54% Say Google Indexes New Sites Within A Week

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Google StopwatchA few months ago we asked you how long does it typically take Google to index a new site?

Google is all about speed, from their index to their crawlers, they want new, relevant and unique content in their index immediately. So how long does it really take Google to index a new site?

Well, without Google telling us. I asked SEOs and webmasters what they thought. Here are the results...

New Sites Get Indexed Within:

  • 54% said within a week
  • 30% said within a day
  • 12% said within a month
  • 3% said within 3 months
  • 1% said longer than 3 months

Of course, a lot of it is dependent on the type of site, content and quality. But this is good to see from the eyes of the SEO and webmaster community.

We had almost 500 responses on this poll as well.

Google Indexes New Sites Within... Poll

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Chase Anderson

03/27/2013 02:59 pm

3+ months - wow, someone's delusional. Overall, I'd say the week response is probably fairly close to the truth for the majority of sites. Setup GWT, get some good quality links or any number of other scenarios on day one and you'll probably be indexed in 1 day.

Fred Anderson

03/28/2013 05:06 am

the content on my site is indexed within couple of days

Jawad Latif

03/28/2013 09:34 am

I also observed that most of the times Google indexes new site within a week.

Jawad Latif

03/28/2013 09:35 am

Those who say that Google indexes new site in 3 months, they hate the search giant so much :)


03/28/2013 11:46 am

Agreed.Maybe a couple of years ago that would have been the case, but nowadays I say anything between a day or even a couple of hours is pretty standard for Google these days.The caffeine algo is a good example of how fast Google can really index fresh updated content.


03/28/2013 12:13 pm

Indexing ok But, Why Google performing GOOGLE CACHE in descending order?

Ryan Ryan

04/01/2013 10:50 pm

I say a week at most, but generally 1-3 days if you post links on popular social sites such as Facebook or from a web site with a high Page Rank. I like to post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon and usually have a brand new URL indexed within Google within about 48hrs.. this may not be the whole site, but the main index page at the least. Once that is in, submit your site map through Google Web Master Tools and the rest of your pages should be picked up by end of week.

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