Google Tests Black Bar

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Google Black BarOver the weekend, Google began testing yet another user interface. This one has a new top bar, using a black background instead of a white or light gray color.

Here is a closer look:

Google Black Bar

There are some complaints from daily Google users that the black bar looks wrong. Even worse, those that customize their Google home page find the new black bar to completely ruin their custom Google home page.

That being said - Google is indeed testing the new black bar.

They are also testing a new grayed out design.

Google often tests new interfaces, positions and colors throughout the year.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help and Google Blogoscoped Forums.

Update: It is now official, more details at over here.

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john lewis uk

06/27/2011 03:34 pm

I  don't think that there is any need for this black bar. Google looks nice as it is. No need for such changes.

Chris Kirkham

06/27/2011 04:20 pm

I kind of like it. It sort of makes Google seem like an app, which I believe is what they're trying to do with it.  

Athar Basha

06/27/2011 05:54 pm

I saw it today when i made searches in Google...It looked pretty cool and i do like it :-)


06/27/2011 08:41 pm

I think that by because Google kept for a long time a color that has not been greatly modified (white color), it does not surprise me that there can be complaints about this black bar.


06/28/2011 04:18 am

I like this black bar very much


06/28/2011 04:32 am

Good to know about your blog and i saw it today when i made searches in Google...It looked pretty cool and i do like it :-)Thanks for post..CRM solutions


06/28/2011 05:59 am

If it aint broke, dont fix it.  remember the new coke, remember the edsel, you get the picture.

Izdelava strani internet

06/28/2011 07:32 am

This is completely useless. Google is always confused when making UI design decisions, thats why "keep it simple" fits them best. I dont know what advantage will this black bar bring or is it there just to change something?


06/28/2011 07:51 am

I like that Google is constantly finding ways to improve its services/interface, however subtle it may be. I'm a designer and the black bar indeed looks clashing to the core colours of Google, but I somehow like it. I hope Google is also making improvements to other parts of their sites to justify why they're changing to a black bar - are they moving towards a certain design direction? Interesting and I hope it's all for the better! :)


06/28/2011 08:14 am

I was wondering who died!


06/28/2011 08:55 am

The black is dreadful, please remove it!


06/28/2011 10:25 am



06/28/2011 10:28 am

Not liking it


06/28/2011 10:28 am

Hate it. Really distracting.

Nicola Goodall

06/28/2011 10:49 am

Its driving me mad, it looks wrong and I can't bear it!


06/28/2011 01:28 pm

The reason I've used Google for my search engine for years is it's uncluttered simplicity unlike Yahoo, Bing, etc. This black bar is just unwelcomed clutter/distraction IMHO. Hope this test fails and it's removed soon.


06/28/2011 02:12 pm

This black bar is very wrong! I want it gone! If not gone , Google will be gone!

Elliott Veares

06/28/2011 02:53 pm

I hate the Black Bar, Google what were you thinking!

Francisco Liaci

06/28/2011 03:12 pm

Curiously, I thought the same!!! Did anybody die and I didn't notice?? LOL

Francisco Liaci

06/28/2011 03:13 pm

It's really noticeable... at first I thought it was sort of a bug or something.


06/28/2011 03:27 pm

After first thinking it was a bug, I have since been searching (in vain) to find a way to turn off this "feature"  (like I've done with buzz, priority inbox and gmails "importance markers"). The new black design is ugly and inconsistent between google sites; My gmail still shows the white bar, but every other service has the black. @Google:disqus  If you're going to force a new design on your users, at the VERY LEAST make it consistent! But ultimately they should allow users to choose whatever colours they want through their account settings.


06/28/2011 03:43 pm

I don't like the black bar. They should've at least added an option of changing it to any color we like...


06/28/2011 05:27 pm

I, too, hate the black bar. I cleared my temp files & cookies, & that action got rid of it; but not sure how long the fix will last. For those of us who dislike it, a toggle to get rid of the black bar would sure be nice.


06/28/2011 06:50 pm

google can test all they want but give people the right to remove if they dont like it but you never do, you force. goodbye google ive had enough

Adrienne Meadowes

06/28/2011 07:18 pm

I don't like the black bar, either, but seriously, people.  All they did was change the color.  The sky is not falling.  I can't believe that you would switch to a different search engine simply because you can't change it back to how it was.


06/28/2011 07:31 pm

This black bar is ugly, ugly, ugly and makes it very difficult to read the tabs. Google - get rid of this now!


06/28/2011 07:59 pm

I think it's cool looking, but it's hard to read.  Is that REALLY your goal, google?

Hayley Guzman

06/28/2011 08:01 pm

I don't like it at all I thought my browser was having a glitch.. It's awkward


06/28/2011 08:03 pm

boo the black bar, change it back!

A Guest

06/28/2011 08:08 pm

I hate the thing, it's awful.

