can say well hey check it out local so
6:08we started with top thrill dragster that's one of the tallest ones and i
6:12think that only one other roller coaster that's taller than that
6:15and then other tse millennium foresight heard i've heard about that once i
6:18confirm through and then i can be like will will how come i can't make a
6:21decision here well i'd probably you know what better way to do it than they
6:25actually but they've got bike
6:27i can see how the rides actually look at wildly
6:31like in a different light weight of the colour coasters
6:35on anything really quickly
6:36and uh... fluently like flip through and weak and i can i can complete this task
6:40for kevin
6:43fraction of the amount of time with taken before
6:47so that's one example of
6:48the kind of the kind of session the kind of complex task that we can make much is
6:53here with the knowledge craft
6:55uh... let me show you guys now how this palace works on tablet we can pick at
6:58the results around the interviews that you were asking for women astronomers
7:03we can flip through and take them we can do moons of jupiter do parents kind of
7:08did not understand you have the world
7:10we can make weakened fundamentally change the way that you are you're able
7:13your interacting with these more complex tasks and really help you
7:17the things you
7:18you want to get done
7:19much faster
7:20our index is bigger than ever refreshing that index incredibly fast
7:25now with these documents rationing can understanding of those documents and
7:29understand the entities behind that
7:31and once in the senate entities you understand the relationship between
7:33those entities
7:35and making this phenomenal experience
7:37is making the search box universal
7:39our whole goal
7:40is you have an answer we should be able to get it for you
7:43from wherever that answer can be derived so today we're pretty excited we're
7:47taking a step in actually making
7:50we're trying to explain better for you trying to make in the you don't have to
7:53figure out where to go
7:55define a bit of information by introducing this field trial at gmail so
7:59you sign up for this field child it's a limited set of users
8:03we're doing this again because it's a baby step
8:05in the really complicated area
8:07that on the destruct about how large or web corpus is and how it continues to
8:11gmail is of that size
8:14and you know i need to make it private insecure
8:17and that is just such a heart problem
8:19and really excited at the team was able to accomplish a and then the beyond the
8:22infrastructures such a hard product problem on how to make this
8:25a meaningful kal experience
8:27what happens when we get gmail
8:29integrated into the search experience sify ted amazon
8:33icy gmail results on the right hand side
8:35so this is one thing we did i want to talk a little bit about the design
8:38process that we've gone through over the past couple months company find it
8:41interesting so
8:42i said for amazon
8:44i save the date web results one thing we learned as part of our dog food being
8:47and a lot of user studies essay but gmail a consistent spot with a
8:51consistent you out
8:52so we've actually thought about like couple you like treatments
8:55and uh... couple placements in one place we decided on is in the right hand side
9:00you see here do you know if you do see a gmail results
9:02one of the spots you can see them is on the right hand side
9:05and the other thing i want to highlight
9:07is that these results show best collapse
9:09another bit of feedback we got from folks is hey when i'm searching like
9:13this is great and getting this possum content maybe once somebody's over my
9:16shoulder or what not like i don't want him sing that content it's now up to you
9:20whether or not you want to see that interesting information
9:23so they could be very quickly for me 'cause i click on show results
9:28and this is a day for me because the first thing i got in an email from
9:31amazon actually late last night
9:33uh... about my order of this radio play
9:36when you really want your gmail tell issue on your gmail so one thing that
9:39happens with me a lot is my brother and my friends
9:42i really shankel utube videos with me
9:44and i love showing it to the next friend connect to local that i found this link
9:47without giving credit to mike my friend so now what we knew that they do my
9:51brother's names to men
9:52usually shows a bunch of videos look like performance
9:55uh... used gmail as a keyword from one search box you doing this research
9:59against gmail against the red corpus
10:02and you see a gmail results raider five remove gmail from a search bucks the
10:07messages emilie show up on the right hand side so what if you could actually
10:09to ask you bill
10:11ailing wins my flight like what if i could see my flights legal please tell
10:16and if you have the on the field shall ill tell u
10:19here's your flight you're flying up today
10:22they'll tell you the terminal b gate number
10:24and he had to actually see whether it's on timer delayed latest imagine that you
10:28tried to claim my fights
10:30you're not getting information that's relevant to you and he also getting
10:34updated with the coolest information from the web it's going to be a pretty
10:37phenomena screen three
10:39and we're pretty excited about it
10:41we've talked a lot today about the
10:43computer the future
10:45and i want to stick with you for one more minute about what that computer the
10:48future would be like
10:50it would be
10:52in the room with awesome or maybe in my pocket
10:55i'd be able to talk to it
10:56i would ask it whatever right
10:59uh... and it would
