Google Adds Organization Schema Markup For Knowledge Graph Logos

May 17, 2013 • 8:36 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google has announced they've added support for the markup for organization logos within the search results, specifically not the search snippets but within the knowledge graph.

So while author schema will show in the search results snippets, organization schema will only currently show in the knowledge graph box.

Here is an example:

click for full size

Again, the author image shows in the snippet but the organization logo should not. Here is an author image snippet:

author snippet image

Here is a code sample of using organization schema:

using organization schema code

Do not confuse the two.

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Jan Merrifield

05/18/2013 06:04 am

I am interested in looking for more of such topics and would like to have further information. Hope to see the next blog soon.

Jeniffer Maben

05/20/2013 06:03 am

This might be for more authentications of web properties which genuinely related to any company/group. This is nice but Don’t how much it effective.

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