James Voss

06/28/2011 08:13 pm

Great look


06/28/2011 08:19 pm

I'm not a lab rat and I really don't like the new lay out. It looks cheap and like a not really safe site with loads of spyware.


06/28/2011 08:21 pm

looks awesome


06/28/2011 08:22 pm

this thing SUCKS, return the white one!! It ruins the classic design of the google page!

Zibri (

06/28/2011 08:28 pm

The black bar is UGLY. I hope they will revert it to how it was.

Jim H

06/28/2011 08:34 pm

In school, we have daily presentations by students who choose their topics based on a list. I would never thought anyone would choose "the color wheel and implications on websites" because it would be so dull and boring. Funny that a simple college freshman could've saved Google the $100k paid for whoever proposed to theorize a known fact. Yes, complementary colors are good.


06/28/2011 08:36 pm

me no like


06/28/2011 08:42 pm

Just get rid of the damn thing. Stop screwing around--you  remind me of Microsoft. Leave the Fing thing alone--that's what got you where you are!


06/28/2011 08:45 pm

Using a company's product shouldn't give a person any significant right, atleast not over minor design changes. Likewise, a company shouldn't be seen as forceful when they modify their own product even if there are a lot of people using it. Try not to phrase your sense of frustration like that because it's really misleading. It encourages people to be completely unworkable with changes that are meant to help the world. Acting so loud about these things is ridiculous. Giving users an option is the best idea I can think of for significant, definable changes, although every new option makes managing the list of options more complicated.

A klingon

06/28/2011 08:50 pm

Jeez people, get a grip, or a life!  what's the problem, so it's a black bar, all the same links are there and they work  just like before, it's just a little bit of black, it doesn't bite and I promise it's not going to hurt you. Now then, get yourselves off your chair, stick your head out the door, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and....... Wait a minute guys, quick, you better get back to the Google homepage just in case it's changed colour again :)


06/28/2011 08:58 pm

I do not like the black navigation bar at all.  It has ruined the elegant simple and familiar Google page!!!


06/28/2011 09:04 pm

I don't like it either the reason I like using google is because of the clean interface no bright backgrounds just plain and simple change it back please.


06/28/2011 09:25 pm

I hate this


06/28/2011 09:38 pm

No.  Please. It is jarring to my eyes.   


06/28/2011 09:51 pm

i dont like it at all. i want the cool white-blue navigation

Paintball Barrel

06/28/2011 09:53 pm

Yeah this is a really strange move. Doesn't really matter to me, but just looks out of place.


06/28/2011 09:55 pm



06/28/2011 10:15 pm

Privacy - RIP

Alex DeLarge

06/28/2011 10:29 pm

Have you tried duckduckgo?  It's good.  And they don't track you...


06/28/2011 10:56 pm

hate the black bar... hate changes that are not opt-in if you choose


06/28/2011 10:57 pm

I hate it!

Superior God-like Entity

06/28/2011 10:57 pm

Google, stop changing things constantly.  No one is telling you to.  Hell, no one can tell you to -- it's impossible to reach you in any way. STOP RUINING EVERYTHING.


06/28/2011 10:58 pm



06/28/2011 11:00 pm

The problem is one of consistency. All the other links are white background. It's a horrible color-context-switch-in-my-brain. It's just SO DISCONCERTING.


06/28/2011 11:08 pm

I feel dizzy


06/28/2011 11:23 pm



06/28/2011 11:27 pm

this new config sucks! its ugly.


06/28/2011 11:39 pm



06/28/2011 11:47 pm

Black bar is FUGLY.  Guess I will start using Bing till it changes back.


06/28/2011 11:50 pm

I rather like it.  White is so drab.  Perhaps a different color for each day of the week!  Or cycle through the colors of  the google logo!


06/28/2011 11:53 pm

The black bar is horrible.  If it stays I shall stop using Google!


06/28/2011 11:53 pm

is it like better for the environment??? that's awesome! :D


06/29/2011 12:17 am

They're going the way of Adobe.


06/29/2011 12:37 am

The bar is ugly.  If every environmentally concerned person stopped drinking bottled water, that'd make an impact. This is just silliness.


06/29/2011 12:47 am

Hate it, hate it, hurting my effing eyes.


06/29/2011 12:51 am

Nigel: It's like a black mirror. David: Well, I think it looks like looks like mourning. I mean it looks... Ian: David, David, every, every movie, in every cinema is about death; death sells! Nigel: I think he's right, there is something about this, that's that's so black, it's like; "How much more black could thisbe?" and the answer is: "None, none... more black." David: I think, like you're, like rationalizing this whole thing like into something you did on on purpose. I think we're stuck with a very, very stupid and a very, and a very dismal looking [black bar], this is depressing.


06/29/2011 01:05 am

Please remove this black bar. It is totally wrong. Please.......

