Google Hates Me: Closing Google Reader

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Google Reader LogoThere are very few people as dependent on Google Reader as myself. Google knows that. No, really, they do, they know I am like the top top user of Google Reader. I switched to it in 2007 from Bloglines and never looked back. Now what am I going to do?

Google announced last night that they are closing Google Reader July 1, 2013. That is about 8 years since it first launched.

Why are they killing it? Google offered two reasons, "usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we're pouring all of our energy into fewer products."

The real reason? They are personally targeting me. Okay, I am kidding but it terribly affects me, which may impact you - my readers. I'll figure out something else to use in the meantime.

You know how I found out about this? I was on a flight, I open Google Reader (last night) and I see this warning:

Google Reader Shut Down Warning

I almost yelled out on the plane!

The next thing I am worried about is Google killing FeedBurner, which is what so much of the RSS web is run off of these days. Yes, including this site.

I am so sad.

You have to understand, I consume more news than most people. Here are my stats, note that it stops at 300,000 because it is not normal to go beyond that:

From your 1,042 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 29,330 items, clicked 599 items, starred 0 items, and emailed 0 items.

Since April 25, 2012 you have read a total of 300,000+ items.

I have a list of alternatives i'll be investigating, specifically Newsblur, recommended by Gary Price, once it gets through the growing pains of everyone trying to migrate off Google Reader and onto Newsblur.

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03/14/2013 12:47 pm

A lot of people are upset about this. There are other readers out there though and Google allow you to export your data from Google Reader. Another idea is to update your reading approach and to go 'social' with it. Set up TweetDeck and follow the people/networks you usually 'read'. They'll more than likely post all their material on their twitter feed. Use TweetDeck to break this down into multiple lists and columns and you're fairly sorted for research, etc. If there's a site you like to read but they don't post socially, you can always make a Twitter account and convert their RSS feed into a twitter stream using (for example) You can then follow that account from TweetDeck and have that content stream in socially :) Here's an example of one I did:

Kevin Mullett

03/14/2013 01:00 pm

The thing I have never understood about companies, like Google and Twitter with Tweetdeck, killing off products out of the blue...they never asked for me to pony up to keep them. Yeah, I know, bad publicity maybe but I would pay for not having to change.

Luke Glassford

03/14/2013 01:27 pm

I've just moved my Reader data over to feedly - so far so good - I'd recommend it

Paul Gailey

03/14/2013 01:38 pm

because that's less valuable than the alternative: Why make a scar when you can make a killing?

Shane Eubanks

03/14/2013 01:44 pm

I'm in the same boat....was a user of bloglines years ago and switched to Reader and use it multiple times a day....I actually load Reader more than any other website... Why does it need "energy"'s fine the way it least just leave it up and leave it alone. Maybe Marissa Mayer will buy it...


03/14/2013 03:12 pm

I stopped using all Google services except for Gmail, because you never know when they will kill it.


03/14/2013 03:16 pm

Here is the petition :


03/14/2013 03:58 pm

It's ironic that I read about this news in Google Reader.

Toni Carreiro

03/14/2013 04:00 pm

This along with the personal iGoogle page makes me really sad. I am sure we will figure something out but wouldn't it be nice to do something else with our time? It just goes to show free is not always the best and the less we depend on these large corporations (Google, Apple ...) the better off we are. I was also wondering about feedburner.

Lyndsay Walker

03/14/2013 04:31 pm

Barry, if you're in the top 10 I'm probably in the top 20. This is a huge loss :(

Thomas M. Schmitz

03/14/2013 05:38 pm

Without Reader, if they kill Feedburner Google will not see the carnage. :)

Alex Kim

03/14/2013 07:05 pm

That sucks! I hope they don't kill Feedburner!


03/14/2013 07:29 pm

Balls... that's all I can think to say. This sucks.


03/14/2013 10:46 pm

they keep saying caring users but recently they only care for more money. thats why they shut it down. it doesnt make money and google doesnt need anything not making money.


03/15/2013 12:23 am

Apparently it wasn't the lack of revenue that killed it (Although I think it had a part to play). Apparently because it didn't integrate well into G+ (yes that horrible social network Google keep ramming down our throats) it had to go! So Barry it had to be one or the other and I don't think it was going to be G+ that went.


03/15/2013 02:53 am

Google doesn't only hate you Barry. Google hates everyone.


03/15/2013 06:16 am

I am so sad. Google reader is good! Don't be evil? Do evil!

LB Olson

03/15/2013 03:21 pm

It was a disaster for about two hours, then I ran into a piece about Feedly stepping up to replace them. I wish they'd shut down Reader sooner, Feedly are far nicer for me, with all the options that Google never gave austere Reader. Automatically imported my feeds. Zero effort.

Ben Goodsell

03/15/2013 03:50 pm

I feel like I have a pretty good solution going!... create GMail labels that match Google Reader, subscribe via email and create a filter for that "skips" inbox. Then set the labels to only show if there's unread email to limit the space they take up.

Kamrul Islam

03/16/2013 08:14 pm

Decision is not so bad.

Ron VanPeursem

03/22/2013 08:43 am

Barry, Newsblur is now, due to so much incoming action, using Paid Only memberships. Give NetVibes a shot. I manage a ton of feeds (well, nothing like your 60 tons!), and really enjoy NetVibes.

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