Google: Searches Don't Use The Related Searches Option

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The other week, AJ Kohn noticed that Google dropped the related searches search option from the options in the search tools. He was noticeably upset because it is a good way for marketers to get more keyword data from Google.

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So I asked Google why and Google said searchers weren't using it. Google said:

We weren't seeing enough usage of this filter to maintain it in the toolbar, but we do display related searches at the bottom of the page when they seem relevant enough.

AJ Kohn thinks that is ridiculous. Adding in a Google+ thread:

Okay, so is Google then saying that Reading level and Verbatim are therefore used more than Related Searches was?

If that's the case, I've got some swamp land in Florida you might be interesting in.

Well, verbatim is needed but reading level is just one of those cool things.

That being said, clearly Google is taking the approach of only showing the option when they think searchers will most likely use it.

Of course, most is not all.

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Alistair Lattimore

04/24/2013 12:39 pm

If you know the URL format of the related search query, does it still work?

chaudhary amir

04/24/2013 08:07 pm

No i dont think so


04/25/2013 06:16 am

Wow this is ridiculous. Another way Google is just hiding more and more data from us.Especially important keyword data.

Michael Gocia

04/25/2013 09:05 am

By this process we loose some data which may be useful . So this is not right way to filter results for keyword searches.

Babuli Nayak

04/25/2013 10:22 am

Hi Guise Thanks to you "Google" Dictionary faction it's very good.


04/27/2013 10:59 pm

Found this on and have to say it's not cool. Seems Google is secretly continuing its "do lots of evil to marketers" by hiding even more data from us. Not cool at all.

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