Google Knowledge Graph Adds Nutritional Information

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Google Nutritional Information - click for full size

Now if you want to know how many carbs are in an Apple, you no longer need to go to WolframAlpha, you can just go to Google and ask it.

Google announced they've added nutrition information to the Google knowledge graph.

Google now currently supports over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals. I personally do not see it but that is likely because it is still rolling out. Google said, "the feature will begin to launch today in English and will be rolling out in the US over the next ten days."

Ilya Mezheritsky, a Google Product Manager, said:

This new nutritional information builds on our work on the Knowledge Graph, which brings together all kinds of information from across the web that wasn't easily accessible. The graph helps us connect things that are related, even in cases when those foods have a completely different sounding name from what you asked. For example, when you ask for “summer squash carbs”, we include “zucchini” as a relevant food in the dropdown, because it is a type of summer squash.

Useful search.

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Dr. Pete

06/05/2013 01:52 pm

Anyone seen this in the wild yet? I'm trying to grab screen shots for an upcoming presentation.

Barry Schwartz

06/05/2013 01:54 pm

I did not.


06/05/2013 03:33 pm

came here to ask this. I still don't see it.


06/05/2013 11:15 pm

knowledge graph coming to a comercial search near you.

Family First

06/06/2013 02:05 am

very user friendly. i like it!

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