Feeling For Those Hurt By Google's Penguin Update

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Google Penguin SadWith every Google update there are winners and losers but what you often don't see is the serious impact the losers take. Google wants the best search results, searchers are most often happy before and after these updates but webmasters are the ones that feel the real sting when an update impacts them negatively.

Reading the forums, and the forums are literally on fire with new posts, there are many many webmasters impacted by Google Penguin update. Although it isn't always easy to gauge how many are impacted by forum post volume, I would venture there are not as many as Panda complaints but still a huge number of complaints.

I've spoken to webmasters who are planning on immediately firing staff and cutting costs. Then they will work up a plan on rebuild, figure out what needs to be done and hopefully staff up again if they can get out of the Penguin update. But the immediate affect is lost income, lost sales, lost jobs and who knows what can lead from there.

Of course, Google can't be concerned about that - they have no choice but to focus on quality. If some sites truly should not have been hit and have, that is part of collateral damage and Google is willing to live with some. Some were meant to be hit, despite what the site owners feel. Of course, there is a feedback form for Penguin complaints.

I can't share all the stories I've been told over phone or email. Nor do I have time to share all the forum posts. But here is one in the Google Webmaster Help forums that says he won't be able to pay his daughters tuition, pay his car payment, pay his mortgage, might lose his home, not be able to feed his family and so on. It is heart breaking.

I am now scrambling to figure out how I am going to: pay my daughters tuition pay my car payment pay my health insurance pay my car insurance pay rent and all the utilities that go along with renting a house not to mention putting food on the table.

I followed your good webmasters guidelines and done nothing spammy at all about my businesses and websites and I get shut down and put out like that.


As if it weren't hard enough to find a regular type job, even with my education and background, now this.

All this and in a time of bad economy, how could you do this to YOUR America? Instead of trying to help build the economy your making it worse.

Very sad and my heart goes out to all those who should not have been hit by Penguin and was.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Alex Genadinik

04/30/2012 01:20 pm

Time to ditch Google.  Hello mobile and Apple platforms :) For every action, there is a reaction. We can answer Google by moving away from it and supporting competitors.  

Peter Watson

04/30/2012 01:39 pm

I am in a very similiar situation as the above webmaster. I too believe I was hit unfairly by the Penguin update. Since 2004, I had built my online business up to hold the #1 rankings for my main terms for over 3 years. Strictly following Googles Guidlines. And then on the 24th of April, BANG! My home page is nowhere to be found for my main term (and hundreds of other terms). After reading through Googles 'Penguin' tips here http://www.webpronews.com/google-penguin-update-12-tips-directly-from-google-2012-04, I see absolutely no reason as to why I have lost approx 90% of my traffic. Up until Penguin, my site always did extremely well with all other updates (caffiene, panda, etc) What really gets under my skin is the fact that at least 3 sites that are now ranking for my main terms are sites that ripped off my content (I even threatened them with a DMCA takedwn notice last year), keyword stuff, cloaking, paid links, etc, etc. Its just crazy! Anyway, I have completed the 'unfairly hit' form and crossing my fingers Google can find the time to recognize I am an innocent victim and rectify the problem. In my opinion, collateral demage in todays day and age is unacceptable!


04/30/2012 01:49 pm

 Barry, Do you believe this will be permanent? Do you think Google may refine these changes over the coming weeks? If we've followed every rule closely and have done SEO with quality and were smushed only to find the known blackhatters up top again should we keep going about our best practices for a month and see what occurs? Right now, looking at the results on our vertical...if we don;t at least go gray we're going to go under...that is terribly sad news.

Ryan Burnsworth

04/30/2012 01:51 pm

That is a very sad story, and I have heard quite a few of them as potential client have been calling in all week last week about getting their site back up.I wish I would have talked to that guy that posted that comment, I would help him w/o charge on getting his site back up as quickly as possible. I feel so sorry for everyone that was hurt due to this.

Barry Schwartz

04/30/2012 01:52 pm

These things can be fixed over time, imo.


04/30/2012 02:06 pm

When you own almost 70% of search traffic - do you also have a moral obligation, and not just "quality-obligation"? A hard one, indeed.

Arwin Adriano

04/30/2012 02:07 pm

With what you say I think Google will think twice before making a move.

Alex Genadinik

04/30/2012 02:19 pm

I doubt they will listen to me. :) Larry Page has his head up his ass way too much to listen to real people.

