Google's Clinton Says Google + Great Success Already

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Google Plus IconGoogle launched their own social network as a limited beta a week ago and named it Google + and personally, I love it.

One thing Google downplayed with the social network was friend numbers and followers, something really important on Twitter and less important on Facebook.

Google engineer, DeWitt Clinton, talked a bit about how he has seen the growth of Google + and how he is surprised by how fast things have evolved on the network, even within the limited test.

Here is a copy of what he wrote on his Google + Post:

I'm not a big fan of numbers games—they're a signal, but at best a fungible one, and always highly dependent on external factors—but perhaps worth noting in passing (and then moving on) that by sometime later today I'll have added more people to circles, and have been added to more circles, on Google+ than I have friends or followers on Buzz, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other network, and we're not yet a full week into limited field trial. I had expected this to happen eventually, but certainly not so soon.

Here is a screen shot of his numbers:

Google + Circles

Mine, on my Google + account is no where near DeWitt's, where I am only in about 1,300 circles. Yes, I am getting into the number game. But DeWitt has a point, Google + is really strong with the engagement.

But what matters much more than raw numbers is engagement, of course, and so far I've been pleased, to say the least, both with the activity on my own posts and with the activity on the posts that I follow. This is a conversational media and a rich media, and from what I can tell it is working well as both.

Where do I find the most engagement? Honestly, mostly on Twitter, then my blog comments, then Google + and then Facebook. But Google + is a limited beta and I can see it growing and surpassing the other networks. It is just so easy to engagement and have a stream of conversation there. More so on Facebook, at least for me.

It is always nice to see Google's view on their own products. So there you have it.

Forum discussion at Google + Post.

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07/06/2011 03:54 pm

Ha! A G employee calls success adding 3212 'friends.'  Is this guy serious or WTF?

David Schoenfeld

07/08/2011 05:45 pm

Google + launched! Google + didn't launch!  I hate the buzz! :DSo apparently Google + launched, but not for many of the users trying to check out what's this all about - the new Facebook of Google, the new Social Network, THE thing of Google since Gmail.Infact it's like the "Wave Buzz" (in my opinion). The difficulty to get the invite is creating a lot of buzz and if they don't get it managed to let all the people in that want to be "in" NOW they miss a chance to get even more buzz and growth. Field tests are great, but why the heck can't you get an invite. It really makes me upset. Also, in times of Google Panda and big businesses loosing money because of Google'sintent to deliver better results (which doesn't happen), many are thinking about ways out of dependency on Google. Businesses are happy to share indexable content and information but if Google uses all the info it has to punish businesses in terms of traffic and income they'll try to find other ways to get traffic and income and not more dependency on one provider "doing it all". Now we have 2-3 big social players. I'd love to have 2-3 real big search engines

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