Does Google's Matt Cutts Age Matter?

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matt cutts shirt changingThis is a funny topic that honestly the SEO insider community has been talking about every now and then - how old is Google's Matt Cutts.

It is almost impossible to find a source online that shows his date of birth. In fact, his Wikipedia profile and an other online profile doesn't mention his age or date of birth. I am sure it can be figured out through a lot of digging.

We do know he graduated with B.S. degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the University of Kentucky in 1995. The average graduation age for a B.S. is likely 23 or so, and that was about 19 years ago. So if you add on another 23 years to that, it makes him around 42 years old.

Someone on Twitter asked Matt outright, how old he is:

Matt responded in classic Matt:

True true. I feel like I am 55 but I am 34.

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Mike Arnesen

05/14/2014 12:26 pm

Clearly, Matt is just an extremely advanced persona that Google developed many years ago in preparation for this AuthorRank thing. He's the perfect agent/machine!


05/14/2014 03:26 pm

Matt Cutts, they made a movie about him, Benjamin Button. Dude ages backwards.

Jenny Halasz

05/14/2014 05:16 pm

Just because I love a challenge: Matt apparently graduated high school in 1990. Assuming one is either 17 or 18 when one graduates high school, that would make Mr. Cutts either 41 or 42. Anyone know his birth day and month? That would tell us for sure, assuming he wasn't held back or skipped any grades.


05/14/2014 06:26 pm

Bloodsucking vampires are immortal... ( its a joke people. )


05/14/2014 08:50 pm

"I feel like I am 55 but I am 34". Epic!!!

Jitendra Vaswani

05/15/2014 05:51 am

Jenny I think you are big fan of Matt Cutts :P

Jenny Halasz

05/15/2014 04:25 pm

I am a big fan of Matt's. He's a super smart guy who is really a good person at heart and does an impressive job of balancing his very difficult responsibility of communicating with webmasters and stopping Google spam. I may give him crap, but I respect him. Don't you?


05/16/2014 09:06 am

This one's easy - didn't he enter a public marathon recently?


05/16/2014 05:08 pm

Are people so ignorant of specialized tools/sites anymore? try There's many things beyond the Google search box!

Jitendra Vaswani

06/17/2014 05:27 am

I respect him too.

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