Google's Beta Label Removed From mod_pagespeed

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google mod_pagespeedJust about two years ago, Google introduced mod_pagespeed in their ongoing efforts of speeding up the internet.

Yes, we know page speed is a factor in both Google's organic algorithms and paid search algorithms. They have page speed tools in webmaster tools and many other tools for measuring this. So yea, Google wants everyone to speed up their pages.

So Google removed the Beta label from mod_pagespeed:

mod_pagespeed speeds up your site and reduces page load time. This open-source Apache HTTP server module automatically applies web performance best practices to pages, and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) without requiring that you modify your existing content or workflow.

Honestly, I had my development team try it on a few sites but they decided to remove it shortly after for one reason or another. Maybe not that it is out of beta we will try it again? 47% said they would try it in a poll we ran when it launched.

Googler, Pierre Far added a bit more on Google+:

Yesterday Googlers Joshua Marantz and Ilya Grigorik announced that mod_pagespeed Apache module is out of beta, about 2 years after it was first announced. Awesome, right?

And today I learn from Hacker News about the nascent PageSpeed for nginx project: Double awesome!

If you're not convinced yet you need to invest in your site's performance see this - there are many stories like it:

Forum discussion at Google+.

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10/11/2012 01:43 pm

It's hard to use that mod on Commerece driven sites. It messes with SSL on several browsers or at the very least gives you a few security warning in AV software. That why I stay clear.

Radomir Basta

10/11/2012 02:24 pm

One good .htaccess file should do the trick of speeding things a bit :)

Ilya Grigorik

10/11/2012 03:56 pm

Paul, this definitely shouldn't be the case.. Can you provide more details / open a thread about this on our google group? Would love to resolve this, if there is an actual issue there.. (mod-pagespeed-discuss on Google groups)


10/11/2012 06:17 pm

Does anybody else have the same frustration; or a solution... You install PageSpeed Insights for Chrome and you get a shiny new blue badge in the toolbar... but when you click on it you get info that directs you to 'cog' and then 'developer tools' and then the 'analyse' button. Isn't it obvious to the muppets at GOOG that I'd like a tool in the toolbar that analyses ie a short cut! Or am I being a muppet and there's a simple solution? So dear readers a question: who's the muppet - GOOG or me?


10/12/2012 07:48 am

Just use nginx instead of apache. Easy to install, better and easier to use configuration files and much much faster in most instances. Even faster than apache with this mod added.


10/12/2012 02:04 pm

Tried it the other day and really does not make any difference. Seems buggy and its not behaving well with apache and php scripts. Gave it a try but will not be using it in the future. If you run php scripts these are some great open source to speed up your site : eaccelerator, xcache, apc

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