Google: Towing Companies Are In Spammy Vertical

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Google Towing Company Places IssueThere are certain industries and sectors that seem 'shadier' than others. When it comes to Google Maps and getting businesses listed in Google Maps/Places, certain industries take more aggressive approaches to ranking for certain queries.

Google's Vanessa said in a Google Places Help thread that the towing company industry is one of those verticals. She wanted to make sure that if you are in that vertical, you should know that. She said:

So I looked in to this a bit more. You definitely have a lot of editing history with the phone calls. Towing companies are a spammy vertical, so when an operator calls you on the phone to confirm the information, always be clear about old address, new address, give helpful information, don't be dodgy about it (I'm not saying you weren't helpful, I'm just saying this generally for anyone else who finds this thread and is in the same situation).

See that, don't be dodgy if you in are dodgy vertical!

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Ron Coachman

04/10/2012 02:10 pm

Wonder where towing companies rank alongside acai and affiliates on the Google hate list.

Michael Martinez

04/10/2012 05:49 pm

Can't say about their Web activities but I used to know people in the towing industry and it was EXTREMELY competitive.  They depend mostly on police and commercial contracts, so anything that upsets their world gets them riled.  And the drivers are seldom happy about night duty....


04/11/2012 02:16 am

Movers and tow company listings seem to be equally spammy here in Cincinnati. Many cheap movers are outright illegal and still advertise, towing looks to be the same.

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