Alex Genadinik

04/30/2012 02:21 pm

Yes for all the complaining webmasters do, Google is definitely in a tough spot with pressure from all sides. Heavy is the head that wears the crown :)


04/30/2012 02:22 pm

Not to sound insensitive, but Google doesn't owe anyone a living off of organic search results. Relying 90%+ on Google traffic to make money is like working on commission. You might do well month after month, but one fluctuation can take everything away. You either need to accept this as-is and plan ahead for it, or else diversify your traffic portfolio and build a strong brand so that you don't need a top keyword ranking to make money with your online business. Get to the top of Google is not a sustainable business model.


04/30/2012 02:27 pm

I can take it with my chin up if it really was for a better search result. But what we have today is poor quality search result. I would say search results pre -panda where much better than today's

AJ Kohn

04/30/2012 02:38 pm

You do realize the Android is the dominant smartphone platform, right?


04/30/2012 02:49 pm

I think the worst part of all this, isn't that SOME people got effected, it is that many people with QUALITY sites have been effected, seeing their search positions tank, whilst really poor quality sites (including spam sites, sites with NO page content at all, and broken Youtube videos) have risen above them to the top. Although Google can't worry about upsetting webmasters if it's updates give better SERPS, if an update gives WORSE SERPS, then they should worry, and should also fix the issues, as otherwise they are hurting those that try to stick to their rules, and rewarding those that do not. They are going to create MORE spammers that way. As an EXTREME example, the text Matt Cutts cites in his post (regarding the Pay Day Loan anchor text): If you Google that blog of text in Google.com, you will find the site it is published on. Click the link, to be taken to the site using this spammy text that Mr. Cutts used as an example of what can get you penalised. The site in question ranks between pos.1 and pos.2 on Google.com for the very term 'Pay Day Loan' So... IF this update worked, why on earth does the site that produced the VERY EXAMPLE of spam that Mr. Cutts used in his blog post rank so highly for the very term they are using as the anchor text in that piece? EDIT: The site published the spammy text is now gone! BUT... the site that used the text for a backlink is still ranking in Pos1 for the term 'Pay Day Loan'... Well done Google!


04/30/2012 02:56 pm

This is the problem, no one has any kind of fix.


04/30/2012 03:31 pm

I learned a lot about my site since the update and fixed things that I didn't know I have done wrong in the past. Lets see if google lets me back in. 


04/30/2012 03:53 pm

I relate almost exactly with this guy. Since Penguin on the 24th, my wife and I have been in complete panic mode, full of despair. Our 5 year old ecommerce store that provided 100% of our income to support our family is completely wiped out. We have two small children and another one on the way in July. As much as this may have been our own fault for relying on Google organic traffic, the reality is that we're in this situation. We don't have any savings to fall back on at all. Immediately this month, all of a sudden, we don't know how we're going to pay the mortgage, the car, the health insurance, the utility bills, the food, etc., etc. It's like overnight our entire life is ripped out from underneath us and we're left hopeless.


04/30/2012 04:12 pm

The thing is, I’ve had three sites hit and one that has not been effected. The difference is for the three that have been it I’ve been using link building services etc for years, so that is clearly what Google is not happy about.   The problem is that I cannot obviously delete these links, with the exception of buildmyrank.com that offered that as an option when they closed down.   So as far as I can tell there is no way I can get back from this, as I cannot delete these external inbound links!!!


04/30/2012 04:12 pm

If your traffic fell on or after Apr 24th I will give you a free analysis of what you can do to fix the issues


04/30/2012 04:28 pm

Same situation here.  Ecommerce store that has ranked #1 for main terms for 2+ years, and survived all known Panda iterations and Caffeine up until April 24th.   I submitted the form as well, here's hoping they do something. 


04/30/2012 04:30 pm

" Of course, Google can't be concerned about that - they have no choice but to focus on quality" - still waiting to see this so called 'quality'... because these results are nowhere near quality. 


04/30/2012 04:47 pm

+1 from me. Diversification is important in almost all areas of running a business, not just your source of web traffic. SEOs need to understand that. 

Mr Derp

04/30/2012 04:52 pm

Life is all about struggle, it would be hard to fulfill the money gap that he has, but that's how life goes on... Google is a billion dollar industry, I dont think they think at human emotional level at all... They deals in two things only Technology and Money...


04/30/2012 04:57 pm

My traffic from Google has plummeted since the Google Penguin Update.  I have worked very hard on my web site creating uniqie and informative content.  This is very discouraging.  I can understand why Google has to make algorythm changes to provide the best search results for their users.  However, I feel that my web site should not have been targeted by this update.  Best of luck to all webmasters who have been affected by this.


