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Google Offers LogoAs expected, the Groupon Google Clone, Google Offers is now live.

I personally signed up for deals of 50% off or more in the New York City regions. Google told me:

Thanks for subscribing to Google Offers BETA - NYC Midtown! We’re excited that you've joined us as we partner with some of the best local businesses in your area to bring you great deals at 50% off or more.

Once Google Offers is available in NYC Midtown we'll send you regular emails letting you in on amazing offers in your area.

We’ll be in touch.

-The Google Offers Team

Portland is the first city to have active offers, but more will come soon. You can read the full Google Offers FAQs here.

If you are a business that would like to participate in Google Offers, fill out the form over here.

Will this be the end of Groupon? I am not sure, who knows, maybe Google's attempt at this business will fail like many of their other projects?

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04/25/2011 02:13 pm

Just what the world needs, another groupon clone. Maybe Google can kill off a few.

Mike Blackmore

04/25/2011 04:40 pm

When is this available in Canada?


04/25/2011 10:33 pm

Goopon, another shameless ripoff by Google. Oh wait, it's Google Offers = worst naming of products in the universe. Google clearly is out of original ideas and intends to fully put it's fat carcass in the middle of every transaction they can find, anywhere. It's getting tired. What's next a 100% Twitter ripoff by Google because Twitter said no? That's all Google is doing is copying businesses and trying to put folks out of business with their behemoth eyeball monopoly. There is nothing good about Groupon or Google Offers or any of the other copycats. Asking small businesses, restaurants, etc. to essentially sell products or services at 75% discount is a plan for financial ruin to these businesses. Good for Google, horrible for Main Street - like usual. The only reason why Groupon and the copies are so popular is because a giant percentage of the US population cannot afford to live like they were five years ago. These "offers" allow these folks to do what they use to - go out and squander money and fail at being self sufficient. Because of this phenomenon, these deep discount coupon users are very hard to get back in a business as a return full pay customer. So, very low customer retention, high customer acquisition cost and constant churn. Good luck with that model, it won't work.

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