Diane Dowser

06/29/2011 01:13 am

I can't stand it either, will go off google if they don't take this off, no matter the bar colour; I liked your post but NOT the nav. bar. they will not even post my reply without a number of questions, hey they have my email and name...


06/29/2011 01:21 am

black bar sucks


06/29/2011 01:25 am

It's giving me a headache.


06/29/2011 01:29 am

Im always open to change! i think the bar is dark and brooding.... and snazzy:D keep it up! maybe put some graffiti in there as well! i think the greyed-out color might make people happier. everything has to change eventually.


06/29/2011 01:37 am

Lose the black bar!


06/29/2011 01:47 am

Google will always look ugly no matter how hard they try.


06/29/2011 01:56 am

I I don't like the black bar. I like the old simplicity, because it's a *neutral* starting point. I open Google and I can go anywhere, there's no sense that someone sat down and drew up a map for me of where they think I should go. It's an open field- white page, functional-looking blue links, and of course the logo. When I bring up a google page, far more often than not I just want to do a search. I don't want to check my email, know what the temperature is outside, know what the latest news headlines are, or be impressed by the latest batch of too-clever-by-half web designers who managed to sell Google on the "need" to revamp a webpage that's worked perfectly well for them for years. If I want anything but that search line, I will type in the URL, or run a search for it *from* the search line. I don't need Google waving it in my face to find it. Google isn't where I go to have random bits of content shoved in my face. Google is where I go when I already know what I want, because I trust them to show me how to get there. I don't want them trying to distract me with random content that 95% of the time isn't what I care about. I want the Google home page to be visually simple, fast to load, and *not* cluttered with distractions. I like the functional look of the page for years, and would be just as happy if they got rid of the black bar. I mean, does that add function? Is dark gray text on black somehow easier for people to read than blue on white was? Sheesh.


06/29/2011 02:09 am

Please give me a choice to get my old Google look back!!! Please!!!


06/29/2011 02:17 am

I don't like it, don't want it and you guys should remember the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Black with grey print is harder to read and I don't feel like cleaning out cookies just to get it to go away (did you notice that 29 of 29 people liked the response that said that....hmmm???) Makes me want to clean someone else's cookies, that....


06/29/2011 02:29 am



06/29/2011 02:43 am

I hate this black bar and have tried several suggestions for over an hour to make it go away. for a new browser


06/29/2011 02:53 am

Fucking idiots. Getting to be like Bill Gates.

Chama Candela

06/29/2011 03:10 am

I DO NOT like this black bar!!!!!!!!!!!!


06/29/2011 03:13 am

Get rid of it.


06/29/2011 03:13 am

stupid you should look for a new search engine not browser


06/29/2011 03:35 am

I freakin' love it! It goes perfect with my custom Firefox 5 theme, thank you Google.


06/29/2011 03:40 am

Great. Now I will remove GOOGLE permanently. How stupid are they? That black bar looks like death encroaching. GOOGLE's appeal is the clean crisp familiarity of the white space and classic primary colors logo. I ditched Yahoo when they lost their colors. GOODBYE ANTI-Google!


06/29/2011 03:51 am

I hate it that it is just there and annoying and takes up space on my homepage, which used to be Google, but is not as of this moment.  Seriously I know how to use the internet without some stupid black bar.


06/29/2011 04:25 am

R E M O V E I T !


06/29/2011 04:32 am

i totally dislike it !!!! please get rid of it !!

Haseeb Najam

06/29/2011 04:50 am

someone is trying its best to be like BING :p


06/29/2011 04:59 am


Justin Nahin

06/29/2011 05:17 am

I hate it!  Let me customize it to grey, light blue, or even just a white background.  I am not use to Google having the contrasting color.


06/29/2011 05:37 am



06/29/2011 05:38 am

For the interested, you can customize it (or totally remove it) by applying your own CSS to the web page (for Opera users, 


06/29/2011 05:51 am

I don't like it.


06/29/2011 05:54 am

I LIKE IT!! It Gives Google a Little More Personality.. and Not Just THE SAME OLD LOOK.. Gets Boring After Awhile.. and Now It looks Cool.. I DONT Have To Go and Make Up My Own Theme Or Whatever.. Good Job Google, I Like It.. Also Its Not Just Black.. The Underline Of Each Type Of Thing You Choose to Use (web, images, shopping, etc.) Is Red.. I Think It Looks Good, and Is Not Just Tha Same Old Boring ALL White Page, and I Did Not Have To Do Anything! ;-)


06/29/2011 06:18 am

don't like it

sasan keramat

06/29/2011 06:27 am

What a terrible color match! Black bar on top of white Google page! More worse that dark gray for mouse over...  

sasan keramat

06/29/2011 06:29 am

I think Google just wanted to see how many will send feedback to that catastrophe!


06/29/2011 06:31 am

I like it! How many of you that don't like it use IE9? It fits right in!


