Google Places Listings Auto-Upgraded To Google+ Pages

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google+ local placesGoogle has quietly announced in the Google Business Help forums that they have begun automatically upgrading some Google Places listings to the new Google+ pages with the added social features.

Google said in the updated thread that starting on August 20th, "some pages managed in the new Google Places for Business dashboard will be automatically upgraded to have social features."

Google did say they have and will "send out emails to users whose pages are automatically upgraded" to inform them of the change. But if you are worried you didn't get that email and you want to double check, if you can see the "Visit your Google+ page" in your dashboard, then you were upgraded.

Here is some additional details about the upgrade:

A personal Google+ account is not necessary in order to utilize social features on local Google+ pages that are automatically upgraded.

If the listing for your business is not automatically upgraded and you are interested in social features, you may be able to use the Google+ widget to upgrade the page manually. (You can read more about the Google+ widget in the update from April 11 on this post -- scroll up.)

Please first make sure you follow these criteria:

(1) You must have verified your business in your Places account.
(2) Your Places for Business email address should also have a Google+ profile.
(3) Your page must be in a category that is eligible for Google+.

If these apply to you, you will see a Google+ widget in your dashboard inviting you to upgrade. Simply click Get your Google+ page to upgrade. This will create a local Google+ page in Google+ that is tied to your Google+ account. You will be able to update this page from both Google Places for Business and Google+.

If you do not see the Google+ widget yet, or don’t have the upgrade link in your widget, sit tight while we work on getting a smooth upgrade process in place for you.

Hat tip to Linda for spotting this.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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08/21/2013 12:21 pm

"Get me more G+ users!" "But sir, nobody likes G+" "What about all those people using G-mail, or Youtube...?" "Well, they like those services but don't seem to think Google does social well. They are aware of the platform, but they don't seem willing to switch," "Bullshit! They will use G+ and they will like it!" "But..." "And Businesses as well!"

Jarno van Driel

08/21/2013 12:55 pm

The only thing that annoys me about this is that if you already have a G+ place for your business, you now suddenly have 2 G+ pages for your business. I find this a bit too much and would love for there to be a possibility to merge the 2 G+ pages into 1 because I have no intention of maintaining 2 G+ pages for the same business.


08/21/2013 01:42 pm

Google seem completely unable to understand (or give a shit) that people that use you tube or any other platform that they've scooped up might (i) have a desire to keep their account unlinked to their personal accounts and (ii) not want to use google-f*cking-plus - which is overbearing, intrusive, non-user-friendly and prescriptive in the extreme. Google, Apple and Facebook are huge monolithic bullies and entirely unaccountable.

Ben Thompson

08/21/2013 02:06 pm

I have about 4 G+/Place pages for my business because of their broken interim system. 'Manage This Page' on G+ Local page (the one that shows in organic local listings for my company), takes me to my Google Places dashboard. I can't even edit the listing or take ownership of it. It's so messy at the moment. I don't care if I own 50 listings, so long as I can properly edit and delete the duplicates....

Nick Ker

08/21/2013 04:03 pm

This has been a huge pain for early adopters of G+. Sure, you can kill off your old non-Local G+ page, but you would lose the following and all that content. Sheesh!


08/22/2013 08:32 am

"Your Places for Business email address should also have a Google+ profile." How does this work for franchises or large hotel groups? Surely it is not feasible for every hotel in a group to have it's own Google+ page - this would be managed by the brand.


08/22/2013 11:19 am

hi ,, there are so many blogs on search results still doing black hat but still on 1st page ? can you answer me ??

Soni Sharma

08/22/2013 12:39 pm

Google Local with Google Plus is gearing up...

Gracious Store

08/23/2013 11:26 pm

What categories are legible for upgrade?


12/21/2013 01:09 am

Same here!

Valerie Bouchard

01/28/2014 07:57 pm

Hi everyone, I looked everywhere for an answer to the followingquestion and I have not found one yet! Could you help me? I am marketing consultant for a driving school in Quebec. We have 26 schools that are listed in a Google places dashboard. I want to have ONLY ONE Google + page for business that contain all of the 26 schools. It would be like having an online head office on Google + Page for business that contain, in the address section, all theaddresses of our schools. Is it possible? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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