04/30/2012 05:08 pm

File a reinclusion request. If you committ to doing the right thing an show google you are serious - they don't expect you to undo everything. Years ago our sites were dead in the water and we didn't dispair. We rebuilt and came put strong - though it took a few months. Sites ultimately brought in enormous revenues web they recovered.

Nick LeRoy

04/30/2012 05:22 pm

 Exactly, I agree 100% Jeff and actually just wrote a post about it here: http://nickleroy.com/google-doesnt-owe-you-shit

Jaan Kanellis

04/30/2012 05:56 pm

Joshua, I would be nice to post the results somewhere.  Maybe here in a separate post?


04/30/2012 06:26 pm

It's enough now.....Google Bot unable to fetching pages..not crawling the pages!!  


04/30/2012 06:27 pm

Guys lets celebrate anti google day because it’s enough.......


04/30/2012 07:54 pm

This is absurd. You'd be amazed if you saw the garbage that is now rankign among the top 10 in my industry. In WHAT WAY does Google think penguin left us with quality sites ranking on top?

Lake Garda

04/30/2012 09:20 pm

Hi, can you check out lakegarda.biz I know I have lots of links which I can't remove but most of them are from directories.. my email is info@lakegarda.biz


04/30/2012 10:26 pm

But what you said is exactly right. Because we are also one of the business affected by google penguin update. My question is do they reconsider about websites in a nearest time

Peter Watson

04/30/2012 10:29 pm

My traffic fell from about 2000 uniques per day to about 300........I would love to hear your thoughts about my site Business-Trader .com.au. You can email (support @ business-trader .com.au )


05/01/2012 01:44 am

I spent the last few years organically building my unique site.  One if its kind non-profit.  Now copy cats have taken over for a profit and I lose.  I can't win, even trying to do he right thing.  Distraught.

D Alan Redd

05/01/2012 02:48 am

Anyone who relies totally on one venue for their income, all the while claiming to be self employed, needs their head examined .. seriously. It's a sad story, and yes, I do feel for the guy, but in the real world of business, opportunity comes from multiple sources and locations. You can't just depend on one thing or just one source for your income .. unless of course, you really aren't self employed afterall. At any rate, those of us who've been around since before Google, will most likely be around long after Google is gone .. and if I could pass a long a bit of advice? .. Don't ever, no, not ever, rely entirely on just one venue for your income ..


05/01/2012 03:45 am

There is a lot of talk about Google 'shutting down' websites. Can Google can't 'shut down' sites? I know Google can deindex sites so it does not appear in search results and those sites that depend on search results suffer as a consequence. But can Google deindex any site or is it only sites that have Adsense that get deindexed because Google believes the site is violating Adsense rules with poor quality content and practices? If Google is deindexing sites that do not have Adsense, then it's a concern because it would then appear that Google is dictating the terms of use of the internet and what content people put up.


05/01/2012 05:00 am

 There is no need to be anti Google. Google seems to be creating its own demise and this may just the begining of the end.  The Roman empire, the Mayan civilization all came to an end. Google is no bigger than these in their own day.

Roie S

05/01/2012 05:40 am

Google sucks for a long time now, but so does the other engines (though not as much). Showing 10 results in 2012 is simply dumb. this is not 1998 any more

Roy Van Rivero

05/01/2012 06:42 am

This is indeed a sad story. Can we stop them updating and penalizing? Well, Google works to satisfy users and it's business. It's profit. Sometimes I think SEO is a reverse psychology - Google keeps telling us about updates and penalties so that we always work for optimization based on its standards...because if we don't, they'll have a hard time crawling our pages, which is not what Google aims. What they aim is to index more and more pages because that means more money for them. I think that's the reason why they keep telling us to optimize...they want to breach the deep web. Some analysts say Google is, so far, just capable of crawling the tip of the iceberg.

Paul Johnson

05/01/2012 08:29 am

D Alan Redd hits the nail on the head.  We 

Paul Johnson

05/01/2012 08:30 am

D Alan Redd hits the nail on the head.  Difficult though it is to run an internet business without being reliant to some extent on Google, we must do our utmost to ensure that if we are 'hit', that we still have a viable business.

Sohan Jain

05/01/2012 10:04 am

Is Google algorithm update trying to kill seo??


