Google Unleashes Penguin 2.1

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Google Penguin UpdatePenguin 2.1 has officially been released today.

Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam announced it on Twitter:

I saw signs of this around 9am EDT this morning but didn't see enough chatter to cover it yet. I suspect over the weekend the forums will light up. Some of the early stats I saw on sites that got hit were huge.

Of course it was a late Friday release:

I'll have more details on this on Monday, with the impact on real webmasters.

For more details on Penguin click here.

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Alex Genadinik

10/04/2013 10:28 pm

Every site on the web except for Wikipedia is penalized by now :) Fantastic!

Phil Singleton

10/04/2013 10:52 pm

Is this going to be a big one?


10/04/2013 11:11 pm

No changes neither for us nor for our competitors. Hasn't kicked it in yet or is it unlike Penguin 2.0 slowly rolling out?

Casey Markee, MBA

10/04/2013 11:41 pm

Already getting "help my site disappeared" emails (from random strangers). It's going to be a busy weekend!

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 12:16 am

No changes on none of the 30+ sites i´m monitoring affected by the 9-4 event, panda update, intregration or animal and no changes in the rest neither.. but now there is a lot of activity on black hat forums... i remember that they were laughin during september... so now we all are on the same boat ;) anyway is soon to see the full damage, if is like 9-4 the full drop will end tomorrow and traffic will drop from what ever an affected site has to 90% less visits in a single hit

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 12:19 am

give them a couple of more hours :D

Phil Singleton

10/05/2013 02:02 am

Here's a question: I am 100% certain that a 301 redirect will pass a Penguin penalty. You can argue that all day long, but at some point in time it does (and if not now, then it will at some point in the future). My question is, if a site has a Penguin penalty, can it pass 'Penguin Juice' (yeah, sounds a little gross) to another site via a dofollow link?


10/05/2013 02:20 am

600+ sites disavowed from 1800.. it did nothing.. Im going to disavow all but the best ones even google can't say aren't natural..

Jonathan Morales

10/05/2013 03:02 am

Turns out their most recent update has messed up the SERPs. A quick search for "NJ Signs" brings up 2-4 mains sites with 4-5 links off one site for internal town page links....that's bad.


10/05/2013 03:06 am

Being connected to sites that are hurt my penalties can hurt your site yes. You won't find much more an in depth answer to that, though.


10/05/2013 03:07 am

Obviously to be taken with a grain of salt because I know of many huge sites that had links from all the same sites as me and of course they are fine. It must work on a percentage scale.

Shivam Mahajan

10/05/2013 03:10 am

Ohh It's A Big One.!


10/05/2013 03:26 am

There is a huge Drop in traffic 60%+ traffic Dropped. Keywords ranking was 2nd, 4th,3rd - Now ---> 65,51,78,283 :) :D == What to do ? No Bad Links showing in webmaster tools - I am in worry -- Please help....

Rise of the Sapes

10/05/2013 03:52 am

This one is for all the sape links.

the sniga

10/05/2013 05:08 am

Same Here...I was in Top for many of competitive key terms and now my keywords are not in 100...It's a big update...

Rankup Seo

10/05/2013 05:22 am

now, we should target Bing -- forget Google -- Bing can give us good business --


10/05/2013 05:23 am

Huge drop all the keywords which used to be in page 1 are now in 4 & 5


10/05/2013 05:30 am

I think, we can just wait... I think.. will recover in few days..

Stuart David

10/05/2013 05:31 am

Did you buy any incoming links? Or all natural?


10/05/2013 05:36 am

there is a Huge drop in traffic.... I was in Top 10 for many keywords and now may keywords are not in 50 ....I am not sure how to do work on latest google update pls sagest me ...


10/05/2013 05:37 am

Never purchased any links. not even seeing any manual penalty in webmaster tool.

Stuart David

10/05/2013 05:37 am

Wouldn't that be something we have actually started actively blocking Bing due to low referrals (


10/05/2013 05:39 am

Same here, No Bad Links Purchase, Only Manual and Natural - No BAD links are showing in webmaster tools... We Request Seroundtable to help us !!!

Stuart David

10/05/2013 05:42 am

Really, ooof, that's no good! Have you checked and see what they says about your back-links? Any recent new unknown of etc? Negative SEO? That's pretty awful if you haven't got anything negative and have been hit today.


10/05/2013 05:42 am

Always good to take a refresher no?


10/05/2013 05:53 am

Same here, I was in first page of google for many of keywords (targeting to home page) but now my keywords on 4-5 page and targeting to different urls.

the sniga

10/05/2013 05:59 am

Yeah. That's what I am going to do now. This update it pretty much big one cause this thing is happened first time in my 4 year career even working on 200+ sites...:(

Sundar Rawat

10/05/2013 06:10 am

Few months ago, Mattcuts announced that they will not be announcing any algo update like penguin, panda etc.. and also said that they are in process to get integrated these other algo with Main Algorithm which came out last month ' Hummingbird.' Does this announcement say, that Penguin was not integrated? or Penguin new version came out which will be integrated later with Hummingbird?

Stuart David

10/05/2013 06:26 am

I think they we're referring to updating people of every refresh (the 10 day roll out inside every 30 days), thankfully they are still announcing large updates such as Hummingbird and Penguin, its preemptive as they know there will be tons of feedback, just looking at the product forums now, you can see a ton of people confused and not knowing about these version upgrades.

Sundar Rawat

10/05/2013 06:29 am

Yeah, its good in other way.

Sundar Rawat

10/05/2013 06:36 am

Really sad.. Check your backlinks with or MajesticSEO. Examine the backlinks and verfity those. It may be your competitor would be spamming for your website. This way, you can get better idea why have you penalized?


10/05/2013 06:52 am

Heavy drop in keyword ranking which used to be in page first are now in 4 or 5. Url is

Jitendra Vaswani

10/05/2013 07:05 am

use disavow if you see any spamlinks in webmaster

Jitendra Vaswani

10/05/2013 07:07 am

Mores sites will be torment by this update just stay awake

Jitendra Vaswani

10/05/2013 07:07 am

Check ur backlink profile once again you will find many suspicious backlinks

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 07:12 am

Before some day, there was an algo update and now again a new update. What the hack is going on?

Stuart David

10/05/2013 07:21 am

Your the expert, you tell us ;)


10/05/2013 07:33 am

We saw some ranking fall but one thing we don't understand why the Corresponding SERP URLs have changed ?? Even none of our targeted urls are showing for the results where as its some other URLs. So what it can be ??

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 07:36 am

Hi Stuart... Thanks realize me;)


10/05/2013 08:02 am

I think It effects Some Websites Which have low quality Links


10/05/2013 08:07 am

At last someone brave enough to post their URL. Your backlink profile consists of free directories and article sites. This means Penguin kills your site's ranking.


10/05/2013 08:14 am

yup!! same with my website...Do suggest people


10/05/2013 08:16 am

Okay, you mean to say that free directory & article links are not good for our websites... Is It?

Jitendra Vaswani

10/05/2013 09:21 am

All we can do is wait & hope for positive outcome

Jitendra Vaswani

10/05/2013 09:21 am

Yeah Alberto

Australian Visa

10/05/2013 09:27 am

Heavy Drop in my site, after penguin update my home page non index from search engine, How?


10/05/2013 09:29 am

our danish sites gone down this morning

Albert Winchester

10/05/2013 09:33 am

Rahul, you should have answer because you are SEO Expert. Please suggest us what should we need to do now?


