What's Your Name? Farmer Or Panda?

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Google Panda UpdateWe have a problem!

All this time we have been calling this past Google update the Farmer Update and I have been using this Mario Mushroom character but now I need to stop using it and start using a Panda!

Wired published an interview with Google revealing the internal name Google used for this update, the name is Panda. Google named this update, at least internally, the Panda update.

Why? Amit Singhal from Google said, "Well, we named it internally after an engineer, and his name is Panda. So internally we called a big Panda. He was one of the key guys. He basically came up with the breakthrough a few months back that made it possible."

We assume it is Navneet Panda, a Google software engineer.

Anyway, personally, I like the name Danny Sullivan came up with when the update was announced - the Farmer Update. The big question now is what will this update be known as in the future?

Seeing how people are referring to it today, I suspect the Farmer update will stick, but people will know that Panda refers to the Farmer update. I certainly hope Farmer sticks - look at all my Mario mushrooms out there.

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Barry Adams

03/04/2011 01:32 pm

I quite like the Panda name, tbh. Conjures up mental images of a Kung Fu panda whoopin' spam sites behind (and being about as effective at it as the Jack Black-voiced animated version).


03/04/2011 02:27 pm

i dont care

Ben Pfeiffer

03/04/2011 05:08 pm

Who cares what Google calls it. Let's stick with a moniker that is easy to remember for our industry - Farmer Update makes sense considering what it was intended for. Panda is kinda cute though, makes like menacing.

Barry Schwartz

03/04/2011 05:50 pm

Yep, Panda's are cute.

Michael Martinez

03/04/2011 05:54 pm

The Farmer Panda Update.

Barry Schwartz

03/04/2011 05:55 pm

Have you ever seen a Panda on a farm?

Michael Martinez

03/04/2011 11:07 pm

I am sure I could find some Pandas on farms in India. It seems to be a fairly common name.


03/08/2011 09:09 pm

I thought Panda made sense as it has very separate black and white portions - just as the farmer update is ending the "grey area" of content farmer and making things more black and white :)


03/08/2011 11:50 pm

"Farmer" update targeting content farming and "Panda" targeting low quality backlinks... , no more shortcuts I guess!


04/19/2011 06:16 pm

Thanks for this post. All this time, I thought some guy just made up the name and like most fads, it caught like wildfire.


06/28/2011 08:43 am

 i not understand ..

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