Webmaster: We Beat Google Panda 3.6 In 35 Days

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PandaGoogle Panda and even Penguin recoveries are not all that uncommon but I'd say most people hit, probably have not recovered. That being said, most still want to recover.

Most SEOs say, to recover from Penguin, you need to fix your link profile. While Panda recoveries are more about the content on your web site.

We've been talking mostly about Penguin but I spotted a new Google Webmaster Help thread that has a webmaster who claims to have been hit by Panda 3.6 on April 27th and recovered in the Panda 3.7 update on June 8th or so. He said:

Glad to inform that mine site has recovered from Google panda 3.6 in just 35 days and now the ranking are even much better as compared to the past. I can see a traffic jump of around 150%. Awesome and cheers. Thanks for the suggestions and as now I am a perfect Google panda expert.

What steps did he take to recover from Panda?

  1. Deeply analyzed mine site
  2. Participated in Google Forums to discuss the problem
  3. Discussed with industry experts around me
  4. Went maximum posts for these topics(articles & blogs) as i was too worried of losing job
  5. Removed the pages with little content(noindex, nofollow)
  6. Modified the url structure and placed either canonical or 301 redirection to the old ones.
  7. Continued link building with brand names that looks natural
  8. Solved the WMT crawl errors to greater extent.
  9. Removed some internal duplicate pages that exist on mine site

Now, two things here:

(1) He mentions he recovered on June 6th, which is not exactly when Panda 3.7 was released. It was released a couple days later. Although he said he did see even a greater boost on June 8th. So was this really a Panda recovery?

(2) Maybe he should not have been hit at all. Maybe the changes he made had no impact at all? He was hit by 3.6 and recovered with 3.7. Maybe whatever changes Google made in 3.7 reversed something that hit him in 3.6? Or maybe the steps above really helped.

You see, it is hard to tell with any of these recoveries. Only one who would know for sure is Google.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Image credit via ShutterStock for Panda image.

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06/13/2012 01:21 pm

" Maybe whatever changes Google made in 3.7 reversed something that hit him in 3.6?" Exactly, because I see opposite - gain on 3.6 and then back to previous levels on 3.7. It can't be, that Google though my website is Panda-worthy on ALL Panda updates, then on 3.6 website became good and on 3.7 became Panda-worthy again. This is either reverse (at least partially) or brand new signals. I can't imagine Google guys would reverse something. They just don't look like reversal guys ) So, it seems to me like kind of the new signals. Not sure yet. There are some side evidences, but it's too early to be sure. The only I'm sure about, that your example is not Panda recovery.


06/13/2012 01:28 pm

Especially I like this one : " Continued link building with brand names THAT LOOKS NATURAL " People admit they're manipulating SERP and even don't understand this. They proudly call it SEO ))


06/13/2012 01:53 pm

"mine site has recovered from Google panda 3.6 in just 35 days" "Continued link building with brand names that LOOKS natural" lol


06/13/2012 01:55 pm

to me that says more about google's penny-value algo than about the user...


06/13/2012 04:34 pm

The thing about panda is that even if they recover in panda 3.6 that is not a gurantee that his site won't tank in panda 3.7 or 3.8... But still, congrats him for his recovery as it is still very encouraging to hear news of sites recovering from panda..

Michael Martinez

06/13/2012 05:42 pm

I have seen some sites lose traffic 1-2 days in advance of a public Panda date but of course that doesn't mean they were downgraded by Panda. I have also seen some sites go down in one Panda iteration and come back in the next; however, I have attributed the change in results to changes in the Panda data, not necessarily to actions taken during the downgrade period. Conceivably, if one makes the right changes quickly enough, one could recover quickly but that might happen more by a matter of luck or random chance than anything else.

Orit Sidi Mutznik

06/13/2012 06:11 pm

Great post Barry! I've managed to survive all other panda's but this one killed me, 50 spots down :( I was looking for a short but useful recovery post and finally found it :) My takeaways are to add content to the page (I actually made it shorter), remove some exact match anchors on low quality sites, and build good branded links. Thank you! Big fan...

Webstats Art

06/13/2012 07:24 pm

No-one ever gives actual answers that can be verified. This means that they cannot prove they beat Panda. I bet you that there are a ton of people who beat Panda but won't tell people how they did it because the info is too valuable


06/13/2012 08:33 pm

I also recovered a 25% of my traffic on Wed, Jun 6th, and I realized this day that my site issues has to do with Panda and no with Penguin how I had thought.

Fede Einhorn

06/14/2012 05:48 am

Nope... it looks more like a future penguin hit :P

Brad Dalton

06/14/2012 06:21 am

Its hard to tel when Google won't tell you the problem and hide things from you. Its hard to tell when the data from WMT on Google is totally different to what Bings is. Example. Bing tells me i have 5 broken links and GWMT tells me i have 435.


06/14/2012 07:25 am

I have done all the similar things but still there is no recovery. Maybe, on next update.. Hope is the bread of the poor :)


06/14/2012 11:52 am

there is probably same percentage of sites that recovered without touching anything as those that made a whole lot of changes. I doubt this has anything to do with their changes. Slightest algo tweak can recover sites even if they didn't change a thing. The fact that webmasters will attach this to their success is a different story...

Reshav Singh

06/14/2012 02:30 pm

We need to admit that quality link building is an important part of SEO


06/14/2012 08:21 pm

My site was hit by Panda on April 11, 2011. I corrected the problem 2 days later. As of June 14, 2012, more than 1 year later, I have not recovered. Here is my story: http://goo.gl/b3bv5

Reshav Singh

06/15/2012 12:49 pm

LoL! That means you motivate users to make natural link! Try to analyze the sentence

Umer Sohail

06/17/2012 10:23 pm

Well,, we should definitely try it !

Samuel Junghenn

06/23/2012 07:10 am

Yeah so many saying "I recovered" or "We know how to fix it", without giving specifics or proof. What's worse is here are scum bags selling packages that "may" or "may not" fix the problems to unsuspecting victims.

Noor Punasiya

07/01/2012 06:26 am

good to see panda can be beaten in such a short span of time even... My site was affected by Panda 3.5 and all the later ones like 3.6 , 3.7, 3.8.....:( in every update for my site http://www.trickerguru.com I lost 35-40%... now by this day i have lost 70-80% traffic.... plz anyone help.. I want to survive in next updates... and want to recovery of past f...g panda's toooooo.....

Parvesh Sareen

07/27/2012 12:04 pm

Well..This is just the overview that everyone is aware of , what to do. But the brief solution lies in the context e.g. "Solved the WMT crawl errors to greater extent", what kind of errors and how they should be rectified. Rest the whole process is known to everyone but the little things we need to implement, will make the difference. Everyone has something to say, and these are only assumptions or presumptions, we really dont know , which strategy will work 100 percent. Well, keep on guessing and implementing till everything is on the line.


08/19/2012 02:45 pm

Quality links is the best way to beat it.

Vivek Merani

09/06/2012 06:29 am

Adopting Panda in just 35 days is encouraging. Seems little difficult though, unless there were very minor changes./ tweaking that were required.


06/24/2013 07:51 pm

my site www.azresults.com after a year of penlty rewrite 60% posts but still no recovery...new sites with thin content ranking well..

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