Google Guidelines: Make Your Mobile Pages Rendered Incredibly Fast

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Google Page SpeedEarlier this month we covered Google's revamp of their pagespeed insights tool, where they greatly improve the usability and details within the tool itself.

Last night, Google announced this new tool on the webmaster blog and added new mobile guidelines for your web sites.

In short, Google wants your mobile pages to render really fast - not like the common page that takes 7 seconds to load but more like them rendering in a sub-second. Google is giving you advice on how to achieve that and then providing benchmarking testing tools to help you get there.

Google does clarify that the content above the fold is the main thing that should render immediately. And there are techniques to load such content first. The other best practices include:

  • Server must render the response (< 200 ms)
  • Number of redirects should be minimized
  • Number of roundtrips to first render should be minimized
  • Avoid external blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Reserve time for browser layout and rendering (200 ms)
  • Optimize JavaScript execution and rendering time

Pierre Far, from Google adds a lot more detail in human english on his Google+ page:

Finally, there is an important point here: The total loading time can still be more than one second (some pages simply need that), but because we've engaged the user very quickly, the perception the user gets is that the page is fast. To put it as +Steve Souders did earlier this year, we're not just webmasters, we're also "perception brokers":

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Darren DeMatas

08/09/2013 03:54 pm

Google also wants you to use responsive web design. I dont know how both is possible. 2 seconds, yes. Milliseconds...that might be a little hard.


08/10/2013 11:44 am

And they also want super awesome, unique and attractive responsive websites that everybody loves, and of course, that load in less than a second, yeah right... bastards!


08/10/2013 03:58 pm

um SPAM?


08/11/2013 04:07 pm

"Server must render the response" - That sounds like a good idea, lol.

Swapan Kumar

08/12/2013 11:58 am

Really amazing to see that Google introduced the new tool on the webmaster blog and added new mobile guideline for your web sites. Google wants the mobile pages to render fast and not just like the normal page but it is quite amazing that how it will possible to upload a page in milliseconds,,i thinks its quite hard and all up to the server's performance.

Barry Schwartz

08/12/2013 11:59 am

I get the feeling you are spamming. Please use your real name.

Swapan Kumar

08/12/2013 12:31 pm

I apologies. Its as mistakes. I changed the name.

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