Google's Official Guidelines For Moving A Business On Google Maps

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google maps moving placesWe've covered the major issues with moving a business within Google Maps a couple times - in short, it is a scary and upsetting thing to have to deal with - on top of all the other issues with Google Maps.

Google's Jade Wang finally gave official advice on what to do when you do move your business. She wrote in a Google Business Help thread:

Verified business owner of a page, and is your business moving locations? Here's what you do.

Edit your address in Google Places for Business or in the Google+ page admin area, whichever you are using to manage the page. This will either make a new page or edit the address on the existing page. It may take a week or two after editing your address before you see an update. At this point, you may need to go through a verification process again. Don't worry -- this is normal.

If you see a page that's still got the old address, click on Report a problem and mark that location as closed. Provide the link to the new address or information about the new location if possible. You can find more instructions on closing a location here:

I actually took these steps for my business and it did create two listings. But I do not want to mark my old listing as "closed" because my old listing still is the number one result. I do not want my business to appear as if we closed down.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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02/20/2013 04:43 pm

IMHO, as usual, Google suggests solution while forgetting what the real problem is (with this "closed" thing and big problems with modification capabilities in Google Places panel). Personally I recommend the use of the Google Map Creator - sometimes you can edit and move the location in Google Maps faster and without using "closed" thing (of course if our modification is verified by some clever moderator).


02/21/2013 04:16 am

Finally they are awaken. The official guidelines are posted how to resolve the google maps issue with moving locations. [I do not want my business to appear as if we closed down.] Do you want to tell "I do not want my business to disappear as if we closed down" is that so. Please make the corrections.

Michael Curtis

02/21/2013 11:14 am

I love this sentence: "This will either make a new page or edit the address on the existing page." Shouldn't you, like, know what it'll do, Ms. Googler? Isn't your job to say things like 'Do X, Y will happen?' I love how much advice put out by Google seems to ultimately become 'if you fill out this form, take off your shoes then do an ancient dance by a fire containing three frog legs and a marshmallow, the mischievousness forest spirits that make up 1/4th of the algorithm might react by doing [X]. Or they might kill your sister. Either/or.' I don't understand why there possibly could be any risk attached to something as mundane as allowing people to change their addresses, but here we are, marking businesses as closed and hoping google might possibly notice they not but they'll probably just tell the world your out of business and promote a competitor, maybe, possibly.

Gabriel Sita

02/21/2013 12:06 pm


Brent Arbeau

02/21/2013 01:15 pm

In my experience, accounts that have a verified Google Places page, that are trying to edit a Google+ Business/Local page, to edit the details you are directed to the Google Places control panel, but the changes made there are not reflected on the Google+ Business/Local page (e.g., contact info, company information, images, etc.). Question: How do we edit the details of a Google+ Business/Local page when you are automatically directed to the Google Places control panel? It seems like the Places/Business/Local integration process is not yet complete. Is there any advice for accounts that have a verified Google Places account that want to edit the details of their Google+ Business/Local page that is linked under their search results? I have read articles on how to merge the accounts, but that only seems to merge the reviews and address. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Kern

02/21/2013 01:38 pm

Yeah, what she doesn't tell you is that you will lose any reviews during the move


02/21/2013 02:23 pm

I just went through the process of trying to move a business and I swear I performed the same action 3 different times and got a different result each time. In an attempt to keep the many reviews associated with the page, I ultimately had to change my address several times (because once I would change it, Google would automatically revert to the old address). After doing this for a couple weeks, it finally stuck and the existing page with all the reviews finally had the updated address. Don't ask me how it happened... I'm just glad that it did.

Henry Griner

02/21/2013 05:03 pm

I was working with a client this morning to claim his Google +Local listing after completing a new website for his storage facility business. His business office is his home and no mail gets delivered to the mini storage location. We wanted to use his existing Gmail account to claim his existing location which is on page one in the Google 7 pack for his primary keyword. I logged in with his account, setup the listing just right with the address of the storage site and the business line phone number. Then I hit Submit... dang. Now it wants to send the mailing to the location address with no option to send it to his business office at his home. That does not work so... I go back and start over and this time figure that I need to use his home office location just to claim his listing via postal mail... I hit Submit again. Now, it wants to call his phone number to give him the PIN. We do that but now when Google does the update it will show the wrong location for the mini storage site. So then we will have to do this again but, if when we put in the correct address and get the map pin in the correct location we will probably see that it wants to mail the PIN out and that will never be received. Anyone else having this issue? Why can't Google give us a choice to mail or call and not do random rotation for the verification process???

Spook SEO

12/07/2013 03:23 pm

Hi Barry! I have a friend who decided to move her business to other place. I am so happy that you shared some guidelines here on what to do if ever we do move our business. I will definitely share this to her.

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