Google Play Music Timeline

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Google Play Music Timeline

This is pretty cool, the Google Music Timeline, which plots genres of music based on how many Google Play Music users have an artist or album in their music library.

Each stripe on the graph represents a genre; the thickness of the stripe tells you roughly the popularity of music released in a given year in that genre. Colors are used to visually separate genres and group sub-genres.

I am personally trying it for a while now but it is really slow and not loading.

You can give the tool a try at the Google Music Timeline page.

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Alexander Hemedinger

01/17/2014 02:20 pm

Does take awhile to load. But seems neat!

Jonny Greenwood

01/18/2014 04:03 am

Google gives us an excellent example about what is CONTENT MARKETING!


02/03/2014 06:20 pm

But I have an iPhone

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