10/05/2013 09:34 am

This time google against to paid links so Please let me know how google find the paid links.?


10/05/2013 09:36 am

Yes same problem with i checked webmaster it showing no manual webspam found. it will become too tough to everyone.

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 09:42 am

Hi Albert, i can only suggest when i have your site URL. Because without seeing your site and site history , i cant suggest anything, But one thing i can suggest that is you have to just more focus on socia;l media which is natural link building medium. Let me know your thought. Thanks

Austin Larson

10/05/2013 09:44 am

Luckily I can't find any of our campaigns impacted by this penguin. Rank Ranger shows a major update in Oct 4, waiting for other tools to report.

Albert Winchester

10/05/2013 09:53 am

Rahul, Can you show me some Example of social media Links?, your mean which type of social Media Links?

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 09:55 am

Albert, you have to go deep in Social media conversation. Like if you like some page which belong to your industry, you have to do comments there. Do some likes on same industry. Then do some follow and invitation. These stuff you have to do. Let me know if you have some more query. You can mail me on


10/05/2013 09:58 am

If you follow the recommendations step-by-step in this big jpeg, you will be penalized for over-optimization for sure...

Albert Winchester

10/05/2013 10:02 am

OK Thanks Rahul, Are you Providing SEO Services? I have 50+ Websites for SEO.


10/05/2013 10:13 am

Same here its eating my brain


10/05/2013 10:20 am

my suggestion is not to build any link for a while and see how surprisingly you will get better results

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 10:23 am

Yes Albert.. I am providing SEO services which includes all onpage, off page,link buliding, PPC, email marketing,content marketing and SMO. You can contact me on skype: rahultrivedi1311988 or can mail me on my mail id. Let me know your ideas please.


10/05/2013 10:23 am

Dave... I agree but I can't understand what to name this fall ? Is penguin, is it Dance or is it the Bird ??

10/05/2013 10:23 am

Actually that's good. It seems from past experience the big algo updates run in stages. It's like the first stage is, wipe out all new poor links found, all sites drop accordingly in a big way, then they add back in positive ranking factors like domain history CTR, and then the SERPs re adjust back over a few weeks. There are always messed up SERPs right after big announcements. These things take a while to fully flex their muscles. I would wait at least 2 weeks before making any big decisions. Relax, get a beer and forget about it. They do this is shock the hell out of people in to being 'good' little SEO boys. You will take a hit but it won;t be as bad as it looks now I'm sure.


10/05/2013 10:24 am

probably went to the beach to discuss the weather with penguins

10/05/2013 10:25 am

'Tho shalt not use disavow' Repeat again. It does nothing, it's just there to give Google your dodgy links sources.

Vibhu Gauba

10/05/2013 10:26 am

Albert, I would suggest to wait for a few days and this seems very temporary thing. We have more than 1000 clients we are doing SEO for and we seen few fluctuations for few of them which have anchor text ratio more than 20-30%. Same Penguin Rule


10/05/2013 10:29 am

seriously does it matter? you wouldn't be able identify which algo did that especially now, it is all mixed up and the bird is making it even more complicated since it is changing the SERPs very slowly. all you need to do is to adjust to this new era and play by the new rules, keep it slow and safe IMHO


10/05/2013 10:32 am

Google don't want their programmers to emigrate Australia so they decided to remove your website :)

Amit Kumar

10/05/2013 10:33 am

Now make yourself habitual for these kind of things because google always cry about spam but the main reason is that they want make money for this they can do anything they never worried about quality. They always release this kind of update at the time of google financial Qtr. results on head by doing this they increase their adwords revenue and their share price as well....

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 10:33 am

Vibhu, if you know Google and its update, not a single update came for temporary.


10/05/2013 10:45 am

parampreetchanana you are saying right we will recover it easily.


10/05/2013 10:57 am

yeah...actually unless u know the reason of this fall its not easy to go in an wise direction. But still we will move slow and safe.. but worried why the target URL's changed ?? because when the a non targeted URL ranks then i guess definitely the rank will go down.... Worried.... as the algos mixed here

Vibhu Gauba

10/05/2013 10:59 am

Rahul, we have been following these updates each day now... With more than thousand websites to sample we saw a similar trend around 12th Sept as well. The results came back for all our clients. 1) You should see the fact that why google is not showing correct pages.. Many of the websites suffering from a hit are not showing for their index pages. 2) We see huge variations in keywords on different data centers presently 3) I see some keywords coming back and going every hour. So something is still not done. 4) Check any keyword like new jersey home builders or more, the results on page 1 are actually not good or showing garbage values 5) Do you know why google always updates around a week end ? They get time to turn around things if something goes wrong. I am not here contesting with you Rahul, just sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow members. We have been in this SEO industry for last 10+ years now. Have seen all the updates and suffered as well.

Amit Kumar

10/05/2013 11:04 am

1 Site is affected by this but dnt know why?

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 11:04 am

I got your point Vibhu, but we have some examples were penalized domain struggling lot Thats why i telling you that the penalty will be remain for long time. By the way, i added you in my skype. So can you accept the request? So we can talk more.


10/05/2013 11:13 am

They are unnatural links that damage your site, particularly if you have no other types of link. I think you need to do some research ...


10/05/2013 11:15 am

Penguin is not just against paid links, it is any unnatural link. Anyway, Google can easily find paid links as they tend to stand out (links to unrelated sites, do follow links, keyword anchor text, other sites carrying the same types of links ...) It can't find all paid links but it's not worth the risk ...

Vibhu Gauba

10/05/2013 11:17 am

Have not got your request

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 11:17 am

send me request on rahultrivedi1311988


10/05/2013 11:21 am

Thank You James for great information. one thing i learn that content is king and i saw in this update. if i will update content everyday on my website then it will be problem for me or it is good for my website.


10/05/2013 11:31 am

Hi Albert, I will help you out in SEO services my all website safe in this update with social media and guest outreach. I am also doing link building if people say link building going to die then its false news. I am getting ranking with safe way via link building. Contact me for SEO services.

Wintro Tech

10/05/2013 11:57 am

this penguin version has low many keywords of many sites.

Amit Kumar

10/05/2013 12:24 pm

same thing happened with 1 of my client.

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 12:34 pm

IM NOT CRAZY.... _THEY HAVE DELETED THE YESTERDAY´S OCTUBER 4. ANALYTICS DATA OF SOME OF THE SIITES I'M MONITORING... . Yesterday night, I expend some hours checking the data of each site stats on google analytics on custom tools... now i can see normal stats today for those sites, but 0 visits and data for yesterday and is impossible, yesterday the data were there....

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 12:38 pm

Now the data is back again...even more extrange... when checking your stars flip betwen dates and update several times if you see something like this... I GOT PICS... Real DATA: DELETED DATA:

smyth jorden

10/05/2013 01:46 pm

Guys, now i am too tensed because i can't understand why my keyword ranking are going down. My top keyword were listed top ten result in SERP eg.. Can some one please help to identify what has happened. In detail -!category-topic/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking/EZaUUqxupVY


10/05/2013 03:07 pm

thanks, google! One more huge step into killing of your search engine. Deep abyss is closing... ;-)


10/05/2013 03:10 pm

i think it low quality links & brains in the google database caused this change.


