Google Testing Another Top Bar Navigation Look

Jan 11, 2011 • 8:15 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

In October, I reported a very similar look at Search Engine Land where Google was testing a colored top bar navigation look.

Now some more users are seeing a flavor of it, as reported at the Google Blogoscoped Forums.

Here is a new picture this person shared:



Focus your attention to the top bar and you will see the slight difference.

Nothing major, but we like to cover even the smallest changes at Google.

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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Luke Jones

01/17/2011 10:49 am

I'm more amazed by the age of that operating system than by the new look!


02/10/2011 06:28 am

it is windows 7 with classic windows look...


02/16/2011 09:49 pm

I have this and i hate it


02/19/2011 03:12 am

They need to leave the navigation bar alone. It was fine the way it was. What they are trying to do makes about as much sense as spray painting over a car's factory paint job.

David ORourke

04/22/2011 05:29 pm

Me too....makes it looked hacked and fake. Has me waisting all kinds of time doing antivirus scans, antimalware scans , spyware scans, system restores...hunting down updates that might have caused it and reinstalation of whole operating system 3 times.......arrrrrggggggggg....They need to change it back.


05/05/2011 10:03 pm

... You liar. You would be retarded to reload your operating system THREE different times over this. It should be quite obvious it is a change made by google, and not a change made by a super virus that can survive multiple system reloads.....

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