Google Maps App Is Gone In iOS 6!

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Google Maps AppIf you upgraded to iOS 6 on your iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad, you may have noticed that the Google Maps app is missing. Well, it was replaced by Apple's own home grown mapping app.

There are a few threads in the Google Maps Help forums asking Google where it is. Truth is, it is not Google would removed it - it was Apple. Apple made their own map app and there are pros and cons.

It is similar to Apple removing Google's YouTube app and then Google publishing their own YouTube app in the App Store. I suspect but am not 100% certain that Google will release their own iOS map app for inclusion in the App Store. But why is it not there now, since iOS 6 is out already? Who knows? Maybe Google submitted it and Apple didn't approve it yet. Maybe Google didn't submit it yet? I am not sure.

What do you do if you want Google Maps and not Apple Maps?

(1) Don't upgrade to iOS 6.

(2) Wait for Google to release an app for the App Store.

(3) Use the HTML5 version in the Safari browser. Just open the browser and go to

I've been using Apple Maps for a while now, under the developer release. It is pretty slick, has a neat GPS and some awesome Yelp integration. But one thing it lacks is quality traffic, at least at this point. I hope that improves as Apple crowdsources iPhone users and the data gets better.

For now, I've been using Google Maps on Safari.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Hua Ming Leng

09/20/2012 01:16 pm


09/20/2012 01:44 pm

This new app sucks!!! You can't use city transit on it, that is the worst!!!

Vic Nebulous

09/20/2012 01:58 pm

Well, I will not install iOS6 on the iPad until there is Google Maps. No way. Way to go, Apple.


09/20/2012 02:54 pm

Just go to in Safari then add it to your homepage.

Barry Schwartz

09/20/2012 02:55 pm

Did you read the post?

ew apple maps

09/20/2012 03:08 pm

also lacks public transit...rerouting me to the app store to download some second rate public transit app is total crap.


09/20/2012 03:11 pm

I just bought the new iPad yesterday but will take it back today. I don't like Apple telling me what apps I can or can't use.


09/20/2012 03:29 pm

new map on IOS 6 suckkkkkkks please google make a google map app for IOS 6 ,, google is a useful application ,,, on new IOS 6 is no public transportation so i have to download a new app every time I go to different city ,,,IOS6 map got me upset so disappointed !!


09/20/2012 03:32 pm

This is what I just did: 0) Download Youtube from AppleStore. 1) Go to (They have mobile version now!) 2) Reset the Location setting (Settings->General->Reset->Reset Location) to get current location 3) Add it to Home Screen


09/20/2012 03:35 pm

awesome !!!!!!! google map still alive if you add to homepage ,,still will be great google make an app .... thanks 'Douchebag"


09/20/2012 04:28 pm

Follow the instructions below that YAMAN posted Does the exact samething the app did but runs google maps threw your safari brower

Webstats Art

09/20/2012 05:33 pm

Good move by google on the maps. iOS6 is awesome!

Robert Davis

09/20/2012 05:38 pm

Instructions to use / add to home screen - good alternative for public transport and better mapping. I enjoy using the public transport in town - need to be able to trust what the app tells you. Testing the Apple Maps driving to office today, it was telling me to pass my left turn, go to the next light, do a u-turn and then make a right into driveway. No - I didn't follow blindly! I just took a left. It was really strange. Nice to have voice - but overall, not as good as my subscription based gps app.


09/20/2012 07:33 pm

Brilliant and thanks for the tip, Apple have made a mistake in thinking they can do better than google!

Richard Gailey

09/20/2012 09:08 pm

Apple's Maps is an unmitigated failure at best to the point a Tumblr blog was born to show some pretty epic errors. The Guardian newspaper also ripped into the new Apple venture.


09/21/2012 08:35 am

apple maps is not bad, but we need to have a choice.


09/21/2012 09:00 pm

Apple cant take down google


09/21/2012 09:03 pm

I dont why Appl;e remove that App crazy

Phil Ofthefuture

09/22/2012 03:54 am

More reason why Apple is a horrible company. So caught up in being spiteful like a little kid, they remove things Google does a lot better just because they're bitter and jealous of Google/Android. F U C K crapple

Sam Daams

09/24/2012 01:40 pm

To be fair, we aren't actually sure it was Apple's choice to take it down. It's just as plausible (perhaps *more* plausible), that Google chose to make it unavailable to Apple in order to give Android a proper advantage while Apple plays catchup. I would certainly not put this beyond Google given the hatred between the two companies (their recent lawsuit of Apple via their Motorola brand for example) and of course the fact that these are early days in the mobile war, and marketshare is key for these guys. If Google doesn't launch a map app for the iPhone, we have a pretty clear answer as to who decided to pull it...

android user

09/25/2012 09:08 pm

Tip 4: Use android instead.


09/26/2012 06:38 pm

Dont you mean "downgrade" to OS6?


10/01/2012 07:15 am

the new app is only good for the western countries, i loved using the google map in the african region and it was working just perfect as for the apple app it does not recognise any search given in this area so to the african region when it comes to navigation is a total fail unless something is done. i LOVED GOOGLE MAP 100%as for the APPLE MAP i hate it 100%


10/26/2012 02:43 am

Thanks for this information. I depend alot on the traffic layer in the mornings and this new map app just doesn't do it.


10/26/2012 10:22 pm

apple maps is terrible!!!! Both my husband and myself are dropping the iphone specifically because of how shitty apple maps is. It was one of the main reasons for even buying iphones. We're switching to the Galaxy Nexus phones. Damn you Apple and your app. Why try and fix something that works perfectly and is top of the line??

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