Happy New Year's Day 2013 From Google

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Yesterday I shared with you all the logos and themes from the search industry for New Years Eve 2012. Well, today is New Year's Day 2013 and Google has a special logo just for the day.

Here is a picture of the logo:

New Year's Day 2013 Google Logo

As you can see, the logo is pretty busy. With people cleaning up the logo from the day before. Yes, much of New Year's Day involved cleaning up from New Year's Eve.

Here is the logo from the day before:

Google New Years Eve 2012 Logo

Looked like one heck of a party.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2013!

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Chuck Hamm

01/01/2013 02:03 pm

We really enjoyed the "year in review" yesterday. It was great seeing GOOGLE from around the globe.


01/01/2013 02:06 pm

Happy New Year Google


01/01/2013 02:13 pm

You guys are just too clever.


01/01/2013 02:15 pm

happy new year Google without you the world wouldn't be the same keep up the good work


01/01/2013 03:00 pm

Loved yesterday's & today's logo doodles. Really like all your special days, too.


01/01/2013 03:20 pm

Your Google doodles are like getting an unexpected present! Thanks, and keep 'em coming!!


01/01/2013 03:38 pm

Thank you Google for intelligent use of humor and knowledge in your doodling. In these the days when more folks love vacationing in place of diligence, you and your consortium are leaders in a world that has almost lost its sensibility. Because of your efforts, doodling will not join the ranks of lost art forms.


01/01/2013 04:04 pm

Geek still the same, sitting in front of computer.

Duy Nguyen

01/01/2013 04:06 pm



01/01/2013 04:10 pm

Happy New Year Google - Thanks for all the great logo to celebrate our history and the history makers! Keep it up Ok :)

Duy Nguyen

01/01/2013 04:11 pm

Happy New Year 2103 Google


01/01/2013 04:23 pm

love yesterday and today's art!


01/01/2013 04:36 pm

Ya' can't beat Google. P.S. - Thanks for my Nexus 7! Best Christmas present yet!

Cathryn Wellner

01/01/2013 04:59 pm

The Google doodles are a delight. Thank you so much!


01/01/2013 05:56 pm

All I can say is thank God for Google!


01/01/2013 06:08 pm

Happy New Years :)

Ella Bauer

01/01/2013 06:39 pm

Happy 2013 Google,Luv ya please keep up the great work.Love all your great doodles Ella Bauer ellab1@optonline.net


01/01/2013 06:44 pm

love you google


01/01/2013 06:55 pm

The guy in the chair didn't move. He was on the computer the night before, and the day after... Was this on purpose?


01/01/2013 07:10 pm

the enterprise was in yesterdays doodle haha!


01/01/2013 07:17 pm



01/01/2013 07:21 pm

The Thinker didn't move at all


01/01/2013 07:26 pm

The man on the computer is Rodin's Thinker.


01/01/2013 08:25 pm

Love the surprises the doodles bring. There simply a delight. Thank you!

Mike Graddy

01/01/2013 10:19 pm

Like 'em or not, they're COOL, and maybe that's enough.

Tally H.

01/01/2013 10:23 pm

I thought so.


01/01/2013 11:10 pm

I'd have to agree with that!

Villa Lagoon Tile

01/01/2013 11:15 pm

Thanks for showing both versions, I was traveling home from Italy yesterday and missed the previous day's rendition.


01/02/2013 12:16 am

is that a modular synthesizer?

Matthew Rease

01/02/2013 12:31 am

Yes, He Represents The Thinker Statue! (DUH)

Vince Davis

01/02/2013 12:36 am

Star Trek was a great kick!


01/02/2013 01:02 am

Thank you for the logo's all year long. I have learned much and it did bring me joy!


01/02/2013 01:42 am

Google's doodle are great! Congrats to the thinkers and the artists at Google!

Steve Hampton

01/02/2013 02:03 am

It's an old Minimoog who's concept came from the previous modular synths Moog made.

Alexander Anthony

01/02/2013 02:30 am

Love the logo. Google should at some point publish a picture book with all the themes that have been used over the years. I always enjoy them. Thank you.

Humberto Esquivel

01/02/2013 03:11 am

Happy New Year! I'm happy to use my google search on my android phone, android tablet, pc, ipad and anything that connects to the internet! Google is the best!

Amit Dwivedi

01/03/2013 06:59 am

Great Celebrations@ Google

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