06/29/2011 06:41 am

I hate this black bar.


06/29/2011 06:43 am

We are seeing the black bar in the UK too, it's so ugly:

Angry One

06/29/2011 06:43 am

FUCKING UGLY THING! Seems like my google page is SICK.

Leave Comments

06/29/2011 07:03 am

I HATE this black bar. Google if you do not allow us users to get rid of that, you will seriously drive me to yahoo or bing. I have used google from the day they launched but stop messing around with design like this. I hate black, I have no black on my computer and why are  your forcing this on everyone. It looks like 1985 and my first Mac. Who likes this look? Seriously?


06/29/2011 07:08 am this google site.. This site has not black bar.. and complete normal.

Wouter Sas

06/29/2011 07:51 am

Get rid of this black color, draws way too much attention! The top bar should be consequently but SILENTLY (no black!) shown on all google pages...


06/29/2011 07:53 am

I HATE this black bar. It's UGLY!!!


06/29/2011 08:10 am

I hate, hate, hate this! I am dyslexic and it is very distracting!


06/29/2011 08:14 am

Let's all quit this ugly Google bar and go to Bing!


06/29/2011 08:26 am

shit idea......leave us alone ffs!

Mr Grumpy

06/29/2011 08:26 am

Love the uncluttered all-white Google - therefore I unreservedly hate the new black bar. Hope this is not Google trying to be Politically Correct in which case we'll have more black and some browns and yellows to come.


06/29/2011 08:49 am

Please remove this black bar! I HATE IT!!!


06/29/2011 08:51 am to sign petition

Kate Seeley

06/29/2011 09:15 am

I don't and the black bar ruins my Firefox theme.


06/29/2011 09:59 am

1. First, install GreaseMonkey: 2. Second, install GoogleBar Classic GreaseMonkey script:  Say bye to black bar.


06/29/2011 10:16 am

please remove this black top ban 


06/29/2011 10:19 am

Awesome, couldn't have been easier to kiss that black bar bye-bye.  Thanks!

get rid of the black bar

06/29/2011 10:21 am

Dumbest move ever,  join the club:


06/29/2011 11:05 am

I like it! :*) Looks good on Opera.


06/29/2011 11:52 am

It crap I don't like it or want it, get rid of it wankers


06/29/2011 12:02 pm

Google got it right the first time they tried.  Their simplicity is why they became number 1.    The black bar at the top looks horrible.  It was completely unnecessary and looks more like a rendering error than a design choice.  Please back this change out. 


06/29/2011 01:18 pm

wtf this is the ugly piece of sh1t ever made by google

L Campbell

06/29/2011 01:28 pm

Dislike the black bar. Love Google. But ... guess I'll find a new search engine.


06/29/2011 01:56 pm

I hate both!


06/29/2011 02:03 pm

omg shut the fuck up you complainers, looks fine, what the hell do you get to do when you comment, nothing ... get a life and stop complaining about google moving on and being more modernized.


06/29/2011 02:08 pm

Your going to quite a search used by the mass millions to some scrubby rip off of Microsofts? You are one funny man, you should get your brain checked. Google is fast, secure, effective and popular, I will count the seconds you come back to google.


06/29/2011 02:10 pm

UGLY. That is all you can say about it. Makes the page look very dark. Not the fresh clean look that Google has always had. Will be especially distracting when the "Picture of the Day" is very colorful.  Change it back Google!


06/29/2011 02:50 pm

ugly... really ugly


06/29/2011 02:56 pm

Google's getting a dark company


06/29/2011 03:28 pm

It's awesome. It fits so well with my browser that it seems to be part of the address/bookmark toolbar right above it. My firefox is black/orange so I thought it "borrows" ffox theme colors at start. Definitely want to keep it!


06/29/2011 03:39 pm

I love google but temporarily I'm changing my homepage to Bing.  When they get rid of the black bar I'll switch back.


06/29/2011 03:42 pm

What you say is really true.  Check out this simplicity list from Alloytoo on a google support forum:  

Tarun Nair

06/29/2011 04:25 pm

I don't like the Black border on the top.  They should switch back ASAP


06/29/2011 04:43 pm

yuck! I dont like it at all


06/29/2011 04:47 pm

Are you complaining (about complainers)?! Modernizing should mean that I get the option to choose colour/layout/etc. instead of being pushed to get used to a different colour/etc.


06/29/2011 05:14 pm

please ged rid of this nonsense ugly black  bar ,please, mister Google


06/29/2011 06:21 pm



06/29/2011 06:38 pm

I also hate this black bar. I am NOT a fan of the Yahoo search engine, but if you go to then there is a clean, clutter free page just like Google.


06/29/2011 06:52 pm

my 72 year old father cant see the letters on the new google bar bring back the old one - allow users to have a choice why mess when it was working good


06/29/2011 07:32 pm

All of these homepage changes Google is trying is pushing me closer and closer to swearing them off forever.  How many times do we the user community have to say LEAVE THE DANG THING ALONE!


