Google Now Showing Steps & Cycles

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Google NowGoogle Now has quietly added a new feature to show users how many miles they have walked or biked in the month.

The social spaces are lighting up about the new feature, where people are seeing how many miles they walked or biked in November compared to October.

Here is a picture from Kimberly Hancock as she posted on Google+.

Google Now Showing Miles Walked & Biked

Is it accurate? I am not sure, but does this pose a threat to devices like the Fitbit? Likely.

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Cameron Beyer

12/02/2013 02:11 pm

This feature has been around in my Google Now for a few months now (I think I've seen the card 3 times), but I don't think it's accurate (overestimate)...

Durant Imboden

12/02/2013 02:28 pm

This could actually boost interest in devices like Fitbit, which take the "steps" or "miles" concept to the next level.

Chris Bane

12/02/2013 04:24 pm

how do you get this card to show up?


12/05/2013 03:32 am

So Google can now follow people where ever they go to count the miles they walk or bike?

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