10/05/2013 03:13 pm

google out of cash :)

Mandip Billing

10/05/2013 03:21 pm

bad news

Mandip Billing

10/05/2013 03:25 pm

what happen this ??????targeted url not showing there ? Even none of our targeted urls are showing for the results .please tell me my site is

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/05/2013 03:59 pm

Ha ha..


10/05/2013 04:07 pm

it just a google, unnatural search engine.

rakesh kurakula

10/05/2013 04:08 pm

will my website get good listing after this update?

Chitraparna Sinha

10/05/2013 04:24 pm

Bad news :(

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 04:52 pm

Got hit this time? Just wait it out. Don't panic. Don't go to get backlinks like mad or worst, disavow a buch of them. Don't go changing all the tags titles or whatever on your site. Just leave it and do what you normally do. Pretend the update isn't even happening. Because Google is now recording all you do on your site, and what you do, change, disavow, etc may affect you more than help you if you don´t know what you are doing... A lot of sites were affected on different dates, on each date all affected sites as far as i saw had simmilar characteristics nothing bad, nothing good, just simmilar. If you are affected today chances are that you are on the this day winner group as no one affected earlier on other well know dates like sept 4 for example has been affected again (as far as i know and based on my data), I have even replicated sites affected on sept 4 that are ranking well and were not affected today neither, perhaps those sites don´t have the signals they are looking for now... perhaps as are new sites are enjoying its honey moon with google nobody knows and will know for sure... Did you know that Google has several indexing tiers? Sites and links can have more or less value depending in which indexing tier they're in... ? Have you seen really crappy results on the serps lately were good results used to be, included your site? per haps you used to compete with other sites by mimic or trying to have 2 more links, one more lines of text, the same keywords... same structure? both sites are gone? maybe both sites are now on the same tier and crappy sites with scraped content from your own sites outrank you becouse they are still on the normal tier and were not affected by the rank modifying penalty or algorithm on september 4 as they were looking of other thing and those scraped sites now has gone today as i saw a lot of cryes on BH forums... lets just wait at least 2-3 weeks to know more... if you lost your business you can always buy some traffic from ADWORDS :(( you know is allways a win win situation for them....


10/05/2013 05:07 pm

Are you getting your ranking back ....?

Seo Hop

10/05/2013 05:25 pm

Yes barry this update is coming out very strong I do agree with @AlbertoMR3:disqus it is best to wait a few days to see exactly what is going as was reported in


10/05/2013 05:44 pm

I see mostly South Asians reporting ranking decreases due to this update. Here in New York I don't see any changes for us or our competitors. Even the spammy competitors are fine. Is it possible that Google focused on foreign links with this update?


10/05/2013 05:51 pm

One of my sites(page rank 5) affected by penguin 2.1, don't know wht's the reason...i dont have spammy backlinks to that site...can any one suggest any recovery option..before the ranking was 1 now its down to page 2. any steps to recover Penguin 2.1

Alberto M. Rubio

10/05/2013 06:35 pm

And just to add a few more to your post ... this is from one former Googler... Why is it hard to test, reverse engineer, track algo changes, or even correlations in Google algorithms? Well, just from the top of my head I could come out with a few examples you'd have to think before deploying your experiment: - Type of query used: Navigational, Transactional, Informational, Local, or did you try to use a neutral query? Was it really neutral? - Changes pushed by the Search Quality team: think about not only permanent changes, but experiments that last one day or one week and then go away; - Trends in search on that day on a hourly basis (at least): Rising search terms on that day, is something happening? - Your Geolocation: Your location affects not only the datacenter you hit, there are also language specific signals; - The datacenter you hit: sometimes the same algos work in different ways according to the datacenter you are hitting; - Personalization: Are you exposed to personalization in search? - Social Signals: Are you exposed to social influence in search? - Search bias: Because you are an SEO, sometimes it's hard to think or even mimic the behaviour of a "normal person", how biased are your ideas? There is much more stuff to add here of course, but I bet most of the tests, algo behaviour tracking and correlation studies outside don't consider most of the points above.

Vibhu Gauba

10/05/2013 06:56 pm

Guys, it seems like websites with more links and links in pattern are being targeted. Just checked over 200 websites so far and most of the websites with more links are going down.


10/05/2013 07:09 pm

total crap..


10/05/2013 07:11 pm

What can you do if people are linking to u and its a really bad link?


10/05/2013 07:51 pm

#1 site on p.1,, designated as an authority site by the big G itself (you know those cute little additional links Google displays below your site in the serps if you've been a good little boy), now on p. 20;, #5 on p.1, now on p. 8;, formerly #8 on page 1, now #132;, #2 on p.1, now on page something. Same with a few other page-one sites. No, I didn't procure spam links, links from bad neighborhoods, nor did I employ baroquely tiered or hierarchical link structures. Link velocity? Conscious of it. Anchor text? Very sane and judicious assignations, deployment and distribution. Content? Original, every word. I know 'cause I wrote it. But I'm not a techie or an seo maven of any kind, so maybe I shouldn't trust my own judgment? Bit of a dilemma. At any rate my revenue has fallen from between 2 and 3k a month to ... well, I expect tomorrow it will be zero. But I'm smiling, because it's a beautiful day, I'm semi-healthy, and I've decided to finally seriously look into ways of earning revenue online that aren't so heavily dependent on G's free traffic -- no, I'm not going to pay them for traffic either. I should have acted on this instinct/intuition of mine a long time ago, but I turned the button on the intuition meter to mute: it's called complacency. This algorithm business appears to be so capricious as to be inane. My objective was not to have a bunch of first-page sites -- Google conferred that status on them; it was a nice surprise. So I'm forced to admit that they have the right to withdraw that status. Don't know what I'll do now, at this point, or how I'll be paying my bills next month, including the mortgage (they recommend a 3-to-6-month financial pillow to fall back on, did I listen? Noooooooooo). But hey, money comes, money goes. And I'm not trying to be glib. For those hard hit, hang in there. For those who haven't been: please don't settle into complacency and convince yourself that you've done everything right and that your sites are unimpeachable. Big G wakes up on the wrong side of the algorithm bed in the morning and you're in that bed, it's nasty; big G rolls over for a big yawn in the morning, flattens you like a pancake. Moral: doesn't hurt to think about who you jump in bed with. Do yourself a favor and don't put all eggs in one basket. (I like to employ lightning-fast cliches, beds, eggs, etc., because this idle mind is the devil's workshop.) What's next? I don't know. Might as well ride the wave.

Ashish Ahuja

10/05/2013 07:52 pm

anchor text optimisation

Ashish Ahuja

10/05/2013 07:58 pm

wait a sec. slow link velocity? website has huge spikes in links and unnatural link profile written all over it. see image below.

Ashish Ahuja

10/05/2013 08:00 pm

@Barry I think they specially release updates on late Friday just so Barry can't report on it over weekend :-)

Ashish Ahuja

10/05/2013 08:04 pm

All my and client websites shows positive increase in rankings. I still see youtube spam getting ranked google should have taken care of it by now

Randy Milanovic

10/05/2013 08:05 pm

Love those anti spam features!

Ashish Ahuja

10/05/2013 08:14 pm

I also need to add seo expert in my username


10/05/2013 08:22 pm

I have just checked your site and you suffer from near duplicate content for sure. The site: command reveals 582 pages. I just opened a couple of them and they are very similar. Use 'canonical' or mark them with 'noindex,follow'.