06/29/2011 08:35 pm

google sucks arse


06/29/2011 09:16 pm



06/29/2011 09:31 pm

easier to see the options w/ it being black


06/29/2011 10:21 pm

sounds like you are a contractor for Google


06/29/2011 10:28 pm

Do not like. Really clogs up the top of my window, despite having minimalist browser settings.


06/29/2011 11:56 pm

NOOOOOOOOO pls no. i hate it! switch it back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


06/30/2011 12:58 am

The black background makes the words much harder to read. I know you probably think it makes it easier to see, but it doesn't, especially from any distance and for middle-aged eyes. It's practically invisible on my TV screen when I use Google via the Wii. 


06/30/2011 01:58 am

change to Bing !

get rid of the black bar

06/30/2011 03:33 am



06/30/2011 03:48 am

yup i hate the bar. i think there is a pop up on my screen. but nope. its just my google.


06/30/2011 07:10 am

GOOGLE went effin INSANE !!!!!!!!!!! fucking idiotic morons, time for a new search engine ! FUK U GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


06/30/2011 07:45 am

I hate the black bar at the top of the Google page and I'm not the only one, haven't found anyone who likes it so what do you say Google? Let's get rid of it eh? At least there should be the option to remove it. Or users could swap to duckduckgo.

P Hall

06/30/2011 08:48 am

The new Google black bar is a  DISASTER.  It's impossible to read it.  The previous one wasn't broke, in fact it worked birlliantly, so why try to fix it?


06/30/2011 09:47 am

Google isn't testing anything.  They designed it to be the worst possible addition to the way Google looks on purpose.  There was no top news story for us to follow so they did this just to push  our buttons and increase the amount of people paying attention to them.

Mr Dejaygee

06/30/2011 10:15 am

i hate it, i love google but wtf where they thinking? colors are all wrong, it annoys me.


06/30/2011 10:20 am

Hate it, too intrusive; please include option to turn it off


06/30/2011 10:47 am

Grrrrrrrrrr. Why am I so angry over a black bar? I don't know but I am really really angry.


06/30/2011 11:51 am

terribly ugly


06/30/2011 12:34 pm

A Billion dollar giant goes stupid and blind,guess there are idiots everywhere in all levels,no one is immune

Monireh shafiee:))))))

06/30/2011 12:51 pm

oh... in the IRAN black color is nearly a bad color when a person die we used it    :)))))) but i think maybe some one die in google!!!!!! but Congratulationsn  google!!!! it is good method to attrack veiw!!!!

Peter Kytlica

06/30/2011 12:58 pm

funny to read these comments, all from one person maybe? I was very surprised few hours ago how nice Google goes with this changes.. specially the black bar + other details.. very modern! :) Yet I understand that many people don't like changes, but hey! It's time to upgrade! Why should best internet site looks like from 90's all the time??? So option to [keep old/use new modern design] would be a way to go.


06/30/2011 01:37 pm

As an IT Tech, I tried hiding it, but there was no option available.  I don't like it.  Toolbar and webspace are limited as it is, so don't take additional space from us.


06/30/2011 04:29 pm

Google doesn't need to look "modern" like Peter said. It has to deliver good search results. That's it.   The simpler the better.    PERIOD! After this new change it just looks like one of those social media sites which come and go all the time. Google is are about to make EXACTLY the same mistake like myspace did.


06/30/2011 04:33 pm

Best part of google is the  plain screen free of useless junk

Michal Gambos

06/30/2011 05:26 pm

white bar was miles better - black is only speculation - it´s irritating

Bob Yob

06/30/2011 05:51 pm

Its grotesque. absoloutely ridiculous. Looks like mud. eww. just going off to be sick.

Bob Yob

06/30/2011 05:52 pm

can totally agree with you there chap!

Debs Woods 3

06/30/2011 07:13 pm

Oh dear...everyone is getting so wound up over a black bar! I don't care!


06/30/2011 07:28 pm

its sticks out, i dont like it!

Gwen Reed

06/30/2011 07:41 pm

for the visually impaired google's black navigation bar is illegible, due to very low contrast grey on black.  it fails w3s standards for accessibility.  it is awkward, ugly, unusable... and was designed by a very high paid person who thinks it is just fabulous.  i think it was designed for a droid and not a pc and definitely google should provide an option to change it back.  sooner rather than later.


06/30/2011 10:10 pm



06/30/2011 10:12 pm

Jeez it just got even worse - now it's not just a black bar on top, it's a black bar and all the search options on the left side are now black and red. WHAT THE HELL GOOGLE?  Nobody liked it when Microsoft's crap looked like this 5 years ago, why do you think we'd like it now?

