Google Panda #25 Coming Today? Not Sure.

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Google Panda #24 or #25An ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has some chatter around an increase in GoogleBot crawl activity as well as some early ranking fluctuations.

That and we are just about the 30 day mark from the previous Google Panda update, Panda #24, we are suspecting a Panda update is about to be hitting today or tomorrow.

Normally, days before a Panda update is announced by Google, we see this type of chatter and GoogleBot activity. The issue is, it has been almost 5 months since the last confirmed Penguin update, so webmasters are unsure what is going on with that.

That being said, Mozcast showed some activity the other day, so did, however SERPMetrics doesn't show much, and now DigitalPoint shows changes (See "Search Engine Rank Changes") also but nothing crazy.

Is a Panda refresh about to hit us? I suspect so but only Google can confirm that.

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02/20/2013 02:55 pm

Any word from Google on this?

Chase Anderson

02/20/2013 03:00 pm

There's a typo, you call the last panda update Panda 25: "That and we are just about the 30 day mark from the previous Google Panda update, Panda #25, we are"

Praveen Sharma

02/20/2013 03:01 pm

Whatever it is... its only going to add more trouble to webmasters and will push more users to join Adwords.

Chris Ainsworth

02/20/2013 03:13 pm

I've checked for flux across through our data and haven't seen any sign of major flux yet. I'll keep monitoring but let us know if you hear any word from Google.

Chris Ainsworth

02/20/2013 03:15 pm

I've checked flux throughout our data and seen no sign of flux yet. I'll keep checking but let us know if you hear from Google.

Jim Christian

02/20/2013 03:18 pm

I paid Matt Cutts $5 just to screw with you guys this week. :)

Gabriel Sita

02/20/2013 03:20 pm

I don't see any movement, or rank changes, maybe it is going to happen soon.


02/20/2013 05:12 pm

yawn, haven't heard that one before

Pedro Duarte

02/20/2013 05:17 pm

my site was hit by something or i'm getting ripples for the change i made in the social buttons or anything totally new. back to 10% again

Sangeeta agarwal

02/20/2013 05:59 pm

I have not seen any ranking fluctuations yet.

Seo Hop

02/20/2013 06:38 pm

yes we actually wrote about this yesterday and were the first to report it something big definitely happaned and there are references from other webmasters

Johnny Bob

02/20/2013 06:44 pm

Panda is a like a menstrual cycle. It comes once a month at about the same time. Sometimes a few days early, sometimes a few days late, and is always accompanied by webmaster PMS.

Mihir Naik

02/20/2013 06:55 pm

Your last line was convincing :D

John Nelson

02/20/2013 08:10 pm

Penguin update is important. We need to see what the impact of the disavowal tool will be. The October update was 5 months and 10 days after the 2d May update so should be soon.

Ron Cloudnyne

02/20/2013 08:40 pm

Did you get that through


02/20/2013 08:49 pm

google even unable to update rankings in real time. Even bing can, but google cannot do it now. Best programmers...


02/20/2013 09:24 pm

Surely if you have a good website you're not going to notice anything, and it's only webmaster with low quality sites and content that will be the first to notice any update?


02/20/2013 09:38 pm

my site just got hit... PR 2 to PR 0... :(((

ServerBear Stu

02/20/2013 09:55 pm

Seeing more bouncing in & out than normal on a few Pandalized sites, but no recoveries.

Jim Christian

02/20/2013 09:57 pm

Ya Matt will build me 100% safe inbound links and throw out fake Panda update for $5. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Nicholas Young

02/20/2013 09:59 pm

One of my clients has just been clobbered. Disheartening because since I took over have done nothing other than good old honest content building, page optimisation etc. Plummeted 80 places in SERPS this morning. Whatever has happened?


02/20/2013 10:07 pm

yes, definitely there was a Panda update. My site got a boost with the January update and now it lost it again and was deranked by sites that has nothing to do with the subject. Totally frustated, a lot of hard working month by month for nothing.


02/20/2013 10:48 pm

ays before a Panda update is announced by Google, we see this type of c

Germán Medeot

02/21/2013 12:23 am

Nothing changes for me.

