Related Maps Removed From Google Maps Place Pages

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Google Maps LogoGoogle Maps has removed a feature or module on the Google Place pages. The removed feature is the My Maps module which was titled, "Related Maps."

Here is a picture of the Eiffel Tower with the Related Maps module and then as you see it now, without the module.


Google Related Maps


Google Related Maps Gone

Brian from Google explained in a Google Maps Help thread that this has been removed or retired. Here is his full explanation:

You may have noticed that the Related Maps module is no longer showing up on Google Place Pages. The team took a close look and measured which types of information users found most useful and relevant, and outlined ways to make the page more relevant to people looking for information about places.

The first step in this process focused on removing excess information that our research indicated was often not useful. We’ve discovered that in many cases the MyMaps shown were not particularly relevant to the business, and that very few My Maps were getting significant traffic from these links. As such, the team decided to retire the Related Maps module on this page.

This change will have no effect on the ability to create your own maps with the My Maps feature, which as always you can share and collaborate with friends, or embed on a website. My Maps is a very popular feature, and we are working on new and better ways to bring more exposure to your My Maps that will make both map explorers and map creators get the most out of custom maps.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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03/16/2011 01:23 am

I noticed the Related Maps disappeared a while back, then returned. I guess they were experimenting with it. RIP. I hope they do find new ways to promote My Maps. I have a few.


03/16/2011 09:41 am

I think it's a shame that Google has removed My Maps from Places - having that personal, social content on the page was a nice differentiation from the functional content displayed elsewhere. But the proof is in the pudding - if users don't notice this content and don't use it to enhance their experience then what good is it? Is this a result of google sticking the My Maps module bottom, right on the page where few people look? Or is it that Google Places users are akin to IYP users - they want usable & functional info, such as contact detail, so they can get on and complete a specific action ASAP?

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