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Google News LogoLast week we reported Google Forgets Your Query Between Verticals.

At first, I thought Google not remembering your search query on to pass through to Google News was a mistake but it might not be.

Try it yourself, go to type in a query and then click on the "News" link in the top navigation. Guess what happens? You are taken to the Google News home page and that is all.

A Google News Help thread has Googler, Erik, saying that this is not necessarily a bug, if I am reading him right. He said:

First off, we want to thank you for your feedback regarding this particular change in functionality, where clicking the News tab after running a query in Search takes you to a clean News page. As always, we welcome and take user comments very seriously.

Sometimes Google will make smaller changes like this one in preparation for larger improvements to our products further down the line. We appreciate your patience during this process. To help maintain the quality of your Google News experience, we do have a workaround for this issue. Clicking the "News" option on the left side of the search results page will bring you straight to the Google News results for your search. The results should be quite similar to those that appeared previously using the "News" tab at the top of the page.

He then added in another thread:

We're constantly running experiments and making changes to the interface of Google products to improve the user experience. To switch between Search and News results, click the "News" option on the side of the window rather than on the bar at the top of the window.

I know Google drops the query when you go from Google to Google Maps but does it make sense for Google to Google News?

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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11/21/2011 03:48 pm

Barry I spoke to a Google higher up and this is because of anti-trust and linking of search with other services. Expect other changes I was told, such as clearer labeling of ads and less comments on algorithm changes by wannabe celebrity loudmouths.


11/21/2011 06:11 pm

Thats sad


11/22/2011 02:37 am

Celebrity? as in from Google?? Otherwise they really don't have contol apart from listing the results - which would be a classic example of filtering results in their favor and have antitrust issues with


11/22/2011 02:40 am

am wondering if this promotes more searches?? could be a way to inflate search numbers

The Financial Brand

12/13/2011 03:46 pm

What on earth does clearing my search have to do with anti-trust law???

Karen Inward

01/02/2012 09:22 pm

Removing the news tab us really anti social, I used to use it every day and will now need to find another search engine that offers this functionality. Directing users to the Google News page misses the point entirely. One used the "news" tab to find the latest articles written on ANY topic, not necessarily one featured in the news at this moment. This has seriously depreciated my user experience and I am unimpressed with Google right now.

Office Admin

02/01/2012 06:09 pm

I don't understand why it would be an antitrust issue. What this means is you can still search News the old way, but they make it harder. How is this better for them?

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