No Redirect URLs Allowed In Google Maps Business Listings

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Google Places LogoThe latest new clarification to the Google Places guidelines is that your listings page cannot contain any URLs that redirect to other URLs.

Jade Wang, Google Maps support representative, added the clarification to the Google Business Help forums yesterday explaining that while redirects are not allowed, tracking parameters are.

Jade said:

We do not allow URLs that allow redirection, though adding tracking parameters to your regular URL for the business or the business location is allowed.

The examples she gave are:

  • Not Allowed: which later direct user to
  • Allowed:

This new clarification comes after two other clarifications including:

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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Dallas McMillan

03/13/2013 12:56 pm

What about shorteners?

Sav Szymura

03/13/2013 01:12 pm

Can't or won't?

Chris McCreery

03/13/2013 01:18 pm

If adding tracking parameters will the extra long url appear on the listing or will they hide those variables?

Andrew Sawyer

03/13/2013 01:40 pm

Google shorteners are redirects so they aren't permitted and its a 3rd party site to the actual URL. So it is bad on 2 fronts.

Spencer Padway

03/13/2013 02:48 pm

They will hide it, Google maps and local+ listings strip it down to just the root.

Jawad Latif

03/14/2013 11:06 am

This makes sense.

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