Jérôme Verstrynge

10/05/2013 08:50 pm

You've got tons of issues, not only a backlink profile issue. I posted an answer on your google forum post.


10/05/2013 08:57 pm

For the traffic I built myself, yes; 99% of the backlinks I received once the site was on page one were unsolicited, and those I had no control over regarding velocity.

Jérôme Verstrynge

10/05/2013 09:03 pm

Your number of backlink versus estimated traffic seems too low (more links than views per days apparently?). Some of your links come from Someone paid for these links and these are not marked as nofollow... Google knows it. You need to disavow them and clean the mess...


10/05/2013 09:12 pm

Sorry, I am in the same boat with one site that I live on. Site has been in the top 3 for all my search terms for 10+ years. Income was steady at around $300 a day and today $0. Never had a Zero day in my history and I dont know how I am going to pay my bills if something does not change. I have no idea what to do except wait and see if my listings come back. Still #1 on Yahoo & Bing for my terms but no one uses it. Traffic went from 1000 hits a day and today I will have under 100. Its just crazy.

Jérôme Verstrynge

10/05/2013 09:19 pm

Did you really get your 3000 backlinks (says majesticseo) naturally when won't even return some data because your site does not have enough traffic?


10/05/2013 09:53 pm

Sorry, but your story is a bit ... suspicious. $300 per day with "1000 hits a day" ... ???? There is no chance for this with CPM monetizing. Lets assume you used CPA. Average click rate is 2%. Suppose you have 5%, then it would come to 50 clicks per day. It means you got $6 per click each and every day. It means advertisers paid around $12 per click if it was AdSense, but even if it wasn't, then even $6 per click day by day is impossible. Furthermore, Bing search engine has 30% market share and statements like "Still #1 on Yahoo & Bing for my terms but no one uses it." can't be true as well. I don't want to jump into quick conclusions, but without the additional comments your story seems to be false.


10/05/2013 10:03 pm

If you have no control over your property (web property in this case), then you're in wrong business (web business in this case) Be more professional in your next business attempt.

Barry Schwartz

10/05/2013 11:49 pm


Barry Schwartz

10/05/2013 11:58 pm

I am deleting your comments. Do not use this as a place to sell your services.


10/06/2013 01:28 am

When you receive backlinks you didn't pay for, because other sites are linking to you, it's pretty clear to me that you have no control over the process. I didn't disavow the links because quality wasn't the issue. I ran promotions that resulted in tons of traffic at times. However, the quality of the links were perfectly fine, so disavowing wouldn't have been appropriate. But thanks for that brilliant bit of edification, mate.


10/06/2013 01:43 am

My company website just fell from page 1 to 10 or worse but does not show up as being deindexed which is good I guess.. It is still a huge hit to my website. My sales are slow but I still do have a little bit as my backlinks I do have rank well for things I've written and made videos for. I do not have a message from google saying I have been penalized but I am guessing it would be over anchor text but I'm not sure as I don't have that many links overall. If anyone could take a look please help. :(


10/06/2013 01:50 am too- I have lost pretty much all my important rankings for like 20 keywords- was on page or 1 or 2, in many cases #3 or #4 for several of them, and I've seemed to disappeared completely now. This really sucks. I make my living from my site. Or at least I did.


10/06/2013 01:58 am

My rankings were not effected until 10/5 and not 10/4. When did everyone else have their loss in rankings?


10/06/2013 02:08 am

The control is indirect. If you have health website, then spam links can't hurt you. If spam links hurt you, then your website was not healthy. It's like in mother nature. Predators kill sick. Even TLD you selected are sick. Not to mention everything else.


10/06/2013 02:19 am

Your website doesn't add any value. How do I know? Eliminate it and no one will care except you. Even, if you provide first hand information, then it can't be reliable, because the goal of your website is to sell. You must buy ad spaces. - here is your solution.


10/06/2013 02:19 am

I sell high end products with $70-120 margin on an item. I only need 3 sales to make around $300 profit. I was making on average $9000 a month. Its a niche market and my site name was my main keyword and I was always in the top 3 spots for 10+ years. Now if you search the keywords that make up my site I dont even appear. Only way to find my site is to not put spaces in the name it it shows right up. No reason to lie about this as its my sole income and today I have zero sales and 84 hits according to Google analytics. Traffic is down 90% with less than 10 hits from Google.


10/06/2013 02:22 am

Thank you for clarification. Then your business model talks for itself. Obviously your website doesn't add any value. Even, if you provide first hand information, then it can't be reliable, because the goal of your website is to sell. You must buy ad spaces. - here is your solution.


10/06/2013 04:04 am

You don't know what you're talking about!


10/06/2013 04:30 am

It doesn't mean, that I don't know, if it's not what would you like to hear.


10/06/2013 05:57 am

1% My @$$. Out of all of my high quality sites (32 pieces) with very high on page, 98% of them fell, and only 2% remained. Those 2% are not different from the other 98% at ALL.

Vibhu Gauba

10/06/2013 06:11 am

Out of 900 websites we are monitoring right now, i have seen fall in just 32 presently. Thats less than 5% of our clients. That really gives me the figure of 3% given by SEO HOP


10/06/2013 06:16 am

Thanks for sharing this update with us . I Hope that my blogs traffic remains stable .

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

10/06/2013 06:53 am

i told them because they ask me.. Sory to break the rules :(

osman musa

10/06/2013 10:05 am

I see earnings drop right after government shutdown but I still have same amount of traffic.

Abir Mahmud

10/06/2013 10:20 am

Can anyone please tell me what does Google penguin 2.1 want actually. My client's sites has been on the 1st page after Google penguin 2.0. But I can see that today, some sites are affected too much and some are not.

Vibhu Gauba

10/06/2013 12:10 pm

I am seeing lots of our clients recover back slowly today.. One of my clients dropped -64 Yesterday and now he is back to -34. Recovered partially so far

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:08 pm

Please post one of your website that fell


10/06/2013 01:08 pm

what is your website?

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:12 pm

While you seem to have a nice website, you got tons of paid links girl. Here's one example (among LOTS of others): Keyword: hcg injections 297 backlinks from 46 domains:

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:14 pm

Your website is thin with no value. It's basically just a landing page. Your link profile is quite clean though.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:16 pm

You spammed the hell out of your sites, no wonder you got hit.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:17 pm

It's not about the number of links. It's about unnatural links. I've got plenty of competitors with tons of natural links and they're doing just fine.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:18 pm

Without seeing your website, it's hard to tell.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:20 pm

yes, you will be rich and famous, be prepared


10/06/2013 01:21 pm

I can predict the answer : "I didn't do anything bad. I have no clue why they linked to me."

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:23 pm

You spammed the hell out of your website. Time to take the links down or start a new website.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:24 pm

This happens everyday. Around 8AM - 9AM EST, my GA stats for the previous day disappear and then reappear an hour later.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:26 pm

You also bought links. Here's an example: keyword: australia immigration 465+ seooptimizationdirectory.com464+ weddo.info613+ viesearch.com441+ aquarius-dir.com451+ drjwg-mn.info441+ ebay-dir.com471+ ecodir.net501+ exampledir.com571+ look-at-that.com431+

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:30 pm

Penguin 2.1 wants you to stop buying links and to not abuse onsite links either.


