Poll: Did You Recover From Google Penguin 2.0?

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Google Penguin WaddleIt has been almost 7 weeks since the Penguin 2.0 update was released by Google. We know over 50% of our readers said they were hit by this Penguin 2.0 update.

We also know, only 9% claimed full recovery from the Penguin 1.0 update years later.

So were you able to recover from Penguin 2.0? I seem to think not but let's poll you guys.

A BlackHatWorld thread has very few SEOs claiming any recovery from the Penguin 2.0 release.

Did you recover?

Forum discussion at BlackHatWorld.

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07/08/2013 01:45 pm

We'd recovered from Penguin 1.0 "before" Penguin 2.0 hit. Full recovery was reached January of this year. We removed over 90% of links manually, no disavow tool used. Webmaster tools link profile right at Penguin 1.0: Over 26.000 links Webmaster tools link profile right at Penguin 2.0: exactly 728 links And yet, Penguin 2.0 hit us harder than Penguin 1.0. Does is mean that a website will be penalized forever regardless how many links are removed?


07/08/2013 01:48 pm

Is "not applicable" really needed as an answer? Surely if you weren't affected by Penguin then don't complete the survey as it just skews the figures.

Solomon Kleinsmith

07/08/2013 05:57 pm

Nothing to recover from if you were working on SEO on the up and up.

Pavel Ungr

07/09/2013 06:14 am

As far I know, there is nothing lilke "recover from Penguin 2.0" until next Penguin update will come (data refresh is necessary).


07/09/2013 11:30 am

Imagine what happens if you've been getting thousands of organic links for 12 years! Dead deadity dead.

Barry Schwartz

07/09/2013 11:31 am

Yea, you are right. Isn't it interesting, the responses to the poll, I mean.


07/09/2013 02:22 pm

For some competitive search terms, I've seen sites that have almost no link profile whatsoever rank very well - post penguin 2 - of course they also had decent on page SEO.

Brad Gerlach

07/10/2013 06:18 pm

I escaped from Penguin 1.0 and when 2.0 was released I barely felt a thing. It really isn't hard to escape from Penguin. I wrote about my escape on my blog: http://www.profitableselfpublishing.com/successful-google-penguin-recovery/ Now the key is to avoid the bad stuff that got me penalized in the first place, which I am obviously doing nicely since I am still ranking nicely. In fact, some of my ranks increases since the Payday load update.


07/18/2013 03:16 pm

Seems like when you where hit from penguin 1.0 your penalty expired, what you should of done is removed the links like you said, then disavow the links you removed, then submit a request reconsideration showing all evidence of the removal, then and only then your penalty would of been revoked and you would not of been hit by penguin 2.0... on saying that without me seeing the 728 links that remain I can not say if they are natural links, or just links that have been built on sites which are purposely built for link building in other words NO TRAFFIC NO AUDIENCE! NO USERS! BAD LINKS!


07/18/2013 03:19 pm

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! when do you think the next refresh will happen! SAT WAITING IMPATIENTLY :P I know there was only 2 last year :( I hope they improve this side of things with penguin 2.0


07/31/2013 09:22 pm

Shut up.

Solomon Kleinsmith

08/01/2013 05:48 pm

Awww... widdle baby wanna whine about their lazy tactics being found out by the Google five-oh? I only had a few up around then, but they all went UP, not down.


10/01/2013 02:28 pm

We're trying to escape using the tool we've written at http://www.linkcleanup.inventivewebsolutions.net/ - I am just hoping that the next penguin refresh takes out disavowals into account and that things start to improve. It's just depressing at the moment.

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