05/01/2012 01:17 pm

Very sad story indeed, as is any story where a business owner loses his business. There are dozens happening each day in each of our hometowns... just read the news and you'll see these same stories offline all the time. Very sad and very common in life. Also at the risk of sounding insensitive, what I don't understand is the thought that Google has "unfairly" his some sites, as if there is some sort of fairness they are obligated too. Maybe some these sites were "unfairly" getting traffic in the first place. Maybe some of these sites were "unfairly" generating thousands of dollars in income to begin with.  Maybe there were more quality sites buried on pages 2 and 3 for the past 5 years that were 'unfairly' NOT getting traffic for a long time. It's all a lesson in business and diversification. In business, you play your best given the current situation and reduce your risk as much as possible. When that situation changes, you put your head down, adapt to the changes and continue to do your best given the new situation. Sometimes its sad and sucks. Sometimes it's good and you make a lot of $.  It's all nothing new and we should all take these as learning lessons, 'in my humble opinion'.  (And yes, I did have sites hit 'unfairly'). 

Eliseo V

05/01/2012 01:20 pm

It does seem like the beginning of a new era of SEO, that's not bad but sites being affected when they have done nothing  wrong, that's bad.


05/01/2012 01:45 pm

No. Just webspam which too many people confuse with real SEO.


05/01/2012 03:08 pm

Has anyone addressed what a webmaster can do to the site(s) to fix the issue?  i.e., get previous links removed, throttle back on the specific keywords, clean up past articles, etc.. Would like to see some input on that subject or point me in the right direction.

Patrick Curl

05/01/2012 03:15 pm

Everyone complaining about google's updates, let me ask you 1 question : what search engine do you use? If you don't like Google's unfair practices, and changes - you always have the option to boycott them altogether. Enough people leave and they might actually make some changes.. Move all your adwords / searches / contextual advertising to other networks and Bing, -- in the 90's Yahoo was the big search engine and it was too big to fail -or so it seemed. Google won't always be on top.

Honest George

05/01/2012 04:54 pm

I don't know if you people see the big picture. Google cares not for small business site owners. What they desire is your Adwords money. They love it when sites get penalized because they believe these site owners will pay for top spot. Google only wants your money and cares not if you starve to death. point blank. Sooner you understand this the better you'll be off. Bing is the next search engine. 2013


05/01/2012 05:37 pm

I really think this is the begining of the end of Google. They will become just a player not the player.

keaven keaven

05/01/2012 08:12 pm

To a webmaster, only quality results exist if their website is among them in the top 10.

Jason Spencer

05/01/2012 10:30 pm

I somewhat disagree with Honest George.  Small business *should* actually have an advantage in the Google Algorithm.  It's true that Google's end goal is to make money, and not all small businesses will have that.   But what a small business *DOES* have is the ability to speak naturally.  They have the ability to make their personality a brand.  Big companies have to find a way to give their brand a personality, and as we've seen many times in the past, that can have devastating results. The voice, the natural language, is what will get small businesses through these updates.  Speak like a human.  That's what Google is after anyway - natural search.  It's easy for a techie to know all the boolean ins and outs of the search bar, but Aunt Edna doesn't.  She searches in the language she understands, and it's natural sounding. I think that many have overreached because, for one, they but all their eggs in the SERP basket.  There is much more to INTERNET marketing than SEARCH marketing.

Hire A VA

05/02/2012 01:43 am

We can all cry and blame Google for slapping sites (including ours) but what the crap! why rely on SERP when there are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site. My site too was hit (hard) by the Google update but guess what, I never fell inlove with Twitter than before and blog commenting as well. Gees, one BIG evidence of our future failures is that we keep blaming others.


05/02/2012 03:47 am

 What's the difference between someone working for a company... they rely just on 1 source of income, get fired oh well, should have 2-3 jobs at the same time? Unfortunately, most websites have to rely on google since they have a virtual monopoly on search.  I think what most business owners on the web are frustrated about Google is their virtually zero communication with changes and rollouts, their cryptic webmaster guidelines, and lack of customer service.  Google is nothing but a big scraper site that organizes other people's info. 

Mr Giraffe

05/02/2012 04:08 am

I'm kinda happy with this. Its nearly impossible to weed out all the black hat sites.