Robert Emilian Vicol

02/21/2013 01:22 am

Visible sign of flux starting with 10-12 February! On February 16, traffic is 4 times higher compared to February 3 (199Mb vs 48Mb) Maximum spike in pages/day was in 13 FEB and minimum in 2 FEB (12.001 vs 5.094)

Gregory Smith

02/21/2013 02:17 am

Good one, Johnny! lol

Gregory Smith

02/21/2013 02:20 am

It's comical to see just how many "Gurus" think they can manage an SEO company. I love reading through the comments. LOL [FUNNY Comments]

Gregory Smith

02/21/2013 02:24 am

Once upon a time they said that the new name of SEO was going to be Inbound [people started building sites Inbound.Org] and now-a-days they say the new name for SEO is going to be search engine intergration..... What ever happened to not trying to fix something, unless it's broken? The problem in the search community, is there's too many chiefs and not enough indians! [I'm not referring to {indians} people in India either]

Gregory Smith

02/21/2013 02:25 am

Why does it matter if you reported it first? At this point it's only speculation...

Praveen Sharma

02/21/2013 04:08 am

Its OK.. u heard it now then. :)

SEO Services - IKF

02/21/2013 04:37 am

That's a good one Johnny "Panda is a like a menstrual cycle." Comes at unwanted timings and disturbs the whole system. :P

Steve @ SEO Services

02/21/2013 04:40 am

The main motto behind the updates panda, penguin and emd is to push more people to join Adwords.


02/21/2013 05:54 am

Soon SEO will die because of too many updates from Google :)

Steven Mark

02/21/2013 09:36 am

Johny you said well about this panda update

Kent Chen

02/21/2013 09:59 am

Who knows, maybe this one is going to be the beast! Google knows best what they want.


02/21/2013 12:22 pm

that's to funny and to true.


02/21/2013 12:34 pm

What is happening with the emd update? It has been over 5 months since the first update and although people claim it isnt a penalty there are many many sites that were kicked down about 200 places which feels like a penalty to me... It seems like we can only get rankings back after an update


02/21/2013 01:32 pm

Well, I'm bored with Panda & Penguin. I want to see some new white & black animal. C'mon Google update something new.

Jimmy Maddox

02/21/2013 02:54 pm

its like living in a town where the Police change the laws every few weeks and not tell you. People would be getting ticktes and going to jail randomly LOL...On a lighter note, sometimes Panda's and Penguins are good. Your competitor might get the shaft and force your site to move up several positions. That is, until the next one hits in 4 weeks...


02/21/2013 03:22 pm

He didn't anyway. I clicked on the link and it was dated the same day as Barry's post, and I suspect it was after Barry's post. I suppose he got what he wanted. I clicked his link.

Ramneek Kaur

02/21/2013 07:32 pm

couldnt have been explained any better..!

Robert Emilian Vicol

02/22/2013 04:54 am

- Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci) ... - Google is definitely the ULTIMATE COMPLEXITY and Stupidity (ByREV)

Satish Chandra Sharma

02/22/2013 07:10 am

I am seeing changes in ranking...of keywords..I think there is already update..need confirmation & Explanation ..???.....

Keith Hawn

02/22/2013 07:28 am

funny, i just left a comment about there being a #25 on your #24 posting. my blog has been trashed in the past week, so i'm guessing #25 has been underway already. anyone else notice changes in search results last week or so? i blog 3x a week and my first entry on Google blog search is a post from JANUARY 2012 !!!!

Keith Hawn

02/22/2013 07:33 am

complete BS comment

Keith Hawn

02/22/2013 07:36 am

ah yes, Adwords, whose tagline is "Today your first-page minimum bid just went up $1 from yesterday"


02/22/2013 08:33 pm

Best comment about Panda I've ever read.

Vikash Khetan

02/24/2013 06:54 pm

Lolz.. Seriously the best and the funniest comment about Panda ;)


02/24/2013 08:12 pm

Ya, Panda is like a regular menstrual cycle, but these days having "mennorhagia" means excessive bleeding (damaging web-properties). Lol.

dee dee

02/26/2013 07:36 am

What if SE roundtable got hit? What would barry do?

Vikash Khetan

02/28/2013 07:49 am

Nice one Akash


03/15/2013 04:54 pm

we need a REVOLUTION

Rokas Globys

03/15/2013 10:06 pm

Agree, the point is to put all the market in one hand. P.S. SEO is older than google,so thats why it will die first ;)

Rokas Globys

03/15/2013 10:10 pm

Continued.... But thats Ok we added extra 5 positions for adwords on serp#1, you dont bother with organic results we have google products already;)

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