11:00give me understanding and give me back exactly what i want it
11:03and i'd be able to ask in an actual way
11:06the same way that i might ask one of you
11:10we'd love to build that computer
11:12and to build it we think there are if u
11:14very hard problems that need to be solved
11:17the first heart problem up which we spent a lot of time on
11:21the basic problem of elephants
11:24when i ask my question when i do my search out of all the information out
11:28we've got to bring back the information that is really pinpoint role than to the
11:32question or that passed that i'm trying to do
11:35second our problem that we need to solve to help this computer in the future is
11:40the problem the speech recognition so sound comes out of my mouth and we gonna
11:44turn that sound into words and phrases that we can do something with out we've
11:48been working on it for a long time starting back from group four one one
11:52and through the years high-end as you'll see today with some of what i show you
11:56we showed her speech recognition is getting faster getting more accurate
12:00acne believes just speak naturally
12:02to this computers future
12:05the problem that we need to solve is the problem of natural language understand
12:09once i've turned the sounds that i'm making into words and phrases we don't
12:13understand one of those words and phrases mean
12:16of course this is also incredibly hard problem
12:18and what makes it hard is that words and phrases mean very different things
12:22depending on the contacts
12:24and then the last two or three talked a lot about today already is
12:28underpinning all this with knowledge of what unit is in the world or so that we
12:31know that tom cruise's in just a word tom in the work crews are kinda
12:35separately but that in fact we know that what tom cruise is he's a person he's an
12:39actor he's connected other things and that enable us to give often point
12:45today uh... excited to show you
12:48uh... and announce or latest version of the google search out
12:51for the art pattern in the iphone now with the space question answering
12:57what will the weather be like this weekend
13:00the forecast for san francisco this weekend is sixty eight degrees with font
13:04i'd asked what the weather in a natural way and
13:07we understood not only what those words work
13:09we understood for example that
13:12even though i didn't say that but i'm here on the embarcadero in san francisco
13:15so that's where the weather has come from
13:18we understood that this weekend actually prague mean saturday and sunday and so
13:22here we're showing the weather from saturday
13:25looks like it's going to be foggy here so i might wanna get out of town try
13:29something else the need to go on a hike
13:31when my friends told me about this place called the pinnacles national monument
13:34will check that out
13:36what this pinnacles national monument look like
13:41check out these pictures for pinnacles national monument
13:47spew for place
13:50so that's possible aren't when or how far does
13:53or how far disponible snapshot monument from here
13:57cry from your location to pinnacles national monument is one hundred twenty
14:01two point three miles
14:05i don't know if i when i got mad
14:06that's a long way
14:08well here's another idea
14:10who are the giants playing
14:13the giants beat the cardinals forty-two they're playing the cardinals today at
14:17five fifteen p_m_
14:20maybe i could take and rights game
14:22for the fall of nineteen other bib actually pretty well but there were a
14:26stem one succumbs been struggling on dance of this was a question i have the
14:30other day
14:31what these two months to come salary
14:35timmons ican salary is usd eighteen million
14:40use it for a few strikes lamp
14:43all right so joints is a possibility here's another thing i can do
14:47what movies are playing at the met reeling
14:51movies playing an a_n_c_ mantri in sixteen
14:55and sort of dark monitor that
14:58there's a new spider man movie will check battle
15:00the movies of the metra unicast like twelve box
15:03on their two kids my wife
15:05and you know if i can remove ills of the twenty th
15:08so that's gonna be like fifty but we're going to see what the sounds of two
15:11what is twelve times for
15:13plus fifty
15:16the answer is ninety eight
15:18ninety-eight box at wasn't getting expensive
15:21well so maybe i can save some money by uh... bite eating cheap let's try this
15:27find a good pizza place near the metric on
15:32there are several listings for acted pizza place near met rian
15:36so there's some possibilities
15:37i wanna show you one more thing are because in fact i'd actually already
15:41decided to head out of town this weekend
15:43uh... and to show you this one on ground actually bring up the demo version of
15:47the alps it'll look like this
15:49wind as my flight
15:52north light is on time it departs at eleven twenty five a m today
15:56there this spring in altogether
16:01you can tell were very excited about this product we think that it brings
16:04this computer in the future of just a little bit closer
16:08you can just see that
16:09did what's called a short deal
16:12tax-cuts so much more closer
16:14to their dream come true dot mine from like china toward
16:17hyping this team this these search team
16:20is going to make my dream come true hi i have no questions about that

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08/22/2012 03:24 am

Some of that stuff looks great! Especially the voice stuff!


08/22/2012 05:33 am

Apple macbook in Google's Office, pretty interesting, though they had chromebook


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