D Alan Redd

05/02/2012 05:00 am

 If you work for someone else, you aren't self employed .. Depending on Google exclusively is not being self employed .. The people you work for can fire you .. leaving you to ask how you might pay this bill or that bill. You can be fired and go on and on about the dirty dogs all day long to all of your buddies or anyone else that would listen, because you depended on those who employed you for that monthly payday If you are truly self employed .. you would already know who is going to pay this bill or that bill .. regardless of how Google behaves. Sure .. I get Google traffic too .. but Google doesn't pay my bills .. I do .. Google could go away tomorrow and I'd still pay my bills .. If my business fails, it's my fault .. Not Google's


05/02/2012 10:27 am

I think a good start for anyone affected would be to read this: http://storify.com/JoshuaTitsworth/rishi-lakhani-on-google-s-penguin There are a mixture of things going on, so it may not be Penguin which you were hit by at all. Remember to make changes incrementally and give time to test the result of each, then you will know where the problem lies I feel really bad for any individuals which have been affected by this. However any companies which have such a fragile structure and are so reactionary that they would fire staff immediately after an update causes a dip in rankings have far deeper issues. Rankings fluctuate, updates happen and markets change. By having both a varied SEO strategy and wider marketing plan that uses multiple channels you can help protect yourself. If you have been hit this time, don't panic do your research and get stuck in. You can turn it around. Ps, on the whole small site VS big brand issue; a lot of big brands have awful websites with massive SEO problems and are using a tenth of their potential. I think Google has in some ways recognised this as they have weighted factors to bring them up the rankings in the past few years. This has also made them pretty much bullet proof. Spending on SEO has rocketed in the last couple of years, the big guys have got wise to it. So now they are getting good onsite SEO and proper offsite strategies as well. Now we really need to be worried.

Templates Perfect

05/02/2012 11:08 am

 Exactly, there will be a New SEO era, its a nice to make such powerful spam eater algo but it should be affected and it does not mean to implement untill you are not 100% atleast 98% sure about the end result. They just made this mistake with this update which affected many good sites and those are mostly small to medium size business owners


05/02/2012 12:02 pm

 Very Very Upset ! with New Google Update.... Do Shame Google ! Shame Google. We have Lost the Rankings of Many Websites and Conversions.

Mark Anderson

05/02/2012 12:23 pm

What I read here is a sense of entitlement. Yes I too feel sorry for these people who have been hurt by the update but if you solely rely on one source for your income / traffic then of course this will happen.  Google has no obligation to "provide".


05/02/2012 04:32 pm

this update is simply awful, i have sites with optimized content and similar inbound link patterns. some are holding their rankings and some are out. that is the sign of unintelligible change, not smart change.

Geoff Dyck

05/02/2012 05:07 pm

Google does not  OWE people a living. If you rely on Google as your source of  income you have a risky situation. It bothers me that people feel entitled that Google should treat them fairly not matter what. In Google's defence they have a lot crap to hunt down and innocent people will get hurt! I use Google to search because they are the best. Google is at war with spammers and those are the people that are causing the world harm. Figure it out!


05/02/2012 05:31 pm

It is not as simple as you make out.  For example, it makes stock control impossible if a site goes from 1 to 101 overnight.  People make plans based on their previous months sales. You can't really forward plan if Google can take away half of your sales overnight. At the very least, Google should stop doing such big slaps... if people move down the rankings slowly, they can at least see that their sales are slowing and so can plan ahead.


05/02/2012 06:36 pm

What we are seeing is old spam and site tricks (hidden text) etc being legitimized, poor content, sites with only one 301-redirect getting top ranking??????  The reality, business' that have invested in legitimate marketing over the last 5-years are being penalized and clunky, out-dated sites that have no business even being ranked are now nesting in the top 7... Sorry Google, looks like redistribution of hard work and reward goes to those who have sat idle.  


05/02/2012 06:51 pm

 Geoff, spammers will figure it out no matter what.  It's the people, companies & many others who have followed proper protocol wisely and are now highly being affected.  There is in no way, a site, that has sat idle with little to no updates for 5-years, become a top ranking site.  The fact is that Google simply does not know what it is doing either and is obvious with current results.  I would love to see an alternative..and some day that will happen, it always does.


05/02/2012 07:05 pm

Does anyone know if a site like Red Envelope with all the great content at the bottom of their home page is considered ok with the Penguin updates. I've been asked if we could add similar content to the sites I work with but I don't want to take any chances since I've heard Google likes more content above the fold than below it.


05/02/2012 09:32 pm

 Yo pienso que se repiten las palabras lake garda en el anchor text de todos los link y el nombre del dominio también lake garda.biz

John Britsios

05/02/2012 09:59 pm

My heart too goes out to all those who should not have been hit by Penguin. I wish them all a fast recovery!

Sandra Suarez

05/03/2012 02:35 am

The new update is certainly awful. It does not just take out the black hat but also the white hat.  Goes to show that the Penguin is just like the Panda. Black and White Indeed.