I hate the black bar

06/30/2011 10:16 pm

Well my guess is they are like all the stupid social network websites like facebook myspace and all trying to target the mobile market. They should keep in mind most people still go on the net on a computer and don't need to extend their lack of life on a mobile...


06/30/2011 11:47 pm

I don't like it either.


07/01/2011 12:46 am

I cannot read what is on the black bar and it is a distraction. Why can't you leave my computer alone? Are you all so bored the you have nothing else to do?


07/01/2011 12:50 am

people, lets show Google how tired we are of them playing with our homepage. Let's go to yahoo or any other homepage and lets ditch google all together. They are evil.


07/01/2011 12:53 am

We have to pay to have internet service that they, Google, controls and messes up every chance they get. Just like with the bookmarks last week. I think I'll just ditch my computer. It simply is not worth the money I am paying to have internet service.


07/01/2011 01:41 am

I hate it. I can't read it there is no contrast. 


07/01/2011 06:04 am

I've been an Art Director for years and totally loved the Google page for it's minimalist design and clean esthetics. I hate the black bar, it's the first thing your eye goes to, rather than the google logo. It is just to heavy looking for the rest of the elements. Hope they get rid of it! Big mistake.


07/01/2011 06:07 am

you must not be a designer or it would bug you!


07/01/2011 09:13 am

I hate it too, cannot read it with out straining my eyes, hope it,s not staying!

Diego Anderson

07/01/2011 04:31 pm

Zillions of complaints and no one from Google say anything. You know... these young guys that work at Google worldwide they have little to do most of the time... so they have to show their bosses that they are doing something so as not to loose their jobs... that's how these horrible things happen.

Michael J

07/01/2011 05:54 pm

I seriously thought there was something wrong with my computer for a entire afternoon till I figured out it was the new "Black Bar." It's truly hideous. The red line above the web tab is very annoying visually; it looks as if there is something hidden just above it which makes it look cluttered and sloppy. It is not a finished or appealing look.  It's like my browser went into safe mode.  Try again Google.


07/02/2011 02:47 am

The new google interface is annoying


07/02/2011 03:10 am

It's part of a www-domination plan. Their CHROME browser allows you to CHANGE THE COLOR BACK... but I'm getting pretty tired of Google (and others) pulling this kind of bullshit to try to FORCE people to buy up or use their platform.  Thank goodness there's a script out there that fixes it... Chrome is OKAY, but Chrome has trouble with YOUTUBE, which is OWNED BY GOOGLE. Get your fucking act together, Google. Jeezus.


07/02/2011 03:18 am

You know what else sucks? Check out the "Shopping" tab in the black bar. Notice anything fishy? That's right, what just HAPPENS to be "Recently Viewed" is exactly all the stuff you searched for and half of it you probably bought recently through Amazon or something. Good to know Google is DEFINITELY keeping tabs on everything you're doing, right? I know this is fact because I cleared my cache completely last week in this very browser (all browsers, in fact; completely wiped clean), but there are all the things I've searched for in the last 3 months... The Real Frank Zappa Book, Ibanez guitars, Vegan cookbook, dog whistles, rubber band balls and Benadryl.  Yup. Google has gone evil and they're trying to act like it's totally cool because it's "personalization."


07/02/2011 07:11 am

Google top black is not really impressed it looking like a Blog .... please remove it, the bar is putting down the image of Google, i am really disappointed on top bar please remove it .... 


07/02/2011 07:15 am

Google TOP Black Bar is too bad please remove it. With this black bar is not able to see long time in webpage please REMOVE IT.


07/02/2011 10:20 am

is there any way to remove it temporarily  


07/02/2011 06:46 pm

The bar is sooooooo ugly I hate it.  WHY? WHY? WHY?  It makes me angry the whole time I use google.


07/02/2011 07:36 pm

I'm off to set Bing as my default search engine, who's with me? "Don't be evil" goes the google motto. Bullsh!t. Collecting wi-fi data, collating search habits. They need to get a grip.


07/03/2011 12:21 am

Yeah, Google has lost the touch.  LISTEN GOOGLE FUCKS, if it isn't broken don't fix it.  WTF somebody's kid fuckin around over there?


07/03/2011 12:26 am

I think the Google club is bored.  Stop goofing around with your web site.  If I had even .01% of the stupid amount of success you've had I think I could find better things to do.  Man I'd love to be at those high end board room meeting.  "Well gentlemen after years of research and eleventybillion dollars spent on market analysis, here it is!  The new look!"  "Is that just the same homepage with the top links highlighted in black?" "Why yes, yes it is!" "Brilliant!  Here have a million dollar bonus!" Fucking google punks.