10/06/2013 01:34 pm

I can't understand why my major keyword ranking drastically dropped to PR 33/34 from PR 1-4 result in SERP eg.. Can some one please help to identify what has happened.


10/06/2013 01:35 pm

We had many updates lately whether it has been Ghost 2.0, Humminbird and now Penguin's offspring 2.1 What I have noticed is that for some reason in GWT&GA it shows I am ranking well for a highly competitive KW which I never imagined achieving however when searching it on various variants of Google, my site is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile have seen a substantial decrease in KW rankings on a whole. Could it be a glitch? It's a pain when you are gearing up for the X-mas holiday and you get all these fluctuations in rankings and Algo changes. Google is definitely pushing us towards Ad words and all e-commerce businesses to spend more money on Ad words just to stay afloat.


10/06/2013 01:46 pm

We have expert reviews on the items we sell all written by us. We have over 2000+ links to our sites from members of various car forums that have interest in our items and reviews. Due to MAP prices from the manufactures we deal with we dont discount our items which is why we had so much traffic but not many sales. People would come to us for research and many times buy elsewhere for cheaper prices. There is no reason we should have been targeted by this update. Results that now appear for our keywords are junk spam sites like youtube videos with links to Amazon, etc.

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 01:46 pm

Why are you posting anonymously?


10/06/2013 02:12 pm

Pure e-comm can get traffic following two ways only : promotion or tricks. There is no third way for PURE e-comm. One can use tricks and have temporary business model, being under the pressure of possible penalties/downgrades. Or one can follow business model based on promotion. Same model as ALL big retailers have. Your choice. No one, including Google, has no an obligation to create traffic around your web-store.


10/06/2013 02:16 pm

At moment have nothing to promote among Disqus users. But coming soon ) Stay tuned )


10/06/2013 02:28 pm

I will not argue with you, because it seems you know what are you talking about, but I even didn't see the website in question. However here "We have expert reviews on the items we sell" I already feel contradiction.


10/06/2013 02:38 pm

I agree with you that a e-comm business model should be primarily based on promotion. But here is the thing though; you apply white hat SEO methods and also create/pay for Ad words campaign to get the word out and entice potential buyers attention to your site. However everytime a Algo update takes place whether you have been implementing White hat or not, your SEO efforts are affected one way or another. Don't forget there are countless e-comm businesses out here that successfully rely entirely on organic traffic to get visitors&sales and have never touched PPC. Its one of those choices you take, ''Should I invest my money on good SEO and get long term results'' or ''Spend all my money on PPC for a quick fix with no guarantee on ROI''


10/06/2013 02:58 pm

This is the myth created by sellers of SEO services. They are same sellers as you are, but their promotion works much better. Era of e-comm based on SEO finished far ago. It was short period of internet establishing as the new business area. Those "countless e-comm businesses out here that successfully rely entirely on organic traffic" are temporary models. It's just the matter of time, when they will write something like you do right now. You, e-comm business owners, can't be serious, thinking, that you created the new way to sell. Modern sell practice was born in XIX century, when the first malls were established, first in Paris and later in London and NYC. The root of this practice is heavy promotion in all possible ways. Promotion is your core. There is just no other way.


10/06/2013 03:09 pm

don't use the trick to drop a link man!

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 03:24 pm

Sometimes it's because your website shows up in some countries and not in others. Try this tool to see where your website shows up:

Arpan Phull

10/06/2013 04:14 pm

Penguin 2.1 mainly targets links more here ..


10/06/2013 04:15 pm

One keyword of that site was in first position without any backlinks to that text(only added in meta) it's down to 13th position. The main keyword has 13% anchor clouds( down in ranking. domain is EMD. wat's the problem?


10/06/2013 04:33 pm

Penguin-Geddon: Could This Google Search Engine Update Trigger An Economic Recession?

Stephane Brault

10/06/2013 04:41 pm

No. Is that the only article on your blog?

Ashish Ahuja

10/06/2013 05:05 pm

the first issue is EMD its really easy to get any EMD site penalised for onsite over optimisation as well as anchor text optimisation. Its not only %age that matters but link velocity, volume and quality also matters.

Ashish Ahuja

10/06/2013 05:07 pm

lol its not even my own website link its a link which the comment starter mentioned in his original comment

Ashish Ahuja

10/06/2013 05:18 pm

If the website is useful to visitors and does not rely on google solely for traffic then its really difficult to negative seo the site. There are also various other factors for getting the penalty like all links are linking to home page (unnatural)


10/06/2013 05:31 pm

Trigger recession ? Did the previous recession finish already ? Is shutdown the sign of the finished recession ? If your answer is Yes, then no doubt Google could start another recession. In fact it was created by Hugo Chavez to trigger recessions. Taliban was responsible for the promotion. Eric Schmidt was trained in Somali to be the head of the recessions trigger. How do you know ? It's the Top Secret. Even Obama doesn't know where recessions are coming from. You must be genius.

Marie Haynes

10/06/2013 05:48 pm

Penguin is an algorithmic issue, not a manual penalty. You won't get a warning in your webmaster tools.


10/06/2013 05:52 pm

so are u the agent to drop that link here?


10/06/2013 06:14 pm

Cheers Stephane


10/06/2013 06:45 pm

I seriously doubt it can trigger an economic recession but it can just as well be a contributing factor (to a certain degree) to the health of the economy. Your article does touch base on some issues that are correct i.e. Pushing you to use Ad words etc. The way I see it is that the end result will be that Google shares price will go up (due to increase in revenues from Ad words + other G services) this will put a smile on the people down at wall street but at the same time choking small/mid sized businesses trying to make a living amongst other services found on the web. This will result abandoning Google and seeking to other SE's and methods to get by. Let's not forget that Yahoo was king in the 90's (Also Lycos was really popular) until the early 00's, then Google showed up and took over as number 1. I am absolutely against having the government regulating the web in any way i.e whether it is Google or anything else. The internet is one the greatest tool invented in our times and the only true mean of uncensored communication on the planet (To a certain degree). Open the gates for government to regulate one aspect of the web and next thing you know, the whole wide web will be regulated. At the end of the day History repeats itself.

Ashish Ahuja

10/06/2013 06:53 pm

ha ha thats funny I am nobody's agent you can see my comment history. The original commenter has included the links in his original comment and I have just given an insight on why one of his website is not ranking and disqus automatically converts any url to link. Just read the full thread you would understand

Craig Hamilton-Parker

10/06/2013 07:53 pm

Google censors the Internet better than communist China. Problem is many people have no idea about using other search engines. They think Google IS the Internet. A lot of people have lost a lot of work since my business was hit so yes Google is a contributing factor to continued recession if my case is anything to go by. Bring back Infoseek, Magellan, Galaxy, Crawltheweb, HotBot, Altavista and all the others!

Yo Mamma

10/06/2013 08:19 pm

Hey Barry! Why is this update different from all other updates? With all other updates we get pushed down further in rankings and hate Google, and with this update we only hate Google?

Alberto M. Rubio

10/06/2013 09:36 pm

noted thanks...

