Next Title Tag Trick: Emoji For Google Mobile Titles

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Google Mobile EmojiSEOs and Webmasters will go to great lengths to try to get more traffic out of Google. One way to do that without increasing your search rankings is to make your existing listing in Google stand out.

Uwe Tippmann from ABAKUS noticed that you can add emoji characters to your title tag and because the iPhone supports it, Google will currently show the special icons in your titles.

Here is a picture of it in action for a search on my iPhone on Google for [uwe tippmann].

Google Mobile Emoji

I am sure Google will drop this from being supported as soon as they see this. People have done this before early on with unicode in the title tags, but Google no longer allows that, in fact that was almost a decade ago.

Again, this only works on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, while searching Google.

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04/06/2012 08:06 pm

I don't see a beer mug i got a box with 2 rows of numbers and letters.... why can't i see the mug? Here is a screen shot:

Joseph Rega

04/06/2012 08:11 pm

If you search for it on an apple device w/ emoji installed it will appear. Doesn't work for me on my desktop or Droid either but works on my iPad


04/06/2012 10:42 pm

Very cool trick. haha I have never seen this before.


04/07/2012 01:28 pm

Haha good spot. Still see fake stars and similar in Google search sometimes.

Tom Jepson

04/10/2012 09:52 am

 I still see it on my iPhone. Nice spot Uwe, thanks for sharing!


08/24/2012 09:43 pm

it's still working under Safari browser on Mac, too... try and you see these in the Title and Meta Description

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