Larry Olson

05/04/2012 05:31 pm

I resent being hit and it does me real financial harm, but I know I deserved most of it. It's easy to slip from a white hat into a gray one. It was amusing to see a few top-ranked sites owned by competitors, sites that I thought high-quality and impeccable in their back linking, suddenly drop off page one. So much for what I thought.

Wholesale Guy

05/07/2012 01:36 am

I will have to sell at least one of my sites now. They devastated the keywords I was ranking for - for about nine years.  My exact domain site - now ranks 129 - when it use to rank about number five on page one. I thought - ok - maybe I didn't have enough links - bad links - didn't really update the content as much as I could - but my content is original. Maybe the site was just plain ugly - lol. In addition, it was not like the products I was selling were super competitive, or  I was engaged in any nefarious SEO activity. I found niches and worked within their guidelines. What really gets me even madder is the fact that they have now ranked sites that are both weak on content and links - before a site like mine that was an exact domain with at least 1000 links point in. Needless to say I will never depend on Google ever again. I really don't know what they were going for here. If they wanted to clean up their index from spam or "thin" sites - it seems they did exactly the opposite.  Nuff said....... Robert C


05/09/2012 02:36 pm

My blog traffic came down to 150 from about 500-600 daily... this is really pathetic,,,,!


05/10/2012 04:26 am

Just search for - FAST WEIGHT LOSS in Google.com (US) - the #1 site is a 1page sales page site Hats off to you Matt - this could be the beginning of the end for Google as a SE.


05/14/2012 05:53 pm

Hey do you have an email I can reach you at? The Wall Street Journal wants to talk you about how Penguin affected your business.

Geoff Dyck

05/16/2012 08:24 pm

T:Geoff, spammers will figure it out no matter what. G:Agreed there will always be smart people who can game the "Google". I guess I figure that Google has many quality sites to choose from and if a few sites get nuked why would Google care? As long as searchers get good results than Google will be happy. Or put another these updates hurt a lot of spammers and some legit site. So overall the net is a better place with these updates. T: It's the people, companies & many others who have followed proper protocol wisely and are now highly being affected. G. Often I think it's the case of they believe they are acting properly. T:There is in no way, a site, that has sat idle with little to no updates for 5-years, become a top ranking site. G: What have you done to examine this? There are hundreds of ranking factors to consider. Can you refer me to the site? You can also report spam sites if you think they deserve it. T: The fact is that Google simply does not know what it is doing either and is obvious with current results. I would love to see an alternative..and some day that will happen, it always does. G. I would have to disagree. I am very happy with search results as of late. But I am not all searchers. You make great points though! Happy Trails Pal

Robert Rystrom

05/18/2012 10:05 am

I agree with many that Google doesn't owe anyone anything, but with the garbage that is now ranking for some terms and in some instances even parked/empty domains one can only conclude that Google messed this one up.. In our business at www.bkkcondos.com we have several websites which ALL took a hefty nosedive. Yes we mainly rely on Google for our business leads but thought we had it covered by using several websites.. In total we lost about 75% of all traffic on 24th of April and with that 75% of the company income. We can only hope we don't have to lay off our staff.. Next questions will obviously be.. If this is a result of outsourcing the SEO to India, Pakistan, Phillipines etc.. can I hire the same companies to shoot my competitors ? Is Negative SEO now live?

Tyson Stevens

05/18/2012 09:50 pm

Anyone know how the newest updates are affecting outsourcees in the Phillipines, India, etc.? Surely a lot less links and outsourced articles are being created due to the recent changes. I'm sure that equates to a pretty sizable loss to their incomes as a whole. Anyone know? Please let me know. I'd like to share that info.


05/24/2012 01:49 pm

Google has messed up with PENGUIN - just search for CONTENT DEVELOPMENT NETWORK in Google.com. The #1 site is http://geekswithblogs.net/cdnapps/Default.aspx - an empty index page - NO CONTENT Hats off to Matt Cutts and his Spam team - getting rid of Spam or promoting Spam?????

Andrew Buckle

06/20/2012 08:21 pm

I use bing .. I prefer their approach to search. With Panda / Penguin, search on google for me has been dire


10/14/2012 09:32 pm

What I find hard to accept is seeing Matt Cutts posting pictures all over the Internet of him with a furry Panda or Penguin. Ok so we know Google does not owe anyone an income but hey come on show some respect. I lost respect for Mr Cutts and Google when I saw all those pics - just inappropriate and not needed.

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