Yo Mamma

10/06/2013 09:45 pm

Be nice or look where that pretty nurse is looking


10/06/2013 09:47 pm

I couldn't agree with you more!, that they should bring back all these search engines back. As we all know the problem is that google has the monopoly right now and there is no other SE to be in direct competition with them (to keep them on their toes). At the end of the day Google is neglecting one important rule of economics ''Demand & Supply'' once demand is gone (due to their unfair current strategy) they are left with nothing since we will turn our backs to them. As you said nicely ''They think google is the internet'' and unfortunately many people think it will be the only internet AUTHORITY SE for many years to come. That is a false assumption, we thought the same thing about Yahoo in the 90's, its a company like so many others out there and they come and go 1st,2nd,3rd place and so on so forth. What we need is a shift in balance so there are many SE to be up to par with our current demands creating healthy competition. Or if Google wants to really dominate the web as a SE authority for many years to come, change their rules and make it fair for ideas and businesses to flourish.

Yo Mamma

10/06/2013 09:47 pm

You should write a book on the Google downfall

Yo Mamma

10/06/2013 09:48 pm

'Fair' is a word not found in Google's corporate verbiage, but the word EVIL is. There's a good reason for everything

Yo Mamma

10/06/2013 09:50 pm

Pompous rear opinionated rump

10/06/2013 10:04 pm



10/06/2013 10:26 pm

"that they should bring back all these search engines back" I'm curious, who are these "THEY" and where have they get "these search engines" to bring them back ? Did you see somewhere warehouse with big sign on it, saying "XXth century search engines. Come get one." ?

Craig Hamilton-Parker

10/06/2013 10:57 pm

We can dream...


10/06/2013 11:33 pm

Sure you can. But then you can't make statements like "A lot of people have lost a lot of work since my business was hit" if you live in dreams. Dreams are bad advisors.


10/07/2013 12:04 am

After thinking deep into this I thing and reading several articles I tend to agree that this last update was financially motivated. When I started my business 11 years ago I had to use adwords to get business to my sites and I was spending over $80k a year in advertising. As my site grew in popularity over the years I ended up getting the same links that I was paying for showing up in organic results. The more my site grew I starting weaning off of adwords to where last year I completely cut it off and my site was running completely organic with no advertising. After this update all my listings which were in organic are gone, they cant be found. Checked google webmaster tools and there are no notices but I do notice some strange backlinks... 334 links directing to one of my popular comparison guides yet when I look at any of these pages there are zero links to my site 253 links directly to two of my pages yet when I click on any link in webmaster tools I get a Server Not Found error 177 links directing to several of my pages but when I click on any link in webmaster tools I get a time out error 122 links to my homepage which google seems to have delisted but when I click on any link my virus software stop and tells me Malicious website blocked and many more sites which I have no idea where they came from. Over 1500 backlinks from sites I have never used or even heard of. Is this some way for Google to remove our site so we start to pay for advertising again, is this some doing of a competitor, I dont know who these sites are and why they have so many links to my site.


10/07/2013 12:37 am

Tom, common ))) You can't ask such question being so long in this business. Just to mention : "Over 1500 backlinks from sites I have never used or even heard of." Do you really think, that only sites, that you used can link to you ? Never heard of various auto systems, walking all around the net to collect every possible thing the can, including scrapping content for auto-generated pages ? These are basics. How can you survive during all these years without the basic knowledge ? These links can't hurt you, if you have health website and never did link building by yourself.

rakesh kurakula

10/07/2013 01:21 am

why do you think so my friend??


10/07/2013 01:34 am

My site has on webmaster tools 7,431 backlinks but those 1500 or so from sites that are unknown are the only ones that stand out as strange to me. The rest are from real sources Facebook,,, Forums that specialize is products we sell, etc. and then some odds and end blogs with 1 or so links from people who posted their experiences with stuff purchased from us. I am trying to find anything out of the ordinary that would have targeted us for this penalty or whatever you call it and cant find anything else out of the ordinary.


10/07/2013 01:58 am

Hi Tom, if you find out an answer to your question please let me know. I'm in the same boat. Thousands of inbound links stated in WMT coming from the same sources you mentioned, porn sites, chinese weird sites, and more .br domains that when you click on the URLs Google shows the link is coming from, it redirects me to 404 pages or other sites that nothing has to do with the inbound links stated. Maybe we are being victims of negative SEO or WMT data is inaccurate or Google algo has become dumb and inefficient with so many updates working in it.


10/07/2013 02:10 am

Did you ever build links ?


10/07/2013 04:06 am

i have lost my all keywords .what happen this ????? and how to recover please tell????????my site is

Mandip Billing

10/07/2013 04:06 am

hate you google

NetDost Social Network

10/07/2013 04:58 am

the whole seo game is becoming annoying

Stuart David

10/07/2013 05:12 am

Looking at your backlinks, you appear to have made huge jumps with dofollows from tons of individual domains in just the past 30 days,almost a 25% jump. Doesn't seem too natural? Paid links? If I was you I would investigate an unnatural looking backlink profile

Future Mobile

10/07/2013 05:35 am

Hello any one help me how can i recover my website on 4th our keyword drop and we have now 10% of visitor. requested you to kindly suggest me dear EXPERT. Please


10/07/2013 05:43 am

I'm also loose some keywords for penguin 2.1 updates.My keywords were 1st and 2nd pages.But after updates it went to 4 to 6th page.How to bring it once again.. Please help me friends ?


10/07/2013 05:55 am

This penguin 2.1 is not related to backlinks. this effects the sites who not following the major guidelines, example: redirect 404, 301 and more. 1. don't use javascript with (showhide function) 2. Having multiple domain names targeted at specific regions or cities that funnel users to one page 3. Multiple pages on your site with similar content designed to rank for specific queries like city or state names

Stuart David

10/07/2013 06:08 am

Same deal with you, your domain referrers gone up by 40% and your backlinks jumped by about 20% in September alone. Services such as articlebase, easyarticles, factsnfake and a load of .info comment type sites just to mention a few - all looks pretty black to me?


10/07/2013 06:41 am

Do you mean the 'mp3 download' scraper links from video's?

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 07:28 am

no I meant youtube videos with crap backlinks ranking for huge keywords.

Future Mobile

10/07/2013 07:30 am

Please suggest how i recover from this update my website is


10/07/2013 08:00 am

Nothing found any bad links and guidelines problem. I suggest wait for 2 weeks and then change the title and alt of picture. Should not be long and title and alt should be different


10/07/2013 08:13 am

Am also having this same problem.....updation had affected my sites badly

Stuart David

10/07/2013 09:13 am

More movement in past hour or so I am seeing


10/07/2013 09:21 am

Google does its job in right way to convert customers towards to subscribe Adwords.


10/07/2013 09:44 am

If you didn't see anything wrong with the backlink profile I'd stick to not offering advice, frankly.

Abir Mahmud

10/07/2013 09:50 am

Thanks for your kind information. Google don't like purchasing links back to my site. I know that as well. But how they will differentiate between purchased links and links that build manually/. We do SEO authentically and don't do anything black hat. But still some sites are being affected. It's totally crap. I think Google itself is not sure what do they want actually.

pranav sharma

10/07/2013 09:58 am

my web-site have also been hit by google quite badly - about 40 visitors yesterday and today - just 21!

Abir Mahmud

10/07/2013 10:14 am

@Stuart David, Can you please give me an advice with my sites? Here are my sites- 1st one affected little. But 2nd and 3rd one has been affected much. I have seen the links profile and trend as well. I didn't find anything unnatural or bad. I applied Web 2.0 network method with these sites. But still that's crap.


10/07/2013 10:15 am

Lol still see spam... just that all the top results now have been replaced by amazon ebay amzon ebay amzon.... oh youtube video..


