Google Places Ads: Preferred Google Vendors?

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A WebmasterWorld thread points out something that appears somewhat new, Google ads that have destination URLs that read

Here is a picture:

Google Preferred Vendor

Here is a full size picture, feel free to click on it to see it larger:

click for full size

Now, what is this about? Are these ads specifically for Google AdWords Express? I.e. the new ads that lead searchers from Google search ads to Google Place results?

If so, is it fair to label the ads as leading to Google Preferred Vendors?

If not, then what are these Google Preferred Vendors?

Any ideas what this is about?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Note: This story was written earlier this week and scheduled to be published today.

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Martin Roettgerding

09/29/2011 01:01 pm

Just a thought: this isn't necessarily done by Google. If your destination URL is on (like a places page), you could use a display URL such as this yourself. This example would probably be against Googles Guidelines (pretending to be endorsed by Google) - but I'd say the chances are the ads get approved anyway.

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