Cisco Kiddy

07/03/2011 03:44 am

Please, not Bling - try duckduckgo


07/03/2011 12:46 pm

ssiri used google about 10hrs per day from yesterday i am seeing a black bar on google page i comfirmed from some of my friends they have also say same so pl. return it to the last positions thanks


07/04/2011 01:26 am

jsut leave it how it was. back is no good

my man

07/04/2011 05:03 am

This black bar looks so badly! And where does the Advanced Search button go? Please bring it back for us please!!


07/05/2011 06:16 am



07/05/2011 06:51 am

Interesting!  A Google search for Google Black Bar and several variation of this produce no results. I found my way here via Bing. Google is clearly upset by the backlash and has censored relevant searchs.

123 456

07/05/2011 02:51 pm

To get rid of the google black bar switch to


07/06/2011 03:31 am

I hate it and so do alot of others.  Bring back the old google !!!!!!!!!


07/06/2011 03:41 am

Search this: CIA tied into google Try:        been using for months now no complaints.

Duane Dobson

07/06/2011 09:12 am

So many people on here over reacting, its a search engine, and lets face it its "the" search engine, i myself am a web designer and not a big fan of the dark bar or the red headings in the left hand menu, however if wont stop me using google ! Also you cant whinge about them collecting info from you, this is purely the reason why they are as big as they are. I think its literally an interface test, and i have a feeling it may resort back to a grey gradient ! perhaps the CEO is on holiday at the mo and when he returns he'll flip is lid and say put it back to how it was !

RR Robert

07/06/2011 07:58 pm

Sure it stands out! so does a Zit!!POP IT,can the Black! and I am a senior citizen who HATES this new distracting black bar.AND,I do like change!


07/06/2011 09:08 pm

I'd stop using google in a second if I could find another search engine that used to be what google was. No changes EVER!!!!  They have monopolized the market and are complete assholes for not having a customer service line for their users.  I have made many complaints about my phone, which I have resorted to Lycos because Google has made it so annoying to use.  They are pure evil. I can not erase their bookmark on my phone.  They insist on putting their page first and Lycos absolutely last. They should be listening to their customers, but they never do and the never return help messages like my friend made about losing info and not being able to access her account.  They DO NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! They are spoiled selfish nerds!!!!!!!!!!!


07/06/2011 09:11 pm

Checked it out.  Sweeet.  I hope they don't get full of themselves and turn into google.


07/06/2011 09:16 pm

It seems somebody is dead if you are using this kind of bar.

google black

07/07/2011 02:13 pm

If I wanted Google black search I would use Can't understand why they don't leave it alone. People use Google because it's simple. Over the past few months it has become cluttered with all sorts of links...


07/08/2011 12:17 pm

You mad bro?


07/08/2011 08:58 pm

Googles  new black nav bar? not a good idea it looks harsh,every time I go to the page I want to use another search engine.


07/10/2011 01:00 pm

listen here fuck tard if you dont like the black then go some where else google does not need any of us they got a big fucking head thats says fuck you i will do what i want if you dont like it too bad so i say move on to another search provider try this one


07/21/2011 10:06 am

go finger yourself fuckhead MORON!  GOOGLE is NOTHING without costumers who use their search engine, get this into your DUMB HEAD!


07/27/2011 07:18 pm

Google should get rid of the kids in design or at least give them a real job.  If you implement crap like this, give users the option to opt out.  Through the process of trying to get this crap gone I've found an good replacement for Google.  It's ixquick .  It works great.  Goodbye Google.


08/06/2011 12:19 am

How to remove Google's Black Navigation Bar: Many people complain about Googles Black Navigation Bar,When you use Google as your home page.  I have spent hours On the Web for answers and nobody had one, until I figured,How to get rid of it.  It is very simple.  Don't use Google.Use another Search Engine.  Like Webcrawler, Yahoo, Lycos,Alta Vista etc.  That is it!  No Black Bar and Google loosesA bunch of Money.  I like Google but I don't like that Black Bar. By Mr. SCG


08/23/2011 08:16 pm

My complaint is that my e-mail link is in this bar and ANYONE USING THIS COMPUTER CAN ACCESS MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT. It  doesnot matter if I "sign out" Just click the link and poof, my g-mail is there for any one to use! If it can't be removed I will no longer use GOOGLE


08/26/2011 09:02 pm

I definitely do not like it--I don't want ANY bar there, truthfully. 


08/26/2011 09:03 pm

More from Burrcoat.  There are other search engines out there.  I am thinking of deleting all Google stuff from my computers.  That's how much I do not like what they've done.


08/30/2011 05:22 pm

please give me the old google homepage. i hate the black bar and the way the toolbar is setup


09/03/2011 06:26 pm

Google has another new bug/glitch .... the cursor suddenly moving to the end of the text box at least its only taken them 4 days to get back to users as to it happening and that google is actually supposed to be fixing it.. but it doesn't answer why google keeps doing these stupid things to their users.  BECAUSE google did the black bar I actively started looking for alternative search engines.. and this latest "glitch" which may be tied to users that have GGL Instant turned off.. like because I don't like their BS now they're going to make a slip in some code somewhere.. not test the code change... and suddenly I've got some java scrip on googles search page f**king with cursor placement?  Jesus google.. you can f**k up a wet dream.. good way to yet again alienate and turn lovers into haters of google.  f**king stupid..Google, how can we f**k up your day today?