10/07/2013 10:16 am

I only use google now for checking my rankings not searching for stuff :)

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 10:27 am

My Website is also effected by Penguin 2.1 but no any spam in my website but now my all keywords ranking drop in i am working in previous 3 years as Internet marketing but first time my site effected by Penguin update and i think Google is not working well in Penguin update....! can tell anyone or help me how to recover my website.

Stuart David

10/07/2013 10:31 am

Your another one, not sure if anyone is looking at everyone whose posting here, but every single one of them share the same issue for me, sudden rise in referring domains. If you look at your backlink profile, you have had a 50% increase in about 30 days, not very natural? EDIT: Really hoping for 'autocad training centre in *(delhi, patna)' right??


10/07/2013 10:40 am

Hi! Can you please tell me, which soft or site you are using for looking the link profile?

Stuart David

10/07/2013 10:44 am

I personally use ahrefs, is worth the subscription and overview to see what people are talking about and how your competitors are doing

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 10:45 am

yes Stuart David my all keywords like autocad training centre in delhi, autocad training centre in patna and thanks Stuart David

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 10:48 am

Hi Alex now i am no using any soft or site for seeing my backlink but i am seeing my backlink on Google webmaster tool. if you have any ref. site for see backlink details please tell me thank you

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 10:55 am

Hi Davi can you tell me some site name for show details backlink !

Stuart David

10/07/2013 10:59 am

ahrefs is useful

Mila Jovanovic

10/07/2013 11:01 am

Guys if you have thousands of inbound spam backlinks and you practice legit business and legit white hat seo, then you are victims of black SEO or negative SEO being practiced on you by your competition. Unfortunately Google is not protecting normal and legit websites from bad SEO ! There are several ways - damage control methods in cases like yours, but in most cases it's very hard to return old ranks...

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 11:04 am

Thanks David


10/07/2013 11:28 am

Might want to check your backlinks -

Jitendra Vaswani

10/07/2013 11:30 am

u r ri8 bharat

Red Mastering Studio

10/07/2013 11:34 am

hey Stephane, this is my website, I did SEO myself terribly hitted on Sat morning, was in first 5 with most KW, now - nowhere..

Spencer Turner

10/07/2013 11:44 am

Holy sh*t! After the last update that "didn't happen" wiped out some of my sites, this one has finally taken out my main authority site which has been standing strong on page 1 for around a year and it's hit my other sites again!. The only backlinks I get are natural social shares or other websites linking out to me. How does anyone know what SEO works now ffs?! My authority site actually saw a boost after the last update!!


10/07/2013 12:00 pm

Similar thing happened to me as well. From 20th September My Backlink profile started increasing however I never ever did any thing to increase my backlinks.. My Site have suffer about 20% - 25% loss of organic traffic so far. See screenshot for the Backlink increase

Volusion Store Designer

10/07/2013 12:09 pm

Please suggest me any solution to re cover lost bank links after Penguin 2.1

Stephane Brault

10/07/2013 12:13 pm

you got tons of unnatural backlinks also... Keyword: mastering studio 6382+ 5437+ 4727+ 2925+ 4616+ 1213+ 5012+ creekside-roundup.com5012+ forumforyou.net4511+

Stephane Brault

10/07/2013 12:14 pm

an you got tons of other links... time to start a new website or clean up the links

Stephane Brault

10/07/2013 12:15 pm

build a large following, post quality content and get it shared... other than that, there's adwords

Stuart David

10/07/2013 12:20 pm

Dont forget, allow for time, take a good 12-24 months on refining your position, proving your worth, in a good 12-24 months you will start to gain some credit if you keep contributing to the WWW and people find you a useful resource. Or you mean you want everything right now? Then, adwords? Oh you mean, you don't want to pay, just get paid? Well ... Start another same site, get found out again next update or refresh, and complain again

Pradeep Kumar

10/07/2013 12:27 pm

Hi I checked all link but no any dead link here i have submitted approx 13 articles here on !

Phil Singleton

10/07/2013 12:42 pm

Hey Barry, what is your record for comments on an article? I bet before the week is through, this post will beat your previous record.

Barry Schwartz

10/07/2013 12:50 pm

I posted my weekend recap of this Google Penguin 2.1 update at Please go there and take the poll. But from what I can see, this had a major impact on the SEO and webmaster community.

Red Mastering Studio

10/07/2013 01:16 pm

thn you, but first 3 are links I built last 6 years, those are from audio forum, very relevant, those are as much natural as could be...


10/07/2013 03:45 pm

Nonsense. Most of the people in this situation were only ranking because of the spam links. If you haven't recieved a manual notification in your WMT account, then the only thing that happens from these is that the credit from the spam links get removed. Since many of these sites don't stand on their own two feet after dropping almost all of their links, they plummet and for the first time the webmaster notices the spam and assumes the spam is to blame rather than the removal of the spam that caused the drop.

Random SEO guy

10/07/2013 04:26 pm

The last part of your sentence, "...there's adwords" is what bothers me most about all of these updates. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it seems that Google is pushing more and more people into Adwords. And to me that goes against what they were all about in the first place with "organic listings". It was supposed to be a market place where even the little guys had a chance to be seen. Now you have to pay more and more money through Adwords.

Gal Agassi

10/07/2013 04:27 pm

Google Penguin 2.1 seems to be targeting low quality links not only from blogs and low authority websites but now also from directories which are often used in citations.


10/07/2013 04:31 pm

"It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom" - Albert Einstein. People's prejudice about Internet is that search = Google. It is tough habit to break, even if Google provided 50% worse results than now.


10/07/2013 04:38 pm

Google Webmaster Tools is broken as a tank of the First World War, and the disavow links tool doesn't work either for anything. Google is just fooling all of us.


10/07/2013 04:40 pm

Google Unleashes Penguin 2.1 and SERPs are getting WORSE and WORSE and repetitive with every update

Shawn Lindsey

10/07/2013 05:10 pm

Just a question - We own some Wallpaper Sites, do you know if these are effected, as we have seen some traffic drop, but it has been over the past week or so, not just since Friday.

Vibhu Gauba

10/07/2013 06:12 pm

I feel so yes because i have 2 clients in wallpaper niche. I see them drop a bit.

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 07:01 pm

this is surely related to backlinks

Stuart David

10/08/2013 12:48 am

Googles getting smart against scrapper wallpaper sites. All you I believe?


10/08/2013 06:08 am

My company website and is also effected by Penguin 2.1 but no any spam in my website WHY my all keywords ranking drop in HOW to recover my website.

Nathanael Vanderkolk

10/08/2013 06:53 am

Hello, I would love some help and advice regarding our site. We were ranking very well in but we have dropped in our positions. We haven't been entirely dropped, but some of our keywords have moved backwards and quite significantly. What can we do about this? Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Kind Regards, Nathanael


10/08/2013 07:13 am

my main white site is still strong but i make 0 bad links to it, most links are peoiples references actually. other sites - some raised, some dropped. the usual ;)


10/08/2013 09:02 am

according to hrefs you have 119K backlinks from just 7.3K domains. I would say you have a serious backlink problem and have no chance of sustained ranking.


