AdSense Publishers Like The New Google Publisher Toolbar

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Google AdSense logoGoogle announced they have made a major update to the Google Publisher Toolbar for Chrome. The toolbar works as a Chrome extension and lets you view your DoubleClick for Publishers, AdSense or AdExchange Seller account data right from your browser's toolbar.

The new features include:

  • Pop-up account overview: Giving you quick access to your estimated account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month and last month as well as information on your top 5 channels or sites by revenue over a variety of date ranges.
  • Ad Details: Giving you detailed information and full insight into a specific impression including buyer and advertiser details, the creative associated with the current view and now includes the ability to block the ad by buyer.
  • Feedback box: You can now share your feedback directly with Google through our new feedback box embedded in the user interface.

AdSense publisher, netmeg, wrote a short review in the WebmasterWorld forums saying:

Actually, it does look like they've significantly improved it. It's not as buggy, and doesn't keep making me sign in over and over. But the font is smaller, so there's that. I guess will trade that for better accuracy.

The reporting on the ad units is pretty cool. If you look at your site with the toolbar on, each ad unit has a little blue box that lists the size and the URL of the first ad. If you click on the blue box, it expands to tell you the estimated earnings from that ad unit for the past 7 days (you can change the time) the coverage, how many ad requests, the RPM and how many clicks. Looks like it also compares it to a previous time period, so you can see if it's going up or down. You also can see the ad's display URL, destination URL and click URL, and you can block or report a problem with the ad right there. It also tells you whether it's an AdWords ad, or one of the other networks'.

Google Publisher Toolbar

So give it a try.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google+.

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05/24/2013 08:26 pm

I hate it, I thought the older gave a more in-dept summary. Now I have to login and re-approve over and over every time. Old one I just approved once and it was good to go.

05/24/2013 10:23 pm

Exactly, i don't know if it is some kind of bug, but it is so annoying. Liked the older one better.


05/27/2013 03:44 pm

Ah but you'd have to use Chrome. As I wouldn't touch Chrome with a 10 foot pole, it's not anything I'd ever use.

job goal

09/25/2013 02:50 am

If I use adsense toolbar is there any problem for my adsense account. Please let me know. I use different gmails logins in my pc. Is there any problem.


12/29/2013 05:46 pm

Job Goal, we really have no idea what the fellow writing the review is talking about. I am a pretty fair AA minor league publisher...all done by hand, personally...blogsite, website, and a good active email. Just mentioning the word "Chrome" puts my computer and almost all its processes into a flight from mortal fear. We tried to comply with Google tool bar installation, and from there it went downhill. Everything changed to Spanish, and luckily, although English surnamed and Anglo 88% by bloodline, my first language is Spanish. Then, getting all my public page work back to where it would respond and work in English, things became increasingly like Molassic Park. My sites were down for two weeks while, during a time of severe family medical problems that ended in death, I could only work on the problems for moments and at irregular, unpredictable times. Chrome aspirates and vacuums. I fixed everything with some knowledge, some hunt and peck, and some blind cracker luck.

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