Barry Schwartz

09/04/2011 12:55 am

Covered that at


09/08/2011 01:31 pm

I prefer to delete it


09/14/2011 05:34 pm

I don't get it. Why would people just fret about a stupid bar being black and then abandoning the greatest search engine in the world? I don't care how Google looks like, as long as it gets me what I want. Appearance is secondary in terms of search engine functionality. Why would you choose search engines based on their appearance rather than if they can get you what you want in a few clicks? Good luck with your search engine searches, most of them use Google anyway.


10/28/2011 06:41 pm

Google with a black background! " The latest version (release) is the "Black Google Ads - Adsense" page is owned by, Google Inc. Certified by: "Google Internet Authority, Google Inc" Encrypted page. address:

Carol Jones

10/29/2011 08:49 pm

Can I talk with someone (human being) that works for Google to listen to my problem.  I am 78 andI prefer to have G mail and I do not want to learn Google  I tried but couled not use my computer.  Can someone from Google get in touch with me?  Cjrquapaw@  I hate not being Able to use my computer because you want me to use Google.  I do not want to  start all over!  Thank you

Cjrquapaw Carol jones

10/29/2011 08:51 pm

I agree  Why are we being treated this way??????


11/18/2011 01:52 pm

Google search, where has the history gone in the last 24 hours???


11/24/2011 11:39 pm

F***K THAT what the hell are they doing with Google+. PLEASE tell me how to get rid of it out of my browser (Firefox). I DO NOT want it it. It Is HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does Firefox allow this SH*T to invade my space. I di NOT invite it in. F***K Google. 


12/04/2011 08:30 am

The change today with the black sideswipe is even worse. My gosh have their left their brains at home today or what? Bring back the clean sleek look PLEASE

Duncan Mcausland

12/04/2011 10:14 am

Never mind grey black or rainbow coloured - I want to get rid of Google Plus. How do I kick this annoying and to me TOTALLY  useless piece of intrusive nonsense.


12/05/2011 09:04 pm

Firefox --> addons --> [Add to Search Bar by Dr. Evil] -- restart Firefox go to right click on search box --> add to search bar click on present search icon at Firefox search bar --> Manage Search Engines promote google pda to top minimalist search page with enough options  - no clutter


01/18/2012 12:19 pm

I hate it! It looks like a virus! Take it off, take it off, take it off! It hurts!

Red crucible

02/09/2012 05:03 pm

Bring back the clean sleek please..


03/15/2012 04:46 pm

Really? Maybe you need to seek professional help. I dont mean tech support by the way. 

Don Draper

03/15/2012 04:52 pm

Turn off your computer and keep it off. I mean really - to get that upset about something like this? I wish I had those kind of problems.  Instead of real problems that is.  So your idea of eternal damnation is a black bar at the top of a free browser that lets you search the Internet for free.  Wow. 

Don Draper

03/15/2012 05:01 pm

Oh I see - eternal damnation is a link to a service that you do not want to use. Ok my bad. Yes - a service that you do not need to use is hell.  I think Dante mentioned that - A level of hell where everyone was presented with a link that they did not have to click on.  And all they had to to do get rid of it is to switch homepages or to use a different search engine. Thats real hell. Not war or rape of poverty or cancer - or eternal damnation. Hell is not being foreclosed on or loosing your job and benefits after 20 years. Hell is not having a debilitating disease like CP  or MS.  It is not having your spouse cheat on you, or losing your child to premature death.  It is not the absence of God or the presence of an eternal tormentor.  Hell is really this:  Someone who is too lazy or ignorant to take 3 minutes to learn how to change a homepage.  Hell is  when there is a single button on your page that leads to something you dont like that you never ever need to click on. 


03/15/2012 05:06 pm

@f11c938a527584cbc640dcf16b1a1d58:disqus  .. well with google its simple really ... you don't like something .. too bad you have to go somewhere else, because google really doesn't care and doesn't give users direct control when they *know* they should. When google wakes up to the alienation they've caused, or realizes that the people who have been offended enough to go away or to find other ways to block or disrupt their stupidity, *then* they might change ... but until that time .. my IE doesn't use Google any more, its using duckduckgo and in Firefox user scripts and ad-block have disabled the stuff I can't stand ... its still no less assinine that google doesn't get it.


03/31/2012 05:46 pm

the black bar is rubbish anf should be scrapped


08/16/2012 09:11 am

I dont like the black, I like color. I love how google changes it google sign often. that's what i love about google the colorful and unique designs they have. Not black please

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