10/08/2013 11:02 am

Help! I run a small shop online( I have always ranked high on the first page (1st to 4th) for my keywords but completely dropped off Google search on the weekend. I only have 98 or so backlinks so I don't think that it can be that? I have completely lost my non-paid traffic and all that hard work and money is going down the drain. Do you have any suggestions as to what the issue might be? I would really appreciate some positive suggestions. Kind Regards, K

sumit dass

10/08/2013 11:35 am

Hello Pradeep I see my backlinks in href site its 34k obviously its not to good sign please suggest me how to remove my backlinks and if i remove my backlinks is it okay for my website??

Shawn Lindsey

10/08/2013 02:07 pm

Sorry I am not understanding your statement Stuart.


10/08/2013 02:42 pm

In short Google is refining its results - allowing all the big companies to take top position!! Google is making more and more money from the Adwords as the little guy can only pay to receive traffic now!! Google knows that known companies such as Argos, Tesco, etc need not market so will never commit to large budgets on the PPC. So they now push them in to the top positions this then stops the little man getting good rankings and so has to use the PPC. Unless you are in a small niche then forget getting ranked for generic keywords. It is time to forget Google and try utilising Bing!!!


10/08/2013 04:47 pm

Here is a question? For the longest time I have been wanting to change my domain from .Net to .Com, Since my site is out right now with Google it seems like the perfect time to make the move. However I dont want to loose all my good ranking on Bing & Yahoo. Would switching my site from .Net to .Com and run a 301 to the new domain how does this effect the juice my site still has on the other engines?


10/08/2013 05:21 pm

Can any one help im site ( was ranked on page one for keywords but now has dropped off the face of the world (google) this only happened at the weekend.


10/09/2013 05:06 am

What is the purpose of this penguins 2.1? What message is Google sending to webmasters and SEO with penguin 2.1?

Ashish Ahuja

10/10/2013 07:27 pm

Google: shut your shop and take a 9-5 Job

Ashish Ahuja

10/10/2013 07:30 pm

only God or Matt Cutts can help your website. Low quality links, 90% no follow, huge link spikes and link velocity, over optimised anchor text

Ashish Ahuja

10/10/2013 07:35 pm

everything else is ok but you have around 5k links from

Ashish Ahuja

10/10/2013 07:51 pm

you weren't playing the seo game smartly. Huge unnatural backlinks profile, huge spikes in link more than 2k links in one day, high link velocity and low quality links.

Ashish Ahuja

10/10/2013 07:52 pm

intelivisto has bad backlink profile but may have been caught in crossfire

Abhineet shukla

10/11/2013 10:05 am

Post october 5th, I have seen downfall in ranking of my site and The current ranking appearing somewhere far behind the ranking before 4th October is also not coming from actual targeted page. I have made links through the usual SEO course of activities. Can anyone let me know of the exact reason for this set back. I have planned to check the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority(PA) of the back-links for these websites and use Google disavow tool for those back-links having a DA & PA of less than 50 or 40 something like that. Please suggest me, if this act is justified?

Ashish Ahuja

10/11/2013 12:30 pm

100th time the same comment. bad backlink profile

Abhineet shukla

10/11/2013 04:30 pm

Its ok that These sites have bad backlink profile. But what is the reason for the pages appearing are not the valid and genuine results like the contact page. And whats the best way to know which links to remove? link detox is a paid tool and is costly. If Google is so choosy abt the link quality why do not it is publishing a tool so that people can check the link for getting a link back. It seems fishy to allow people to go for ranking, rewards it with better ranking encourage people to do what they are doing and then all of a sudden, a updates comes, and you are thrown out. If Google can provide a link check tool it would be fine for people so that their bread and butter is not snatched after such updates. It will help us to be Google friendly and eco-friendly for Google. Any one who has some insights on this.

Ashish Ahuja

10/11/2013 07:13 pm

if google provides such a link then everybody will check their link and start to game google that is what google does not want. for checking which links to remove download your link list from webmaster tools and other tools like ahrefs, majestic etc. use common sense to see which links are bad like comment spam, low quality guest posts and article directory submissions etc. and then first try to get them removed by contacting webmasters or if you have site login to clean them, after that you can disavow the rest

Abhineet shukla

10/11/2013 07:23 pm

Thanks Ashish Ahuja for answering me patiently.

Ashish Ahuja

10/11/2013 07:47 pm

anytime mate I know the pain people are going through

Gracious Store

10/11/2013 09:50 pm

That will be good! I'll do that

Seo Titan

10/12/2013 08:15 pm

Hi Stephane, what tool do you use to identify unnatural backlinks?

Jeremy Bratcher

10/14/2013 01:43 am

Exactly what i'm seeing!

Dinesh Sharma

10/14/2013 02:36 pm

I don't understand why google is trying best to shut down our business. I am always tried to build natural and good links, but this time around i been hit so badly for both of my websites and Even my 3 words keywords are no where in top 50 SERP Now what all SEO's should do Mate ? link removal is the only Way?

Ashish Ahuja

10/14/2013 03:25 pm

I have checked berkowits site and huge increase in low quality backlinks starting Feb, looks like bad seo

Julia McCoy

10/14/2013 08:08 pm

I wish I could switch to Bing. Can't disqualify the millions of people using Google now, which is why I am starting an Adwords campaign. I totally agree with your points about Adwords and that Google is pushing monetizing and using their tools instead of (free) organic rankings. I think this is actually very close to the truth.

Julia McCoy

10/14/2013 08:11 pm

What if we started leaving blocks of text, a paragraph, and linked that to our links? Would that be enough "unique anchor text" for you, Google? Getting pretty frustrated with something that has potential for quality getting knocked over by Google's monster updates (Penguin 5 = Monsters 5) - example, article marketing. Is now a total untrustworthy factor in Google's eyes? And why should it be, since their editors critique everything and they have a very high trust factor/DA ranking? My copywriting agency lost 20 rankings overnight. We were ranking solely on keywords for our organic blogs. We are still researching but I think it's duplicate tags and some less than quality inlinking that were the reason for this. It's still a shocker, as all blogs were 100% original, unique, and high quality.


10/16/2013 02:27 pm

It is not about DA and PA which you Google disavow. It is all about relevancy link building

Chris Hardwick

10/16/2013 02:57 pm

What I want to know is, what sites are floating to the top, if so many are falling? What are these sites doing right, if only accident?

Vibhu Gauba

10/18/2013 08:06 am

Yes these are totally shocking results...


10/30/2013 11:09 am

Here i wrote about how to get recover from penguin 2.1 :


11/06/2013 06:42 am

My website is hurt by this penguin 2.1. As a result of this, my homepage is lost. It is not shown on any page of Google SERP for my target keyword but one of my inner page of the website in showing in 11th page. Can anybody here tell me how can I bring back my target homepage to the result page along with that inner page being intact in the result page. I am worried now. Please help me. Thanks


11/17/2013 07:09 pm

Hi Stuart - your comments are slightly ridiculous, the small companies, like myself, who have now disappeared off google, cannot always afford the huge costs of adwords - I need a very high number of clicks to get even one enquiry due to the nature of my business, which encourages browsers.


11/17/2013 07:12 pm

Hi again - I was penalised for having irrelevant backlinks back in April, and since then have only been adding referral links from authority websites directly related to my business - in theory they should have been perfect, so why have I dropped off again with this new change?

Kevin Anchi

11/26/2013 05:30 am

You are correct Delanna, And mostly 95% of SEO in India dont understand this LOL

Ashish Srivastava

06/13/2014 08:42 am

How to get ranking on 1 page what should i do

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