irwinmitchell.­co.­uk Also Penalized By Google, Interesting...

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Yesterday we covered how Irwin Mitchell was penalized by Google but the penalty only extended to the .com address and not the It seems as of this morning, the version is also delisted from Google.

irwin mitchell penalty

This morning @patrickaltoft informed me that the is also gone. But what is interesting, as @stekenwright pointed out, is the non-www version of the simply fails to load.

So it is very interesting to see the penalty flow to the from the .com now. It is also interesting to see how Irwin Mitchell attempts to recover from this.

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01/28/2014 02:11 pm

Would be really interesting to see if Google have the same moral compass when it comes to their Adwords spend. What is the wager that their Adwords spend is more than accepted with greasy paws. Double standards like this just radiates pure corporate greed. A ha, that is the Google we have come to know.

Harsh Wardhan Singh

01/28/2014 02:33 pm

@Barry: Publicly you posted the news about the issue with and .com of Irwin Mitchell. Now please save yourself from the owner and webmaster of the firm. They must be looking for you. :P :)

Barry Schwartz

01/28/2014 02:34 pm

I am just covering what was reported publicly in the search communities, i.e. Google+ and Twitter. I am not posting anything that is not public. I never post things that are not public.

Harsh Wardhan Singh

01/28/2014 02:42 pm

@rustybrick:disqus I just joked. Everyone knows you and your blog's transparency and authenticity. Keep it up. We are learning from it. Apologies for my previous comment.

Fede Einhorn

01/28/2014 06:03 pm

yeah yeah, 301 passes penalties, we all knew that. Somebody willing to try if a 302 does? or a meta refresh? :)

Gaurav Srivastava

01/29/2014 05:08 am

But you made this topic viral among SEO's. Be safe. :-)

Adam Heaton

01/29/2014 08:11 am

302 does pass it yes, and meta refresh as basically a 301 redirect so probably (yet to try it but most likely the case). There are ways to avoid it being passed, but people are lazy.

Some guy

01/29/2014 02:59 pm

i think matt cutts find that site in seoroundtable, Barry. Just see how useless google become. You can search for real company, but unable to find it. You can search for good site you liked - but unable to find it. You trying to search google - but all answers lead to member of internet coalition websites or to amazon shopping? Useless? Yes, more and more useless every day!

Some guy

01/29/2014 03:01 pm

It will be funny to listen matt cutts fairy tales about terms, quality, whitehat and other thing, when here will be totally thin affiliate serp (now just 80%)

Some guy

01/29/2014 03:03 pm

i think google 2014-2015 will start of end of google era.


01/31/2014 10:29 am

I have seen related domains suffer if the primary domain has been hit or redirects.

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